In today’s world, it is so depressing to see that terrible crimes are being committed and unsuspecting people fall victim to theft and burglaries. It is essential to keep your homes safe with home security equipment ranging from CCTV surveillance cameras to motion sensors.


What is a Motion Sensor?

Motion sensors are electronic devices that, through varying techniques, detect movement and allow the triggering of a device through the detection of movement.

Fully automatic indoor security

Meiji Ceiling-type Motion Sensor (MS-02) is a fully automatic indoor security light controller capable of controlling your lights up to 1200W incandescent or 300W fluorescent lighting. With detection distance of 3 to 6 meters (<24˚), all movements can be spotted accurately. Like the light switches in our home, Meij needs a 220-240VAC power supply.

Effectively used in areas that are often unoccupied

Meiji Ceiling-type Motion Sensors can also be effectively used in areas that are often unoccupied, including some offices, warehouses, storerooms, restrooms, corridors, stairwells, office lounges, and conference rooms. Meiji Ceiling-type Motion Sensor can also be useful in schools, colleges, nurseries, churches, libraries, and other areas where security is a concern.


Peace of mind is important

When it comes to home security, having solid peace of mind is important for homeowners so it is necessary to invest in the proper equipment. Buying the best can ensure a greater peace of mind and overall home security.


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Philconstruct 2016



PHILCONSTRUCT is the largest construction show in the Philippines; it has been playing a major role in the industry for almost three decades now. This trade show has now become a solid platform that serves as a meeting place for the industry’s movers and shakers, gathering thousands of leading brands and buyers around the globe.

Held at the SMX Convention Center

This year, the exhibit will be held on November 10-13, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Meiji Electric will once again participate to showcase their innovative line of electrical items like the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), USB outlets, Meiji Home Panel Boards, Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVRs), Step-Down Transformers and the Meiji Panel with Keycard Control, and many others.


Meiji Electric Items


Special offer

There will be a special offer on the 3’’x3’’Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter with 1 International Outlet and 1 USB Outlet MGU252, and BUY 1 TAKE 1 bundled promo of the MES-1403 and 1406 Extension Sets with individual switches.  Visitors can also avail of other promos, giveaways and even raffle prizes.


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This summer season, as we all look forward to enjoying the great summer outings or out of the country vacations, we also expect energy bills to rise due to the intense summer heat. Whether you are using your aircon more often, using more water to take showers, or using more electricity to run fans to get a cool breeze, energy saving tips can help your pocket and the Earth. Here are some energy saving tips to help you through this hot summer:

Efficient operation

Have your aircon cleaned or replace filters monthly for more efficient operation. Dirty filters restrict airflow and can cause the system to run longer, increasing energy use.

Unplug appliances and electronics

Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use. Plug home electronics, such as TVs, DVD players and computers into the MEIJI 13 Series Extension Sets MES-1303 to 1306. It has an individual power switch that you can turn off when the equipment is not in use.


Ceiling Fan

  1. When it is not that hot, give your aircon a much needed break by using a ceiling fan.


Protects Your Appliance

Meiji Voltage Protector with Timer4. Use Meiji Voltage Protector with Timer TC-V002, A Voltage Protector is a device that protects your appliance by cutting off power as it reaches the minimum allowable voltage drop or exceeds the maximum over voltage rating. With its built-in 8 programmable timer, you have the option to manage all your appliances by turning them on and off on your preferred time setting. Not only that, it also has varied day preferences: whether you want the timer to work  daily, weekly, monthly, only on weekdays, on alternating days, just set it and it’s done!



Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

5.Use Meiji Motion Sensors MS 01-04 on indoor and outdoor lighting. These are either wall, ceiling mounted or stand-alone type.  Sensors are great for those rooms where you stow your stuff, such as attics and basements so you don’t need to fumble for switches when your hands are full. It is also perfect for hallways where lights are just needed when you pass by.

Meiji Motion Sensors



Meiji Dimmer Switch


Dim Your Accent

6. Use the Meiji Dimmer Switch MCS1825 to dim your accent or decorative lights and halogen bulbs. Dimmers reduce power to the lighting source or bulb, so they save energy and can also extend bulb life.







  1. Keep the hot sun out of your home: When leaving your home, or at noon when the sun is at its hottest, pull your window treatments down to block out warm rays. Your interior spaces will feel cooler and your aircon won’t work as hard.

