Things to Know in Choosing Your Panel Board

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In case you are not familiar with Panel Boards or distribution boards, here is a picture of an IEC or a European standard type:

Meiji Home PanelsSo what exactly is the function of a Panel Board? Electric Panel Boards mount all your circuit breakers unto a control board or an enclosure. The board distributes electrical energy through the circuit breakers to the different loads.  This board also serves as main control for the different circuit breakers, allowing the end user to turn on or off the different circuits depending on usage and situation. During emergencies, the Panel Board serves as the main source to turn off a certain load or circuit.


Next question is: How do you choose your Panel Board? In selecting a Panel Board, factors such as the service voltage and frequency, interrupting capacity, ampere rating and area of classification shall be considered. These are best consulted with a qualified electrical engineer or electrician.

The following General Information should be followed:

1.       Circuit Breakers should be properly rated:

 The Main Circuit Breaker should be rated not more than the maximum full load current of all the loads combined.  The Branch Circuit Breakers should be rated in accordance with their respective loads, following standard electrical practice found in tables and the Electrical Code.

 2.       Interrupting Capacities of Circuit Breakers should be properly maintained:

The capacity of the Circuit Breakers to withstand short circuit current technically referred to as ‘Interrupting ‘Capacity’, should be rated in accordance with the maximum short circuit current computations.  Technical specifications of the distribution transformer should be considered in computing the KAIC (Kilo Ampere Interrupting Capacity) rating of the Main Circuit Breaker. The KAIC of the Branch Circuit Breakers for normal consumer use, usually are rated from 5 to 10 KAIC.

 3.       Circuit Breakers must be durably marked by the manufacturer with the voltage, the current rating and the number of phases for which it is designed.

Furthermore, the manufacturer’s trademark must appear on the Panel Board and be visible after installation, without disturbing the parts of wiring. This is to identify clearly the Panel Board circuits and their modifications. A circuit directory should also be located on the face or inside of the Panel Board.

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  1. Lito G says:

    Hi Apple,
    How much does it cost the panel with following features. 220VAC, 2P,
    1 Panel with 1 Main CB rating 125Amp with the following branches 1 – 60Amp, 5 – 15Amp, 3 – 20Amp, 5 – 30Amp, 2 – 20Amp Spare.

    1 Panel with 1 Main CB rating 60Amp with the following branches 5 – 15Amp, 2 – 20Amp, 5 – 30Amp, 2 – 20Amp Spare.

    • John says:

      Hi Lito,

      Thank you for your interest to our panel boards. I will send you a formal quotation about your query.

      Thanks again!

  2. Farley A says:

    good day,
    hi, i just wanna ask if how much it cost for a 1 set panel board with main 70Amp, 2 – 30Amp, 1 – 20Amp, for residential use. thank you and hope some feedback to your good company.

  3. Augustine omoregbe says:

    Hi, please can you give me the price in EURO, for the following items. 3 Panel Boards, 1 main cb Rating 100aAmps and 2 mains cb 50Amps, with 2, 20Amps 6, 15Amps 9, 5Amps. Thanks

  4. Amber Cristobal says:

    Hi, Is there a 24 hole nema 1 panel board that’s plug in type? i need one for a residential project. please let me know at

    • John says:

      Hi Amber,

      We’ll send our brochure to your email so you can check the design of our home panel box.

      Thank you

  5. Rostan says:

    hi can you give me a quote for single pole bolt on type panel board with 1 set single pole 40amps as main bolt on type, 3 sets 20 amps single pole bolt on type and 1 set 30 amps single pole bolt on type. will use for SM Mall Tenants. thanks!

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