Every year, the country is hit by an average of 20 typhoons. Unfortunately, these calamities can wreak havoc on virtually everything that plugs into the walls, putting you at higher risk for power surges and power outages. Fortunately, you can easily purchase surge protectors like the AVR in the Philippines to save your appliances. To help increase your knowledge on how to save your electronics, here are some tips on how to protect your electronics when the inevitable happens.

Get Insured

Since we’re talking about dangerous storms here, let’s be honest—nothing is absolutely guaranteed to keep you or your possessions safe from the act of nature, so to be sure, better get yourself insured. There are general insurance plans that can cover and protect your electronics in the event of an electrical surge or lighting. There are also electrical repair businesses you can go to once the unfortunate happen and in case your beloved electronics gets damaged,you can bring them to these kinds of shops. Some specific equipment have their own warranty, so it would be best to keep the receipts and booklets of your appliances to save on money.

Invest in UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

A UPS is a device that allows computers to run when a brownout occurs but only for short time. It also protects the computer from power surges. The rechargeable battery enables the UPS to take over powering your device so you can be sure that whatever you were working on will be safe because sudden shutoffs won’t be a factor of you losing your work. Some UPS’s also have functions that include guaranteed surge protection which serves as temporary warranty for anything plugged into the UPS system.

Invest in Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are designed to protect your electrical devices from voltage spikes. It also limits the voltage supplied to an electrical device by blocking it or grounding the unwanted voltage to a safe threshold. A surge protector is one of the most important things you should invest in especially if you have expensive electronics. Usual and unexpected surges can be easily blocked by surge protectors but lighting can still get past it if it strikes close enough or directly.

Unplug All Devices

The most effective defense is to unplug all of your devices and appliances if you know a storm is brewing.  If your computer, television or refrigerator or just about all the electrical appliances you have isn’t plugged in, then there is a lesser chance for it to be struck by electrical damage. Unplugging them is the best method we can use and as much as we hate it, it’s the only sure way for them to be protected from surges or lightning strikes.

Mother Nature is fierce and dangerous; she holds forces that can damage your electronics. Take caution and by using the tips aforementioned,you can be sure that your expensive electronics can be safe from harm and no lightning strike can easily harm them.

When you have an AVR in the Philippines, you definitely want to keep it and the rest of your home safe when you leave for a few days to go on vacation. Some people just ‘wing it’, leaving everything up to the last minute, but it will be very beneficial for you to make plans ahead. Create a checklist of all the things you need to do before leaving the house. Here are a few tips on what you need to accomplish before driving off to enjoy your vacation.


Make Sure All Appliances are Turned Off

It is surprising how many people overlook turning off all appliances in the house by not checking their homes thoroughly. Yes, even your Wi-Fi needs to be turned off (sorry, neighbors). Please do not leave your desktop or laptop on and plugged in with the intent of letting it download large files. This is to avoid gadgets, appliances, or lights from overheating or blowing a fuse.  The only thing you should leave on is your refrigerator, to keep the food in it from going bad.

Unplug Everything

Again, except for the refrigerator, unplug the rest of your appliances. With you and everyone else in the family out of the house, there really is no need for anything to be plugged in anyway. This will prevent power surges and save energy. Many appliances use up power even when they are turned off.

Do NOT Leave Your Pet without Food or Water

As much as possible, we advocate not leaving any pet behind when you’re going on vacation. However, there are times when it is inevitable.

Even if your pet cat is free roaming, never assume that they will be able to find sufficient food and water on their own, especially if they’ve been fed regularly their whole life. Allowing your pet to scavenge for food can also put them at risk of getting lost, acquiring diseases, or worse, getting run over. For large pets staying inside such as a dog or cat, don’t lock them in a cage; the least you can do is to keep them in a safe room. The room must not trap heat and must be well ventilated. Make sure there are no wires, gadgets, or appliances they can chew on or knock over. Leave a bathroom area for the pet  and keep their food and water a good distance from the said place.

It would still be better to leave your pet with someone you trust who will take care of them during the duration of your vacation, or at least ask your neighbor to check up on them daily. Do note that you must NEVER leave your pet alone for more than a couple of days.

Make it Look like Someone’s Home

Regarding curtains, your first instinct might be to close them all the way to prevent people from seeing the inside. However, noticeable changes like this can alert a thief that this was done because the owners have left the house vacant. Keep the curtains as is. You might be tempted to leave the lights on in an effort to make it look like there is someone inside but this can rack up a large electric bill, is not very environmental-friendly, and is even more suspicious! You can purchase a light switch timer that will turn the switch on and off according to the time it is programmed to do so.