Turn Lights ON or OFF

  1. Meiji TCV004 24 Hour Rotary TimerUse the Meiji 24 Hour Rotary Timer TC-V004 to automatically turn lights ON and OFF at a specific time. This is perfect for giving your home a `lived in’ look while you’re away at work or on summer vacation.


Spend More Time Outside

9.Spend more time outside of your home: Summer time is a perfect excuse to get out and enjoy it! From swimming in pools to having a picnic or getting exercise outdoors, spending less time in your house will help your energy consumption bill.


Saving energy this summer shouldn’t be a major challenge. Use these helpful energy saving tips to protect your wallet, save the Earth and keep you and your family cool this summer. Do your part in making this summer enjoyable for all, and keep your energy consumption to minimum levels.


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meiji motion sensor alarm

One of the best ways to protect your house from intruders is by installing a motion sensor in the Philippines. There are plenty of choices in the market, and the most reliable ones are very efficient in keeping possible burglars from forcefully entering your house. But you have to be really careful with your choices. You can’t just walk into a store and buy a motion sensor without considering its capabilities!

If you are practically clueless when it comes to sensors, much less which one would best suit your needs, you might have a hard time. To help you, here is a list of factors that you have to consider before purchasing a motion sensor.

The Type

There are different kinds of motion sensors in the market right now. Before purchasing one, you have to figure out which type of motion sensor would fit your needs best. Generally, there are two types of motion sensors: area motion sensors and local motion sensors.

Area motion sensors are sensors that protect a certain area. Sensors that fall under this category detect changes in a local environment such as movement, vibration, or heat. On the other hand, a local motion sensor’s protection doesn’t cover a whole area. Instead of detecting changes in an environment, it protects specific smaller areas through laser beams, contact sensors, and infrared. When choosing a motion sensor, you have to identify if you want to protect a whole area or if there are certain specific parts of the house you need to guard.

The Features

Different motion sensors have different features. Usually, when change is detected in a protected area, either of the three (or a combination of the three) happens: an alarm, light, or video camera is triggered. Alarms can be triggered a number of ways. Sometimes, you are notified of the possible break-in. There are also motion sensors that – in addition to notifying you of the possible break in – will directly signal an alarm to your security company or the authorities as well.

There are also motion sensors that come with lights. This feature can be used to discourage a possible intruder from entering a protected area. You can use floodlights, for instance, or maybe laser beams in doors and entryways. Another brilliant feature that you should look for in your motion sensor is video surveillance. There are motion sensors in the market that trigger a video recording upon an intruder’s entry. This feature can help you in determining the culprit and might be used for insurance and prosecution purposes.

The Mounting Position

Motion sensors are mounted in different ways. Some sensors are mounted on the wall, others are mounted beside entry points such as doors and windows. There are also motion sensors that can be mounted above switches. This kind of motion sensor lets you control the brightness of the room, in addition to providing home security.

Some motion sensors can be mounted in inconspicuous areas, like the ceiling for instance. This kind of sensor is perfect for monitoring a whole room as opposed to one small area only. Also, sensors like this are much easier to miss since sensors are typically mounted on walls.


Motion sensors are very effective in detecting possible break-ins not only in private properties but in public places as well. When purchasing one, remember to take into consideration the factors stated above. This will help you choose which motion detector will suit your needs best.

smoke detector motion sensor

Most of the time, when someone utters the words home security, people immediately think of motion sensors available in Philippines. Although motion sensors contribute largely to home safety, it’s not the only source of security that you can avail. The truth is aside from burglars, there are several other things that can harm us – like fire and electrical accidents. This means that when it comes to home security, you should be able to protect you and your belongings from different hazards.  

Thankfully, there are several alarm sensors that will alert you of a possible danger at home. Check some of them below:

Contact Sensors

Contact sensors are used to notify you when someone tries to enter your house through a window or through the door. Also called magnetic sensors, this is one of the most common types of alarm sensors. It has two parts; the first one contains a magnet and the second part contains a switch. This switch will be turned on when it is placed near the magnet. You have to put one part in the frame of the window or door and the other one, on the window or door, itself. The two parts are positioned right next to each other.

How does it work? If an intruder slides the window or opens the door, the two parts will be separated. Since they are no longer located together, the switch is turned off and, because the circuit was broken, the control panel will sound the alarm. It works for both normal and forced entries. This means whether the intruder uses a key or forces his way inside, you will still be notified.

Glass Break Detectors

When you buy contact sensors, make sure to purchase glass break detectors as well because they complement each other very well. Depending on the alarm sensor that you buy, it can either detect the sound or vibrations of a breaking glass. You can use this individually on a window where you cannot use contact sensors. If you want to feel more secured, you can also use it along with contact sensors. Just make sure to install it on the wall opposite or next to the glass window.

