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What do you if you have an appliance but you cannot connect the plug and reach the wall outlet? Use an extension cord. But the question is, will that cord be safe for your appliance? Sudden electrical surges can destroy the appliance if the cord does not have the surge protection feature. Some cords also are poor in quality, that its outlet does not generate the needed power anymore.

One should purchase extension cords with the valuable appliances to be plugged on them in mind. Also, the cords should be worth the money.

Meiji offers now a new 13-series of heavy-duty extension cord sets collection. They are of a bus bar type in connection.

Meiji’s 13 series collection’s main feature is its bus bar type connection with 1-switch-for-all-sockets for easy switching on and off of all connected appliances. In addition to this, it has its built-in surge protection which is very important to protect your connected appliances from sudden electrical surges. All cords from this collection will be of high-quality which you will surely find useful.

There are 3 models for this 13-Series collection, and each has universal sockets to cater to all kinds of international male socket plugs that you may have.

Meiji heavy-duty extension cords


Meiji MES-1300

The first 1300 model has 6 (3 universal and 3 round to flat) outlets with a single switch lamp indicator for easy switching on and off of connected appliances. Meiji MES-1300 model is rated at 250V, 10A and 2500W, so with its high voltage, current, and power rating, this will be a wise choice for connecting multiple devices. It has 3 meters long wire, providing long reach from the outlet to your appliances.

Meiji MES-1301

The 1301 is a 3 universal outlet model which is also rated at 250V, 10A and 2500W, which is also good for connecting several high power appliances. Unlike 1300, this only has a wire length of only 2 meters, eliminating more chances of wire tangling.

Meiji’s MES-1302

The last member to the collection is 1302, which is similar to MES-1301, except this model has 4 universal outlets instead of 3.

The Philippines constantly experiences a lot of electrical surges brought about by the irregular flow of electricity. Meiji can protect all your appliances and at the same time provide the extension needed for your convenience. Connecting international appliances won’t be a problem as the 13-series have built-in universal outlets.

Choose the best and have the best in Meiji heavy duty extension cords.

10 responses to “Choose Heavy Duty Extension Cords with Meiji”

  1. Bernadette says:

    8. Power extension cord (5 pcs)
    a. 10 meters
    b. Universal type plug
    c. Universal type sockets – 3 slots to 5 slots
    d. Royal cord wire up to 10Amps (black color cord insulation)

    • John says:

      Hi Bernadette,

      unfortunately, our extension cords with universal type sockets are only 3 meters. They’re all made from white fire-retardant plastic material. They have circuit breakers for surge protection. You might be interested with these. Let me know!


  2. dash says:

    I will need to connect plasma Tv, Pc, laptop, fan and printer all at same time. With on/off button each maybe?
    What type of extension do i need? And where can i buy it and how much in php.

    • John says:

      Hi Dash,
      MES-1306, Universal Extension Set, 6-Gang with Individual Switch 738.00. You can buy directly in our head office. For more inquiry you can call us at (632)4487423; 414-4012; 413-6636.
      Thank You

  3. Do you have extension cord:
    110 V
    3 meters
    6 gang
    2,500 Units Available

    • John says:

      Hi Randolph,
      All of our extension cord is at 250V. For more info, feel free to call us at our #s 448-7423; 414-4012; 727-5790; 413-6636.
      Thank You.

  4. Rommel says:

    Hi John,
    Please provide me your best qoute for 2,300 pcs of the above.
    Delivery within 2-3 days.


  5. Mikee says:

    Hi Sir can you give me a quotation for reel type extension cord with male and female outlet 16 units only. Kindly submit your quotation in
    Thank you.

    • John says:

      Hi Mikee,

      Thank you for your email.

      As of the moment we don’t have reel type extension. We’ll send thru email our brochure for your reference.

      Thank you

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