Christmas Tree and Christmas Santa Night Lamp

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September is nearing its end…  It’s almost Christmas Time!!! Have you prepared for your Christmas decors? If you have not, check out Meiji’s latest Christmas items!

This year, Meiji presents you with new additions: Christmas night lamps! We have 2 models, namely, the Christmas Tree and Christmas Santa.

Meiji’s Christmas Tree and Santa

Meiji Christmas night lamps may be displayed in your office cubicles, bed side tables and even be used as a table top decor.  We also give you a choice to make use of its adapter ready device and use an adapter or make it a battery operated item.

Meiji Christmas Night Lamps also make use of white LED lights so your night lamp will light up your room just right for the season. Do not miss out on this great bargain. Contact us for inquiries.

2 responses to “Christmas Tree and Christmas Santa Night Lamp”

  1. Bright Light Pillow says:

    Interesting post. It goes to show that even when it’s not the holiday season, you can flick on a night light at night and see that little Christmas tree light up!

  2. Bright Light Pillow says:

    This night lamp would be a perfect accessory to set up in your child’s bedroom as the holiday season nears. Thanks for sharing this.

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