Common Circuit Breaker Error and Solutions

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fix circuit breaker errors meiji

fix circuit breaker errors meiji

The electric circuit breaker is an important part of each home’s electrical wiring system. If there are any signs of trouble, buying another one from our trusted circuit breaker supplier is the obvious option – it’s absolutely convenient and hassle-free. However if something can be fixed, why quickly replace it?

Before jumping the gun and replacing your electric circuit breaker, it would be a great idea to learn how to troubleshoot. First of all, you need to identify the root of the problem then you find a way to solve it.




Sometimes the reason for circuit breakers problems is miswiring of the electrical system. When
this happens, any electrical device will not turn off properly and will continue running even after it was shut off. Electrical wiring mistakes like this is usually simple to fix; however, IF you don’t solve miswiring immediately, you can get electrical shocks. Although the shock is not fatal, wiring inaccuracy can cause harm to individuals operating electrical appliances in the home. Miswiring can also cause appliances, switches and other electrical appliances to not operate properly or to not work at all.

When rewiring or running new electrical wire in your home, make sure that you immediately call on your trusty technician or electrician because major problems like these requires the help of a professional. If you want to do it by yourself, be sure that you are well-knowledgeable about this particular wiring case. Afterwards, purchase your electrical equipment that will be used for a remodelling project. All you need is the right equipment or tool and then you can fix it yourself from then on.


Circuit Overload

If too many devices are powered in one location, the single circuit will be overloaded and will relive the load by “tripping”, or switching off. This “trip” is necessary to protect circuits’ form becoming overloaded and this type of mechanism is designed to protect the electrical system in your home. In order to not experience this to ever happen, here are a few simple things you need to remember:

  1. Do not plug a lot of equipment into one outlet.
  2. Make sure there aren’t any loose connections in your outlets.
  3. Turn off and unplug devices that aren’t used

Pay attention to details and practice safe electrical procedures. If you can’t prevent this to happen and the inevitable did occur, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Locate the breaker box
  2. Locate the circuit breaker switch definitely flipped off
  3. Push the switch to a full “off” position then turn it completely “on” again.
  4. Once you hear the click, you have restored power to the specific circuit which means your job is done

Consult with a professional electrician if something arises.


There are definitely plenty other errors but these two are by far the most common. As long as you practice safe electrical procedures, you won’t need to worry on creating any mishap whatsoever. If anything out of the ordinary or something beyond your capacity occurs, simply call up your friendly technician!

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