Smoke Detector

Aside from intruders, you also have to protect your home from other dangers such as fire. There are different ways to protect your house from threats such as this. One way is by purchasing and installing smoke alarms. This security device can help detect smoke and give you plenty of time to extinguish the source or vacate the vicinity.

Smoke alarms are mostly powered by batteries. Don’t worry because it lasts long and will alert you once the battery is running out. Although, of course, it’s still better to check them regularly to know that they are working properly at all times.

Flood Sensors

Did you ever went to bed one night and woke up to a flooded house? Don’t let this happen to you by installing flood sensors ahead of a storm. This way, you can sleep well knowing that if a flooding happens, you will be notified and you can evacuate before it turns dangerous. Flood sensors are usually installed on the floors where it can detect the existence of liquids. If ever this was caused by damage to your water pipes, then you can contact someone to repair it before it gets worse.

Home security is not just exclusive to motion sensors and possible break ins. There are several alarm sensors available to ensure that you will always be safe in your home. Check the list above are review your options.

Security should never be taken lightly, especially during this season. The outpouring of Christmas bonuses and gifts can attract a lot of negative attention. To avoid being a victim of burglary, protect your home by taking necessary precautions. One precaution you can take is purchasing a motion sensor in the Philippines and installing it in your home.

A motion sensor helps you detect if an intruder has attempted to enter your home. Using advanced technology, this device detects movement in certain areas, depending on where you place it. It then sends a signal to your security system’s control panel, alerting you of a possible trespasser. In order for this security measure to work, you have to mount it properly in the appropriate places. Here are a few tips for mounting your motion sensor the right way:


Install it on Likely Entry Points

The point of motion sensors is to prevent intruders from entering your house and stealing your belongings. Install the device near likely entry points like doors and even windows. That way, you’ll be alerted of their presence as soon as they cross the threshold of your home. However, don’t install it directly across the doors or windows. Sensors work best when you place them in areas where a thief may walk parallel to or right past the sensor, and not towards it.

Use Several Detectors

Don’t just rely on one motion detector. It’s likely that there are at least 2 or more entry points in your home. In addition, you should also install detectors in stairways and hallways. This way, you’ll be notified once the trespasser crossed one area of the house into another. Use several detectors for your home’s utmost security.

Be Creative

It’s likely that a burglar will be looking for motion detectors as soon as he walks inside your house. Be creative when positioning some of the sensors. Use bookcases and other house items to help conceal your detectors. Just make sure that it doesn’t totally obstruct the device’s view and prevent it from working properly.

Situate Far from Air Vents

Sometimes, the difference in temperature in air vents can set off your motion sensor. Although this happens rarely, it is best to play safe and place your motion sensor away from air vents.

Keep Away from Light Bulbs and Electronics

Motion detectors are commonly installed in walls and corners, about 4 – 7 feet high. But make sure to keep it away from light bulbs, lamps, and other electronics. In some cases, a light bulb that heats up, like an incandescent bulb, causes false alarms.

Set Sensitivity Switch

You can usually find the sensitivity switch of your motion detector under the battery. Although it is commonly set to medium upon purchase, you can also set it to low or high, depending on some factors. The factors that you should consider before setting the sensitivity switch of your device are the size of the room, pets, proximity to air vents, electronics, and light bulbs.

Motion sensors come in different shapes and sizes. All of them serve one purpose: to detect if an intruder has entered your home and alert you immediately. This is possible if — keeping in mind the tips above — you mount the detector properly in the right areas. Keep your family safe this Christmas season by using motion detectors!

Security is an important factor when house-hunting. We want to know that our house will be safe from intruders each time we leave, and we want to be able to close our eyes and fall asleep without worrying about being attacked during the night. It is for this very reason that people invest in different security systems like alarms and motion sensors available in the Philippines.

Then there are those who take security to the next level. There are locations in this world that are very heavily guarded, not even the most skilled spies can ever hope to access them.

There are places in this world that are not accessible to just about anyone. Here are some of the most secured locations on Earth:

Fort Knox

fort knox

This place is home to 5, 000 tons of gold bullion, the original U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Indpendence, and the Magna Carta during World War 2. Anyone who tries to break in will have to get past the electric fences, armed guards, and thick granite walls. Inside is a 22-ton blast-proof door. It’s protected by a code that is divided to ten different individuals. Since there is no single person who knows the secret code, one will have to gather all 10 individuals to open that door. There are also about 30,000 soldiers from the military camp whose primary priority is the security of Fort Knox.