Have Your Mail Put on Hold

If you’re expecting any mail, ask someone to pick it up for you or inform your courier of your absence and to hold your mail for the meantime. Parcels might easily be stolen off your garage, and piled up mail is a clear signal that there is nobody home!

If you have a spare key, make sure you keep it somewhere so hidden that even the person who knows there is a spare key will have a hard time looking for it. Follow these steps in keeping your home safe and you’ll be able to have a fun vacation without any worries!

In every home, there should be appliances that are considered as vital for your day to day existence.

So if you have moved to a new home or moving out for the first time, you definitely need these five most essential appliances. An AVR in the Philippines, for example, and that’s just one of many. Here are the rest.

meiji avr tv philippines


We live in a visual age. We love watching how-to videos, we love watching food get cooked, and we love to see what is going on around the world. This is where the television comes in. A television delivers to us the news we need to know, entertains us with heart stopping action films, and even educate educate kids. It is no wonder why many consider the television to be a must have in every home in the neighborhood.

flat iron meiji avr philippines


You should always make a good impression. But how are you supposed to make a good impression if your clothing is all crumpled up and wrinkled? That’s why you need to iron your clothes. The first irons were heated up not by electricity but by hot coals. In some countries, burning coconut husks were used in place of charcoal and were so heavy, you had to be extremely careful not to burn the clothes. Fortunately today, we have the electric iron, which weighs much less. An iron can easily remove the creases and folds of your clothing and help make you look your best. Choose one that has multiple heat settings to make ironing a breeze.

refrigerator meiji avr philippines


What was life like before the invention of the refrigerator? For centuries people used icehouses or giant jars to keep their food from spoiling. Now, imagine filling your home with jars just to stop the food from spoiling or digging a basement for the sole purpose of cooling your meal. Good thing today we have refrigerators these days. It is an essential in every home. And nowadays, refrigerators almost always have a freezer built in them.

There are numerous varieties: double door, absorption, magnetic… the list goes on and on! One thing is for sure: these fridges were made for preserving your food and keeping ‘em cool.

washinh machine meiji avr philippines

Washing Machine

Back in the day, one of the most reliable methods to get the stain out of clothing was to trample on them in a large tub of hot water. This way the dirt and stain would get loose, making it easir for them to be washed out. But today, you do not have to do that with your delicate clothing nor your favorite t-shirt, thanks to the washing machine. This appliance lessens peoples’ time spent in . No longer do you have to scrub tons of clothes by hand. Just toss ‘em into the washing machine, add detergent and voila! Clean clothes!

electric range meiji avr philippines

Gas or Electric Range

Back in the day, people had to look for firewood just to cook food. But now, in the twenty-first century, we have cooking ranges, both gas and electric. These ranges are a vital part of every home; without them, how on earth will you cook your meal?

Gas or electric ranges can be as simple as a two range unit to one with as many as eight with a stove underneath.

There you have it – the five most important appliances you should have in your household. Can you even imagine life without them?

Filipino homes are filled with various appliances, from large mainstays like refrigerators and washing machines to smaller tools like toaster ovens and hair dryers. These appliances often prove vital for day-to-day activities, and can be expensive to replace if damaged or destroyed. For this reason, you’ll want to learn how to protect household appliances from electrical disturbances such as voltage fluctuations and overload.

  1. Meiji Voltage ProtectorC360_2015-05-13-12-01-05-902

The quickest and least expensive solution for protecting appliances is plugging them into Meiji Voltage Protector. These voltage protecting devices designed to turn-off in the event of a voltage fluctuation, cutting off power to your appliances and protecting them.

Note that not all voltage protecting devices have the same feature and capacity. Meiji Voltage Protector has the capacity of 4400 watts in a 220V output. Meiji Voltage Protector also has a “power-on-delay of 2 minutes” which can help prevent inrush current that might damage your appliances.

  1. Meiji AVRC360_2015-05-13-11-48-45-898

Partner AVRs with your appliances. A more thorough and robust solution than using voltage protecting device is to use Meiji Servo-motor type AVRs for regulating the voltage even while your appliance is running. Because this type of surge protection works during a voltage spike, it avoids the appliance plugged-in to be affected by the spike. It offers greater protection for your appliances than individual power strips.

Whole-house surge protectors are usually designed to accept 240 volts, which means you’ll need 2 empty and adjacent 120-volt spaces in your panel to install this device.

