How to Choose the Best Door Chime and Push-button for your Home and Business

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You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of affordable doorbell options. Having many options is great, but it can also be confusing. Here are some tips to save time and avoid frustrations when searching for just the right Door Chime:

Volume inside the house:

Is the door chime you’re considering loud enough to be heard throughout the house or business? Be sure to test the door chime once you receive it. Check that you can hear the device from every room in your home or business. If the door chime isn’t audible in all areas, you should either place it to more practical location, or add another one in parallel connection.

Audible outdoors:

If the door chime can’t be heard by the visitor outside, then they will likely just keep pressing that button over and over. Try to install your door chime so it is audible even outside the house or business. This will help doorbell buttons from getting damaged due to frequent button-press.

Good range:

A good mid-range transmission distance is a must in every door chime. This is the distance from the push-button to the door chime. No matter what range is indicated on the packaging, check its performance in your environment.

Cost-efficient power consumption:

The push-buttons on most door chimes are either AC-powered or DC battery-operated, as this is sometimes more practical to use during power outages or brownouts. Power consumption is usually minimal. If it is DC-operated, batteries should last about a year. To avoid malfunction due to weak batteries, check your batteries monthly and replace them as needed.


Push-buttons and door chimes are made of plastic materials so they won’t interfere with wireless signals, like WIFI connections. Make sure the plastic housing seems sturdy enough to stand up to visitor or customer use, and withstand your climate, including hot and cold weather.


Business owners may prefer a simple plastic door chime for a more professional look. Push-buttons are fairly small, so finding one to match and blend with your front door or entrance area should be simple.


Door chime and push button2Most importantly, choose a reliable supplier for your Door Chime and Push-button. Meiji Electric carries both Door Chimes and Push-buttons, which produce more soothing tones than the buzzers and pull-type ringing bells. Meiji Door Chimes and Push-buttons have all the above-mentioned features. So whenever visitors come into your home and business, welcome them with the soothing sound and reliable quality of Meiji Door Chimes and Push-buttons.



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