Cheyenne Mountain

Cheyenne Mountain

During the cold war, the US Missile Warning Center and North American Aerospace Defense Command were hosted here. It has 25-ton doors that can withstand a 30-megaton blast. The offices inside the mountain can be found 2, 000 feet into the mountain’s granite. They pump air inside — probably the cleanest — that’s processed through a state-of-the-art filter.

Bold Lane Car Park

This is perhaps the most secure car park in the world. To access the facility, you have to avail a bar code ticket which indicates your exact parking spot. Once you park your car, motion detectors will be activated which will sound the alarm if something happens to your car while you were gone. The emergency system can lock down Bold Lane in 45 seconds.

Svalbard Seed Vault

Svalbard Seed Vault

In the event of apocalyptic disaster, the humans who survive will have at least 500, 000 plant species to help the earth survive. The location is 430 feet above sea level which means that even if ice caps melt, the vault will remain untouched. The place can be found in a mountain that has no roads leading to it and cannot be found on any of the maps sold to the public today.

ADX Florence Prison

fort knox

Also known as the Alcatraz of the Rockies, ADX or Administative Maximum Facility is a supermax prison for men. It houses the most dangerous criminals in the US. Its security includes attack dogs, remote controlled steel doors, laser beams, and pressure pads. All materials in the rooms are made of concrete steel. In addition, when prisoners look out the window, all they’ll see is the sky, making it hard to pinpoint where they are inside the facility.

Like these buildings, your family and home also deserve maximum protection. Employ only the best security systems and motion sensors from Meiji to keep everything you hold dear safe from intruders.

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Your home is your safe zone and you feel the safest within the vicinity of your own sanctuary. Whether at home or away from it, you expect your possessions to remain safe.  Truth is, you can never be completely safe from falling victim to burglary and theft but there are ways to make it more difficult for home invaders to do what they want to do. Invest on home security like CCTV cameras or motion sensors here in the Philippines. Simple devices like these will definitely help you. Read on to know more about the different and simple ways to protect your homes from those pesky thieves.

Lock It Up

Install strong locks and always check your windows and doors before going to be bed. This is the oldest trick in the book but still the most effective way to keep them out. A persistent crook can simply kick in your door, break the lock and run while grabbing as many valuables they can find. Invest on deadbolts instead of factory locks; chain locks are a great preventive method for this type of burglary.  No matter what you think about your neighborhood,  you can’t assume you’re safe all the time so never forget to lock your doors. By leaving your home unlocked, you’re basically inviting burglars and invaders into your home. This simple routine could easily deter an offender and save you from a ton of loss and possible physical harm.

Keep the lights on!

Go take your security to another level by investing on upgrades such as motion lights, which turn on automatically when someone walks by. Just put yourself in a burglar’s position and think, if you were about to rob a home would you prefer the one brightly lit up or the one that’s dark, dim?

Secure with an Alarm

Security alarms are a good investment to keep those thieves off of your property. A security alarm with a built-in siren will definitely scare away any being. It can also alert you when someone has entered your home, buying you enough time to call the police and arm yourself with a baseball bat.

Don’t Post Everything on Social Media

Remember you’re not the only one online these days— even criminals are using social networking sites to look for their next target! On that note, never announce when you’re leaving home or how long it will be vacant because  you just might be posting an open invitation to unwanted guests into your defenseless home. . Yes, you can say that your Facebook ‘friends’ are people that you trust with the said information but again, you can never be too sure. Be cautious of what you post online especially information that might cause damage to you. Keep your profile set on private and limit the private information you post online.

There you have it, four simple ways you can effectively protect your homes and yourself. Do what you can now and make it a goal to get the rest done as soon as possible. Remember, always stay alert!

One might say that Ian Fleming’s legacy, the James Bond series, has been one of the most popular fictional espionage stories, as well as the template for fictional spies in some of today’s media. It’s about British Secret Service agent James Bond, famously known as 007, and his missions to save the world.

The action, suspense, thrill, and the occasional romance are just some of the reasons why James Bond is loved by anyone, regardless of age. With the advancements in technology like motion sensors already available in the Philippines or locked-room escape games, it is no wonder why James Bond is who people channel to finish a game.