  1. Meiji Extension CordC360_2015-05-13-11-54-53-257

Meiji Extension Cords are rated at 10A and are made from fire retardant plastic material.

This can be a good solution if you are dealing with many appliances but you lack wall outlets or you need power supply near your working area, just be sure that you would plug-in these extension cords to an appropriate AVR. Meiji Extension Cords have built-in fuse protection in case of an overload. Each outlet has its own individual switch. So when you are done using one outlet, you can turn off the switch to save on power.

  1. Meiji GFCIC360_2015-05-13-12-08-58-574

In many countries, especially here in the Philippines, GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are required in kitchens and bathrooms, and other wet areas. These outlets monitor the electricity flowing into and out of each socket and shut off the flow if the difference exceeds a certain amount.

Install Meiji GFCI outlets throughout your home. These outlets help protect against “ground faults” – when electricity flows out of an appliance’s wiring and into the ground through the nearest conductor. If this conductor happens to be a person, severe injury or death can result. Meiji GFCI outlets are rated 20A with sensitivity rating of 6mA.

Updating your existing outlets with GFCI outlets (especially in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms) is a quick way to add additional protection against electrical problems with your appliances.

  1. Meiji UPSC360_2015-05-13-11-47-06-567

Protect appliances from power outages using Meiji Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A UPS is like of large power strip that contains a backup battery. If any problems are detected in the incoming voltage (which includes both surges and power outages), the battery engages, allowing you to operate the appliance without interruption. Meiji UPS also has a built-in AVR. Using this with your desktop computers may also save your files from sudden damages.

So the next time you think about protecting your home and your valuable appliances from electrical problems, make sure to contact Meiji Electric, your trusted electrical supplier here in the Philippines!

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Generally, an Uninterruptable Power Supply(UPS) is a power protection device that will supply a limited amount of power for a limited amount of time when there is no power supply.A UPS will let you continue to work for a short time and allow you to safely close any open documents, thus allowing you time to properly shutdown the computer. A UPS will protect your computer and electronics from a variety of power related problems

It has a number of functions, designed to protect almost all electronic devices, especially our desktops.


If you have seen flickering lights in your home or office, computer freezing up or restarting, then you may be suffering from a power supply problem.

What some of us do not realize is that the power provided to our home or office is at times irregular and not necessarily a continuous 220volts supply. The ideal voltage supply in our country is 220. However, even in residential areas, this can often be over 260volts or under 200volts. It can get even worse in industrial areas if you live near or work in these zones due to machineries being used.


Meiji UPS can sense whether voltage is within tolerance, and will automatically go to battery power until normal power returns. With capacities of 500 watts or 1000 watts, desktops and any other devices within the limit can be protected.

meiji ups

The primary advantage of using Meiji UPS is that in cases of sudden power loss,it will continue to power the computer system long enough for you to save your work. Additionally, in environments which have problems with “dirty”, meaning the electrical supply may have sudden spikes or dips, Meiji UPS offers a great deal more protection than a standard surge suppressor would.

Additional back-up time and run time control during power failure are some of the many advantages for you in order to accomplish the necessary tasks to be completed immediately.

Electricity has become a life line of our everyday living. Without electricity, our computers would cease to work. And in our time and age today, most of us depend heavily upon our computers for work and entertainment, thus a UPS can be a life saver when the power goes out.

So invest now on Meiji UPS. Remember protective devices are investments not a liability.


Its 2015! You probably have new appliances now in your home? Whether they’re for entertainment or kitchen use, remember to use an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) to it.

Some people might think, “No need!” while others believe that it depends on the area you live in. And if your city does not have voltage problems, you can connect it directly to the plug. These might be true but being knowledgeable of the facts can be safer than believing the opinions of others.

What are Power Surges?

According to Tom Harris, a contributor on the blog site “How Stuff Works”, power surges occur when something boosts the electrical charge at some point in the power lines. This causes an increase in the electrical potential energy, which can increase the current flowing to your wall outlet. A number of different things can cause this to happen.

images (1)The most familiar source is probably lightning, but there are some unknown and unexpected sources too which may be just around the corner! Power surges are also cause by the operation of high-power electrical devices, such as elevators, air conditioners and refrigerators. These high-powered pieces of equipment require a lot of energy to switch on and turn off components like compressors and motors. This switching creates sudden, brief demands for power, which upset the steady voltage flow in the electrical system. While these surges are nowhere near the intensity of a lightning surge, they can be severe enough to damage components, immediately or gradually, and they occur regularly in most 31033351b__62919_stdhomes and building’s electrical systems.

