When Did Christmas Trees Start?

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Christmas Tree with StarsMany people believe that Christmas trees have always been associated with Christmas traditions and the coming of Christ. As soon as the changing of the season, households begin to decorate their houses with Christmas related items such as colorful lights, balls, stars, parols and the like. Don’t you find it weird that we set up our Christmas trees inside our homes when we usually find trees outside our home?

This article aims to quench one of your childhood curiosity of when did Christmas Trees Began?

Christmas Tree with Candle Stick

The Winter Sosltice

Many years ago, before the founding of Christianity, December 21 and 22 were believed to have the shortest days and longest nights in a year. They called it “the winter solstice”. During those days of continuous snowing, people all over the world fear the cold, dark, and scary weather. Some people believed that the sun god became sick, hence the short daylight. Egyptians are hopeful that their god named Ra who is the ruler of the sun and lighting in the world got sick. Romans, on the other hand, celebrate the so-called Satunalia – a feast in honor of Saturn, the god of agriculture.

Christmas BallsDuring that time, the Egyptians, the Romans, the British men, and people from other parts of the universe believed in one thing: that adorning their homes with greens such as pine trees and evergreen boroughs will help them get through those days and make Ra and the sun god recover from illness, and that the farms will soon be fruitful by the blessing of Saturn.

Germans are said to first use trees in their homes. Initially, they used leaves and wood to make a pyramid that soon resembled a tree. Christmas lights, however, were said to have begun when an infamous Protestant reformer named Martin Luther noticed how beautiful the sky was on one evening and wished to replicate it for his family. Americans did not easily embrace the concept of Christmas trees since they think of it as a pagan symbol.

But how exactly did Christmas trees become so popular? Sometime in 1846, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were photographed around a Christmas tree. It has always been said that Queen Victoria is very careful and particular with her subjects, and since she is one of the icons in fashion of her time, the popularity of Christmas trees has shoot up, not only in Britain but also in the other parts of the world who follow the Queen’s style.

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