“If my motor operation looks normal, why would I use frequency inverters?”  Good question!

As some of us are informed, frequency inverters are used in any operation in which there is mechanical equipment powered by motors. The inverters provide extremely precise electrical motor control, so that motor speeds can be ramped up and down, and maintained, at speeds required. Thus, it utilizes only the energy required, rather than having a motor run at constant speed and utilizing an excess of energy.

Since motors consume almost all of the energy produced, the control of motors, based on demands of loads, increases in importance, as energy supplies become ever more strained. Additionally, end users of motors can realize 25 – 70% energy savings via use of motor controllers.


Among the most successful strategies managers have at their disposal for controlling electrical energy use and minimizing utility costs is the use of frequency inverters. Incorporating frequency inverters into applications such as fans, pumps, and cooling towers can reduce energy use.


Here 5 beneficial functions of a frequency inverter:
1. Controls starting current

When a normal powered (AC) motor is started “across the line,” it takes much time to gain power to start the motor and load. This power activates the motor windings and produce heat, which will eventually reduce the endurance of the motor. A frequency inverter starts a motor at zero frequency and voltage. As the rate and voltage “build,” it “magnetizes” the motor windings, which typically takes 50-70% of the motor full-load current. Additional current above this level is dependent upon the connected load, the acceleration rate and the speed being accelerated, too. The substantially reduced starting current extends the life of the AC motor, when compared to starting across the line. The customer payback is less wear and tear on the motor (motor rewinds), and extended motor life.

2. Controls acceleration

A frequency inverter starts at zero speed and accelerates smoothly on a customer-adjustable ramp. On the other hand, an AC motor started across the line is a tremendous mechanical shock both for the motor and connected load. This shock will, over time, increase the wear and tear on the connected load, as well as the AC motor. Some applications, such as bottling lines, cannot be started with motors across the line (with product on the bottling line), but must be started empty to prevent breakage.

3. Adjusts operating speed

Use of a frequency inverter enables improving of a process, making changes in a process, allows starting at reduced speed, and allows remote adjustment of speed by programmable controller or process controller.

4. Controls motor “stopping”

Just as important as controlled acceleration, controlled stopping can be important to reduce mechanical wear and tear because of the shocks to the process or loss of product due to breakage.

5. Saves energy

Frequency Inverters operate only with the necessary power, rather than having the motor function at fixed speed and utilizing a surplus energy. Using a fixed speed motor would require some type of mechanical regulating device, such as a vane or damper; but the fact remains that the motor would still be running full load and full speed (full power). Energy savings can be sufficient to pay back the capitalized cost in a matter of a couple of years or less, depending on the size of the motor.

Developments in frequency inverter technology are putting even more power in the hands of maintenance and engineering managers, who are taking a closer look at the life-cycle costs and potential benefits of this device for their facilities. Thus, it is a great advantage to use frequency inverters in enhancing all motor powered operations.


A few more days to go and the extended weekend is soon to come. Long, consecutive, non-working days are the best times to upgrade companies’ electrical components since operations stop during these days. It’s a good time to develop large machineries , improve electrical systems and repair nearly broken equipment just like when a family does their monthly general cleaning of the house.

Here are five tools that can enhance Home and Industries’ electrical systems:

1. Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) DSC02735DSC02737

With its high capacity, enhance every electrical system in your office drastically. It can handle certain current jumps and current overload from 30 up to 1,200 Amperes (A) since some offices may use small machines like printers, scanners, photocopiers, shredders, coolers, fax machines, etc. that low capacity breakers cannot take on. AS you can see, these aren’t normal circuit breakers which are usually seen in homes. MCCBs are devices that protect larger circuit structures. Some still use it in their homes for their bigger loads or appliances.

2. AIR CIRCUIT BREAKERS (ACB) air-circuit-breakers-19851-5167997

Intensify the controls of such heavy-duty industrial machines with this high-rated breaking capacity circuit breaker. ACB operates by air with a specific atmospheric pressure from tremendous overload. This ACB stops faulty current flow that may cause severe damage to a whole system and to huge machines like generators and motors used by power plants, chemical, steel and automobile industries, telecommunications and others. This breaker has larger interrupting capacity than MCCBs.

ACBs can handle ratings from 630 to 6,300 Ampere frame. In layman’s term, multiply your home circuit breakers by more than 1,000 times and that’s the capacity of an ACB.


Upgrade motor-operated technologies such as irrigation pumping mechanisms, pulp and paper machines, textile equipment and others with your VFD. Control their speed at an extremely accurate electrical motor regulation, so that motor speeds can be controlled up and down, and maintained, at speeds required.

In this way, only the energy required is used, rather than having a motor run at constant speed that consumes an excess of energy. In other words, your Return on Investment (ROI) will be compensated very quickly, VAT included! The efficiency of VFDs will generally save up to 30% of electricity consumption.


If an electrical motor is doing more work than that for which was designed, it is considered to be overloaded and eventually can cause fire.

Maximize protection of motors and generators from overheat.

Magnetic Contactors and Thermal Overload Relays cut off circuit power whenever there’s a phase failure. It simply means, it protects your air conditioners, computers, generators, and other appliances from wreckage or burns when it is used altogether at the same time. It is better to have this kind of protection device maintained for safety at home and before resuming the work.

5. TIMERS DSC03026TC-V002-187x300final-TC-V003-204x300

Develop an organized usage of all the tools and apparatuses with an effective timer. With this, every machine, big and small, can be used properly and efficiently.

Long time use of appliances like air conditioners, generators and motor technologies will be controlled. Just simply set the preferred time (and day) of power, and the operation of the whole industry can be better predicted with less consumption of energy.

Using Timers for appliances at home is a great benefit. Not only does it help you control its time of use but also it protects its life by the automatic turn-off feature when the usage of the appliance is already done.

