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B120005Our generation now is  very inclined with portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets or pads, mp3 players, PSPs, laptops, etc. These gadgets are considered essentials especially when traveling. Thus, these gadgets must continuously have a source of power to charge them out. Normally, these devices are fully charged, and no need to be plugged into a power source to operate. Yet, due to the frequent usage of these devices, their powers give up easily, and so, they have to be connected to a power source to continue their function. Adapters are used for this purpose. With the widespread use of electronic devices, it is easy to know great benefits of having adapters in any situation.

Meiji Traveling Adapters (MCS – 0764)

When we take vacations or business trips into foreign countries, we usually like to bring our handy electronic devices with us. However, the outlets in the foreign countries are often not compatible with our portable devices. If you travel abroad often, it’s necessary to bring Meiji Traveling Adapters with you. Three types of plugs all assembled in a single unit. Parallel blades, the two roundish, circular pins and the horizontal with ground plugs typically used for air cons all packed in one! In this way you are always prepared when a situation presents itself where you run into a confusing form of outlet. Meiji Traveling Adapters have a wide range of plugs built in one to be used in different styles of outlets.


 Also, these adapter is made to convert normal current (AC) into direct current (DC). This makes it more convenient for us to use our devices without any kind of conversion device. Foreign electricity systems are very much puzzling if we’re bringing wireless devices, but Meiji Traveling Adapters takes all the works out of those complex plugs for phone and laptop chargers. Just plug it into the wall, and you’re set. Furthermore, while various gadgets have different wattage, voltage and ampere ratings, traveling adapters now has all of these features combined in just one device! Meiji traveling adapter has the capacity of 10A, 250V for your traveling needs. As the digital age becomes more and more diverse, different electronic devices had been an integral part of our lives. Since we are so dependent on them, it is important to have the proper power adapters to keep them running. With Meiji Traveling Adapter, the power is in your hand!

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