Meiji AVRs can surely help you from such power surges. Meiji AVRs are designed to stabilize voltage increase and even decrease. Not only that! If your device came from abroad, and has 110 volts requirements, Meiji AVRs has a built-in 110 volts output socket. Meiji AVRs are available from 500 VA to 10 KVA ratings, just right for your new home appliances.

In today’s system of electricity distribution, power surges are an unavoidable occurrence especially in the Philippines. So be sure to use Meiji AVRs to protect your new appliances. Surely, you would never want them to be destroyed easily.



Through the advancement of technologies and continuous upgrade of mechanical devices and appliances, it is recommended to associate them with the right kind of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs)


As some of us know, AVRs have one purpose, and that is to maintain the voltage supply at a constant “range”. AVRs come in two main types: Servo-motor type and “step” type.
Servo-motor type AVRs has a coil of wire and a mechanical motor which rotates in the coil to keep the output voltage at a certain value. They are usually larger and heavier. These kinds of AVRs have power-on delays which result to a more accurate voltage output.
Step types AVRs are usually cheaper. They contain a set of relays or transistors which keeps the output voltage in a certain range of value. Example of the steps might be: 160-180, 180-200, 200-220, 220-240, and 240-260 volts. Each of these ranges is being controlled by a transistor or relay inside. So if you hear a click on a relay type AVR, it means it is switching from one voltage range to the next up or down range. It is not as accurate in voltage output.

So which is better?

Servo-motor type AVRs are better especially if you live in an area where the voltage fluctuates a lot. The more accurate voltage the AVR emits, the more protection it gives to your treasured appliances.

Meiji Electric offers you the best Servo-motor type AVRs!AVR 500

Meiji Servo-Motor AVRs

Using Meiji AVRs is the best solution in keeping the voltage supply at a constant range for your appliance, with or without voltage fluctuations or imbalance. Meiji AVRs are servo-motor type AVRs, designed to be distortion less and provide an accurate voltage output. From 500 to 10, 000 VA capacity, it can accommodate both low and high rated appliances. It saves your treasured appliances & processes from damaging effects of fluctuations. This way, you can focus on things that matter to you.

In addition, Meiji AVRs have a converter, from 220V to 110V for 110V-appliances like those which are imported. Now, you don’t have to buy a separate transformer for them.


So what are you waiting for?  Contact us today and see how we can help you enhance your power quality and save power consumption as well!



Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) are widely used in industrial and household application to obtain the stability and good regulation of different electrical equipment. Hence, we must know the best capabiliAVR1ties an AVR should have.

  1. Surge Protection

Surge protection feature cannot be removed from an AVR as it is one of the main purposes of it. When power supply suddenly rise with a great intensity, surge protector built-in the AVR shields the computer or any other connected equipment from that strong power flow. With an AVR, the equipment is safe and secured as it continues to operate.

  1. Short Circuit ProtectionAVR2

Whether it is a circuit breaker or a fuse, what’s important is the protection it gives when short circuit happens. This feature of an AVR will cause the fuse or breaker to blow or trip first before anything can happen to the equipment associated with it. But this doesn’t mean that the AVR is damaged. Circuit breakers as short circuit protectors automatically trip and cut the power off. Fuses on the other hand, blow and also cut the power line. Thus, it must be reset or replaced upon occurrence of the short circuit.

  1.  Line Noise ReductionAVR3

The audible noise released from high-voltage lines is caused by the discharge of power that happens when the intensity of the electrical flow on the conductor surface is greater than the intensity necessary to start a flow of electric current. AVRs reduce line noises which can irritate users when using light or heavy-duty equipment.

  1.  Servo Motor Technology

AVR4Servo-Motor AVR uses an advanced electronic controlled servo-motor concept to control a motorized variable transformer. Because of the motors involved, there is a small delay in voltage correction. However, the output voltage is accurate. This capability of an AVR tends to be extremely effective when considering large applications, as it is able to maintain its accuracy despite of input balance and load balance at any power factor.


Meiji AVRs got all these four features for you! From 500 to 10,000 power wattages, you can have the right and precise AVR.

Invest now in Meiji’s AVRs and experience the real enhancement for your valued equipment.

Wonder why AVRs sometimes malfunction? We can say that mechanical devices are not that perfect, but have you ever thought you might be using it the wrong way?

AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) is a protective electrical device that is designed to protect equipments from volltage fluctuations as it automatically controls the voltage being supplied to certain equipment.