But Bond is not the only fictional spy you can watch in action. If you are one of many Bond fans, here is a list of spy films that are perfect you.

the spy who came in from the cold

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1965)

The 1960’s was an era where military tension was palpable between powerful nations. It was no surprise that spy films have come to adopt this as an effective plot device. The film The Spy Who Came in from the Cold War is based on a book of the same title written by John le Carré. The protagonist, Alec Leamas, is very much unlike James Bond. He doesn’t have the sophistication Bond seems to exude; instead, his manner is very straightforward. He shows contempt both for his enemies and for his job. Unlike James Bond who relies on gadgets, he makes use of skill and cunning to get out of a situation.


The Quiller Memorandum (1966)

The Quiller Memorandum is based on a spy novel written by Trevor Dudley-Smith called The Berlin Memorandum. It’s also set in the Cold War era where agent Quiller was sent to Berlin to investigate a neo-Nazi organization. This spy, just like Alec Leamas from The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, is not like Bond. He doesn’t like guns, believing that it gives a person a false sense of security. He relies on wit and his knowledge of the martial arts. The film depicts what undercover missions can do to a man.

roniin movie

Ronin (1998)

The story follows the story of ex-special operatives turned mercenaries who were hired to steal a suspiciously heavily guarded package, wanted by the Russians and the IRA. It has every element that you expect in a spy film: loads of dialogue, thrilling car chases, and action-packed scenes. However, one its appeals isn’t in their treatment of the spy film formula, but of the use of practical effects. The car chases were done practically, none of the visual effects that are overused in today’s films.

body of lies

Body of Lies (2008)

The film is based on the novel of the same name written by David Ignatius. The story is set in the Middle East where the CIA and the Jordanian Intelligence were looking to catch a jihadist by the name of Al Saleem. Roger Ferris, a lone ranger type, concocted a plan that involved making up a fictional rival terrorist organization and use it to get to Al Saleem.


Farewell (2009)

A French espionage film originally titled L’affaire Farewell, literally The Farewell Affair, was adapted from the novel Bonjour Farewell: La vérité sur la taupe française du KGB by Serguei Kostine. It follows the story of a high-ranking KGB officer and a Frenchman who smuggled Soviet Secrets to the United States, hoping to end military tensions between powerful nations. As you may have already guessed from the plot, it’s set in the Cold War. The film was applauded not just because of how it’s written, but also because of its beautiful and striking cinematography.

Recent films that you might want to check out are Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) and The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015), which shows us that spy shouldn’t always follow the same the formula, that they can deviate to gallows humour that a lot of people are starting to appreciate nowadays.

The films listed above are some of the most recommended spy films that are perfect, not just for the avid Bond film, but also for those wanting a rush of adrenaline.

Isn’t it convenient when the lights automatically turn on when you enter a room? You don’t have to reach for the light switch and or have to find it in the dark. But aside from convenience, installing a Meiji Motion Sensor for your lighting fixtures can give you other advantages.

Here are some:

Conserve electricity

One of the major benefits of a Meiji Motion Sensor is that it can help you save substantial amounts of electricity. You and your family members and helpers have the possibility to forget to turn the lights off after you leave the room. Have Meiji Motion Sensor turn the lights off for you.

Also, accidentally leaving electrical devices on overnight contributes to a higher electricity bill. You’ll be able to light your garage, driveway, master’s bedroom, pantries, and entry ways only for the instances that you need to use them.


Meiji Motion Sensors are great deterrents from burglars, who may be startled by the sudden illumination or alarm. This can signal that someone is home. These can also alarm the neighbors that someone is trying to sneak into your house.


The cost of Meiji Motion Sensors range from P500 to P600, depending on the type, features, and style of the motion sensor you choose. Installing a motion sensor on your outdoor light can save more money which means your investment,will pay for itself in less than one year!

 motion sensors

Helps save the environment

Meiji Motion Sensors are great for lighting areas that you only use briefly, since they only stay on as long as you need. By automatically turning off after a few minutes, they prevent wasted electricity and help conserve energy resources. In fact, according to the Philippines Renewable Energy Data from IEA, the top source of energy in the Philippines is natural gas, which is used to generate electrical energy in our power plants. These are harmful to workers, pollute air and water, create greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to global warming. By using Meiji Motion Sensors, you also save the environment from the detrimental effects of natural gas!


Equipping your home with Meiji Motion Sensors gives you an added level of protection, especially when you leave your home. Also, when planning for your next vacation or extended trip away from home, it is highly recommended that you consider installing motion sensors into your home.  Not only will you be benefiting your home and family with this extra security, but your wallet and the environment will appreciate this as well.