How to be Comfortable in the Event of a Power Outage

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The number 1 rule to surviving and comfortably getting through an emergency situation is preparation. This cannot be emphasized enough, be prepared! A lot of us are guilty of having the mentality that bad stuff only happens in youtube videos and news reports, certainly it will not happen to us. This is what causes us to be unprepared and unable to cope up with sudden, drastic changes in our environment. These emergencies can happen at any given time and believe it or not, it will happen to you. One example of this is the event of a power outage.

Most of us grew up to having electricity on hand 24/7. We are so used to this commodity that we can’t even imagine life without it anymore. Very seldom are we without access to it that we tend to think it’s always going to be there and this is what causes us to be unprepared.

So how exactly do we become prepared? It’s simple, just consider the chance that an emergency could happen, take it seriously and do the necessary things to make sure you can get through it with minimal damages to your health and lifestyle.

1. Emergency Kitemergency kit

As in any emergency, it is important to always have an emergency kit. An emergency kit may contain anything you believe you’ll need if ever a mishap occurs. During a power outage it is advisable to have the following items in yours:

– Flashlights

-Battery Operated Radio (extra batteries would be nice too)

-First aid kit

-Medical Supplies (7 day supply is advisable)

-Multi-purpose tool

-Sanitary Items

-Charged Cell Phones (a landline would be great)


-Car Fuel

-Food and water

This list is only the basic necessities that the American Red Cross suggests you keep inside your emergency kit to weather a severe power outage that could last for days. There is plenty of room for you to add anything you think would be useful.

2. Foodfood

It is probable that power outages can affect your barangay or even your  city. It is very important to know what to do about the food you have stocked in your home, especially if there isn’t that much of it. Refrigerators can generally keep the goods inside it safe for hours and a freezer up to 2 days but this is no guarantee. It is best to minimize your trips to the fridge to keep it cold as long as possible. Do not go open and close it just because you are bored or if you want to taste the food inside it. If you smell anything funny throw it out immediately.

Stocking up on canned goods is a good idea as these are already pre-cooked and can be eaten from the can. It is best to consume first your perishable goods from the fridge . Also, a cooler filled with ice would be good for your freezer items if the power outage lasts for more than a day.

3. Waterwater

There is nothing more important than having enough water. We need water for food, hygiene and hydration therefore we need to have lots of it prepared in cases of prolonged power outages. Fill up your pales and other containers as well to be used for hygienic purposes. Being able to flush your toilet will work miracles on having a decent amount of comfort during emergencies.

Drinking water is on a different level of importance, though. It is not only for being comfortable during power outbreaks, but more importantly it is for survival. Your emergency kit should have a good amount of drinkable water.

4. Special Needsmedicine

Many people have special needs in their daily lives. There are elders that need life support machines, disabled that need certain equipment, and people on medication. Should you or anyone you know be affected by having no access to their special needs, it is crucial that you prepare for it now before an actual power outage happens. Have an emergency plan and backups if possible.

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