AVRs in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, voltage spikes happen frequently and we cannot deny it.  Most of us are confident when using an AVR for our TVs, washing machines, and refrigerators since it’s made for the said purpose.


What we don’t realize is that any mechanical device that is used improperly or abused to its capacity will definitely result into malfunction or worse, great damages.

When you want to utilize an AVR with equipment that has a heating or cooling element, like a fridge or an oven, it is advisable to use an AVR that is three times higher than the equipment’s power rating as it consumes higher initial current to alter normal temperature to the required coolness or hotness. Let’s say you have an Aircon unit with a power rating of 1000 watts. To comply with it, you have to use a 3000 watts AVR or higher since it converts normal air temperature into a cooler breeze. In this way, your aircon unit will be safer even with continuous necessity of high power consumption.

Similarly, motor operated appliances like washing machines and heaters need to be associated with AVR that is three to five times higher than the machine’s power rating. Motor operated machines usually consume higher initial current the moment the machine is switched on or sudden voltage fluctuation happen. Voltage fluctuations are voltage which frequently vary, rise and fall from the steady or repetitive value. By the use of a precise wattage of AVR, spikes will be handled appropriately while the machine continues to function.

For non-motor-operated machines and equipment that has no cooling or heating element, AVR must be commensurate or higher with its specific wattage. For an instance you have a PC unit rated at 200 watts plus a speaker with 100 watts and a flat screen TV of 300 watts all plugged into one AVR. Summing it all up, you’ll get 600 watts. In this case, you can use 1000 watts AVR as no motor, heat or cooling element involved. It’s good to have a little bit of allowance in case of a power surge.

One improper way of using an AVR is when plugging appliances to any voltage output socket. This is fatal for the attached machine! Plug the appliances with the right voltage requirement to the corresponding voltage output socket. For a fridge that requires 110V power, plug it into the AVR’s 110V output socket. With this, the right working voltage will be supplied to the fridge .

All mechanical devices have a certain limitation depending on how we use them. With AVRs, its best to follow certain advice from expert technician or from the electrical supplier where you purchase the device to properly protect the equipment you have. And most importantly, choose a brand that brings the best quality products and services.

Choose quality, choose excellence! Choose Meiji Electric!

you-were-a-college-student-in-the-2000s-if-979286879-sep-13-2012-1-600x400Dreaming about the future of your daughter, and seeing her doing her best on her studies, you can’t help yourself from being proud of her. You know she needs your support and provision as she makes her way to success.

At the time of her college days, she’s going to make her reports, assignments, reviews and hundreds of pages of thesis. She’s going to need references like books, news articles, interviews and website information. Using the desktop you bought for her, she is able to finish it with fulfillment. Though her brain will get drained from all the ideas and thoughts poured out to the topic, she will get all the work done.

In the day of her graduation, she will definitely get remarkable honors and outstanding awards. Guests and visitors of the school will shake her hand as she holds her diploma. Her face will be delighted as she shows her best smile to the crowd and make her bow.

Soon, the corporate world will come looking for her. Earning surmountable amount of money and at the same time helping her family will be her focus. She’s going to have some investments after a year. She will soon have her own vacation house in Palawan, Europe, America among many others where she can relax together with her friends and loved ones.

Finally, she will get married and become a good wife and mother to her children. She will be fulfilled with her life. What a great parenting you have done. This would be a dream come true!

No Good Life

But what you didn’t realize, when she was just making her thesis, a sudden storm hit your home system and knocked the power down! Due to the sudden shutdown, your computer got internal destruction. Files got corrupted and they didn’t get saved. Because you didn’t invest in Meiji UPS which is very necessary for computers, your daughter wasn’t able to finish her thesis, she didn’t submit any paper, and she got no honors and awards because she didn’t graduate. She didn’t get employed, no work at all, no earnings, no investments, no vacation house, no relaxation and no good life.

Everything you dreamed for her melted down like an ice cube liquefied under the sun.

Don’t let this happen! Invest now in Meiji’s Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)!

With Meiji UPS, your computer work is safer because it has backup power during electricity failure. Meiji UPS comes with 500 and 1000 power wattage. It has an input voltage of 220V-240V, 60Hertz and battery specification of 12V/7.0Ah, 1 piece for 500 watts and 2 pieces for 1000 watts. It gives you a 15 to 30 minute backup power where your computer can be easily shut down after saving your work. The best part is, you can resume your work once the power outage is fixed. Isn’t that just great!

Make your dreams come true with Meiji UPS!