The Dummies’ Guide to Making Home Appliances Last Longer

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It’s no secret that one of the biggest concerns homeowners have, or at least should have, is how to make everything in your household last as long as it could. Some people think in order to save, you must purchase cheap appliances. Others think it would be better to buy the more expensive appliances in order for them to last. But here’s a little secret: a higher price doesn’t always mean longer life expectancy.

Good guy electrical suppliers in the Philippines will tell you that in most cases, the longevity of appliances, gadgets, or any item depends on its usage!

Don’t believe us? Try out these tips to help maintain your home appliances!

Keep Them Inside and Away from Windows


Place your home appliances anywhere but right beside or in front of the windows, especially if the windows are often wide open or there are no curtains. This will keep them safe from direct sunlight which can overheat any piece of machinery. Worst case scenario is that it gets rained on and damages the equipment!

Regularly Clean Your Appliances


Your appliances may differ from each other in many ways, but all of them need to be cleaned regularly. For example, cleaning the base grill of your refrigerator often will help improve air flow to its components. Dust off the compressor coils at least once every six months in order for it to cool your refrigerator efficiently. In addition, wipe down the refrigerator door seals whenever they get sticky. According to Ryan Huntley of, a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the seals will make them last longer. Don’t forget to remove, clean, and return the drip tray every couple of months.

As for microwaves, don’t leave the food particles in there for too long. These particles can turn into carbon, which can cause electrical sparking that can damage your appliance. One way to clean the inside of the microwave is by heating up a glass of water (microwave-safe glass of course), and wait for the water to boil. The steam will help soften and loosen the food particles inside. Afterwards, use a cloth, dishwashing soap and water to clean remove the food residue.

The filters in air conditioners need to be cleaned every 225 to 360 hours of use—that is, around every 9 to 15 days of operation. Use a damp cloth and soap to clean off the filters.

Don’t Overuse Any Appliance


Appliances are technically slaves to its owners, but they shouldn’t be treated as such. Keeping your house in tip-top shape is a joint effort, meaning you shouldn’t skimp on your share of the workload! For starters, never overload the washing machine in an effort to hasten the laundry washing process up. This is likely to wear out the unit’s motor and drive belts. There will always be a maximum capacity recommended by its manufacturers, depending on the appliance, which should be followed. The same goes for dryers.

If you follow these tips, there is a higher chance you’ll be able to use your home appliances for a little bit longer. If you have comments, suggestions, or stories to tell, don’t forget to share it in the comment box below!

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