Maximize the downtime this summer in your companies and at home by upgrading systems and machineries through these devices, to give you a safe home to stay and a fine workplace to get the job well done.

Choose the best electrical controls and protecting devices to enhance a safe and economical household living. Improving the industries’ big and small operations in preparing the way towards progress, can be achievable.



machineryMachines had been the mark of power for the millions of cities all over the globe. They also fortify urbanization and continue to push for development and growth in the industry. Whether domestic or industrial, most machines are in use of frequency inverters that are on the job to take care of your AC motors.

Frequencyy inverters

Instead of connecting your power supply to your motor-driven components, you place frequency inverters to be the middleman to handle the energy to be used by your machines. Your frequency inverter’s main function is to control the speed of AC motors by converting main frequency to required frequency. It serves as a power control conversion device that is able to convert a normal power supply to a frequency power.In this way, the inverter can provide electric motor speed variations.This is found in most motors that use frequency rather than voltage to acquire speed.

Plays a major role in nearly all industrialized processes

Since motors play a major role in nearly all industrialized processes that involve electrical application, most big and small industries utilize this device for their large equipments necessary for production. Examples are textile machinery and other mechanisms that require bigger power supply often operate more efficiently with frequency inverters in hand. It is also convenient and necessary for domestic purposes like having different kitchen appliances, water pumps, air conditioners, and many more. Not only does it save energy, but it can also provide safety measures in every operation.

Just like maintaining a greenhouse

Imagine maintaining a greenhouse and you’d like to keep the temperature at a stabilized level, you can’t expect a single heavy machine to do it the way you like it. Controlling it to run at the right speed is easier if you use a frequency inverter.With it, that large amount of power can be more efficient and reliable. You don’t even have to worry about your machines getting overworked. You can be rest assured that it can protect your electric motors as an advantage. Usually when a high powered machine or component is being run without a frequency inverter, other appliances or machines might get affected causing low voltage usage for them.


Stabilizes the energy

A frequency inverter actually stabilizes the energy and thwarts direct current shocks to your electric motors.

In industrial schemes, time and production power are of importance. With the use of a frequency inverter, you can spare the time for warming machineries up before they could serve their purpose. Since it features an adjustable speed variation within your control, you can reach and maximize your machines’ and electronics’ full potential. Meaning, it can utilize the desired speed and power on your machines with no sweat.

Aimss to promote efficiency

On top of that, a device such as this aims to promote efficiency in production and functionality of motor-driven equipments by providing accurate and uninterrupted process control while accommodating a wide speed range

Control on power also means control over your expenses. Truly a power and money saver innovation, having a frequency inverter for your homes or businesses is an economical choice since it also cuts costs for power consumption.

frequency drivesAt the spark of the industrial millennium, the invention of mechanisms had begun to improve our way of life. Machines such as AC induction motors are rampantly used in most industries today. Rotating at a preset speed, an AC induction motor is directly driven by the frequency of an electric power source. These motors serve as major forces in almost every industrialized process that work with any electrical application, like different kitchen appliances, air conditioners, water pumps, automobiles and even compressors and boiler pumps.

Other than system proficiency, the majority of industries are now after less costly means without compromising outputs and the entirety of the processes.

Frequency Inverter Functionality

Here is where the Frequency Inverter comes in. Technically, a Frequency Inverter or much known in the industry as Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is an electronic device that can adjust the rotational speed of an AC motor by controlling the frequency of the electrical power supplied to the motor. This unit is able to manage speed, temperature, pressure, or flow as intended to run respective systems. Instead of directly connecting the power supply to the electric motor, it is linked to the input of the VFD and then the power is run from the output of the VFD to the motor.

Installing VFDs in your customary systems provide advantages that contribute to the enhanced general performance of your AC induction motors.

It can grant the necessary control as well as save a lot on energy consumption. A Frequency Inverter primarily functions to increase efficiency rate of a motor-driven unit by pushing through accurate and uninterrupted process control with a variety of speed range. Control of speed and power is within your hands. With an adjustable speed drive, you can also achieve overall control from matching speed to altering the load requirements that result in conserving energy.

Another thing from VFD is that you can spare yourself the trouble of having excessive separate controllers in managing your motor system. Thus causing reduced maintenance costs by crossing out throttling valves, dampers, and other superfluous controls, since VFDs already have apt sensors and electronics used to interface the driven unit with the inverter.

In addition to lesser upkeep expenditures, the device allows you to minimize operating frequencies consequently lengthening service life and optimizing durability of bearings and motors. Frequency inverters also add protection from damage to your motors that cannot withstand excessive torque by allotting specified limits into a user-selected level. This is possible thanks to the highlighted control provided by the electronic device.

Using VFDs disables the need for soft starters. No need to worry about limiting the current level when starting the load due to the extensive control of the inverter over the motor equipment. It can achieve the desired power and speed with ease. The adjustable speed drive also does away with other common motor-driven issues such as water hammer setbacks in a liquid system.

Cost-effective and useful in assuring premium system functionality, VFDs ultimately offer better, more productive and trouble-free operations for your AC induction motors.

FREQUENCY INVERTERSSimplicity-precision, flexibility-standardization an easy to use-diversity are the harmonic foundations of LS Variable Frequency Drives or Frequency Inverters. Models ranges from 1/2HP to 600HP, single and three phase, and easy connection for monitoring software.


Monitoring software

  • Versatile, easy-to-use software for LS Inverters
  • Provides intuitive means for monitoring, control and commissioning of Inverter
  • Runs on RS-232 / 485 serial network connection
  • Designed for Microsoft Windows 95 or later
  • Keypad emulator
  • Graphic monitor
  • Parameter editor
  • Text monitor