Choosing the Best Position for Your Motion Sensors

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Motion sensors are great for adding in extra security for your home. Aside from fortifying your home’s security, it can also deduct chances of false alarms. Don’t you just hate waking up in the wee hours just to find out there’s actually nothing? Or heading straight home after you’ve been notified by the house alarm and then turns out to be some glitch in the system?

Worry no more. Knowing where to place your motion detectors can minimize false alarms and keep your mind at peace. Here’s how. The typical sensors installed in your house use Passive Infrared (PIR) to measure temperature and catch changes or alterations made in its coverage’s temperature like everything inside a room. Significant changes in temperature in a room, for example, moving human body heat, can easily be detected by these PIR sensors. And consequently, raise an alarm.

To heighten your security and get a better sight of unwanted intruders, you need to select the right nooks and corners to place your sensors.

You can follow these pointers from the security expert themselves to maximize home security.

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Sensor should be mounted securely

First and foremost, you have to check if the motion sensor is securely mounted. If it isn’t, then it could be a cause for false positive alarms. When a sensor is not properly attached and happens to move itself or slide off, it could count as motion and therefore activate its own alarm.

Take in mind that any variatio in temperature can set off your motion sensor. So it is wise not to put it near air vents, heating elements (refrigerator, air conditioners, lights) and rather keep it far from them as possible. As vents can often give off a difference in temperature, on rare situations can eventually get your alarm going when aimed near it. With distancing the sensors from them it can thus, cut down possibilities of raising false alarms.


Place sensors towards entry points

Strategically place sensors towards entry points. This is the best way to detect if there are intruders in your house. After all, the perks of having a motion sensor lie in the determent of burglars by triggering the security system’s alarm before they reach what they’ve come for. “That” they won’t see coming. With that said, you should put up sensors directly facing possible entry ways such as doors or windows.motion sensor area

Take advantage of the area your sensors will be covering

Take advantage of the area your sensors will be covering. To have a full scope on your sensors’ coverage by making sure they don’t have an obstructed view of the whole area. Most homeowners prefer mounted sensors since they are attached on the walls, it is easier for them to detect motion and get a full view of the room. Corners are the most likely ideal position for mounted detectors to gain more scope.

And finally, the last piece of advice from the professionals is that more than one sensor can take your home’s security a fairly long way. A few good ones that are carefully and properly placed is absolutely a fine count on your house’s security and of course, your peace of mind. Why not put up a few in hallways and stairways to avoid blind spots and keep your home safe and sound from intruders or trespassers.

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  1. Do you have A motion Sensor light for Cold storage up to Negative -40?”

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