Meiji GFCI Captured in Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

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UntitledThe number one hotel chain in the Philippines, (as of the year 2013), Shangri-La Hotels, acquires Meiji GFCI in the line of electrical safety and protection.

Some of us already know that Meiji GFCI (MGF-250) is effective in preventing hazardous  accidents especially in wet areas. With its duplex combination of international and universal outlets with ground, it is sure to make your life more convenient.


The Meiji GFCI (MGF250) can monitor current imbalance that an appliance consumes. In an event of an imbalance like a ground fault, it will trip automatically to stop the current and prevent serious damages. Homes, hotels, condominiums, buildings etc. benefit on GFCIs. MGF250 can detect as low as 0.006 amperes (6 milliamperes) and stops the flow of electricity immediately. It is usually located in comfort rooms, laundry areas or other wet places where an occurrence of a ground fault is prone. But because Meiji GFCI is not only interior-friendly but also modern in style, it can blend well even in your halls or in this case the Edsa Shangri-la lobby.


Known as an “Oasis in downtown”, EDSA Shangri La Hotel is renowned for its 5-star elegant service and prestige. This is why they are internationally famous. The hotel is considered one of the landmark buildings in Manila too due to it being the first of its kind in the city.

Shangri-La and Meiji

Shangri-La Hotels have made a wise decision in using Meiji GFCI to provide convenience for all foreign and local guests and total protection from ground faults.
As the photo, Meiji GFCIs are now visibly installed in Edsa Shangri-La’s hotel lobby.

That’s why we encourage all commercial and industrial establishments, especially those who are service oriented to follow International Electrical Standards as Meiji Electric Philippines, Incorporated supplies the best GFCI outlets in Philippines.


Partner with us now and see how we can enhance energy to your everyday living!

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