The Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc., (IIEE) is organizing the 41st Annual National Convention on November 23-26, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center (Mall of Asia), Pasay City. The Annual National Convention is being held to support the professional growth and information necessities of the electrical practitioners and all 42,000 active IIEE members all throughout the country. Consistent with this year’s theme: IIEE: Soaring High towards Globalization, the 4-day event offers various technical activities designed to enhance the professional skills and competence of the delegates, as well as to strengthen and to promote camaraderie within the industry from associates, government and private sectors.

Meiji at the 41st IIEE Convention

Meiji Electric is pleased to invite all electrical practitioners and visitors to attend this event to view the latest electrical products that bring safety and convenience to homes, commercial and industrial establishments. Items that will be displayed include various MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breakers), MS (Magnetic Starters), Panelboards, Capacitor Bank and related items. Also featured are the Meiji Classic Series (MCS) Wiring Devices including the latest USB products, Floor and Pop-up Outlets, GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), MTS (Manual Transfer Switch),  and MHPs (Meiji Home Panels). Electrical consumer items such as ‘Meiji’ Transformers, Extension Sets, Timers, Smoke Detectors, Motion Sensors, Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs), Adapters and many more  will also be exhibited.


Big Discounts, exciting raffle prizes, giveaways and bundled promos await visitors! So we are inviting all electrical engineering practitioners, industry users, fresh graduates and the general public to visit Meiji Electrics Booth number 396-397; and allow Meiji Electric’s staff to inform you of the diverse products and witness how  Meiji Electric ‘enhance energy to your everyday life’. See you all there!





You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of affordable doorbell options. Having many options is great, but it can also be confusing. Here are some tips to save time and avoid frustrations when searching for just the right Door Chime:

Volume inside the house:

Is the door chime you’re considering loud enough to be heard throughout the house or business? Be sure to test the door chime once you receive it. Check that you can hear the device from every room in your home or business. If the door chime isn’t audible in all areas, you should either place it to more practical location, or add another one in parallel connection.

Audible outdoors:

If the door chime can’t be heard by the visitor outside, then they will likely just keep pressing that button over and over. Try to install your door chime so it is audible even outside the house or business. This will help doorbell buttons from getting damaged due to frequent button-press.

Good range:

A good mid-range transmission distance is a must in every door chime. This is the distance from the push-button to the door chime. No matter what range is indicated on the packaging, check its performance in your environment.

Cost-efficient power consumption:

The push-buttons on most door chimes are either AC-powered or DC battery-operated, as this is sometimes more practical to use during power outages or brownouts. Power consumption is usually minimal. If it is DC-operated, batteries should last about a year. To avoid malfunction due to weak batteries, check your batteries monthly and replace them as needed.


Push-buttons and door chimes are made of plastic materials so they won’t interfere with wireless signals, like WIFI connections. Make sure the plastic housing seems sturdy enough to stand up to visitor or customer use, and withstand your climate, including hot and cold weather.


Business owners may prefer a simple plastic door chime for a more professional look. Push-buttons are fairly small, so finding one to match and blend with your front door or entrance area should be simple.


Door chime and push button2Most importantly, choose a reliable supplier for your Door Chime and Push-button. Meiji Electric carries both Door Chimes and Push-buttons, which produce more soothing tones than the buzzers and pull-type ringing bells. Meiji Door Chimes and Push-buttons have all the above-mentioned features. So whenever visitors come into your home and business, welcome them with the soothing sound and reliable quality of Meiji Door Chimes and Push-buttons.





In today’s culture, amateur and professional burglars can easily pick locks or key bumping. They can even go through windows or any other doors of your house.

download (6)

Meiji Door Stopper Alarm (MDS-03)


Meiji Door Stopper Alarm

Meiji Door Stopper Alarm is just right for you and your home security concerns. Meiji Door Stopper Alarm is effective but inexpensive home security device that is simple and portable. This small security alarm device will scare them off when they attempt to open your door.

The Meiji Door Stop Alarm is extremely compact, so it’s convenient enough to take anywhere. With this handy device, you will be able to secure your dorm room, apartment, or any room in your home.

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Its rubber base pad provides grip on wood, tile, vinyl, and carpet. With secure gripping capability, the alarm can function as a door stop as well. With its option to turn on or off, the versatility of Meiji door Stopper Alarm is up to you.

The 85 db/3m decibel alarm warns you and your neighbors of a forced entry, and it’s enough of a warning to scare off most would-be intruders. The alarm is activated when pressure is applied to the top of the device when the door is opened.

Just place the pressure-sensitive Meiji Door Stop Alarm at the base of any door, and the device will release a powerful 85 decibel alarm when the door is opened.  Simply supply this device with a 9V battery power and its ready to function. Meiji Door Stopper Alarm can also be placed behind your windows, especially awning type windows.

Because robbers and burglars find a lot of means to get what they want, a double portion of safety against them must be applied. Warn everyone in your home and protect them from unwanted incidents from these criminals.

For best results, use one Meiji Door Stopper per door. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want something bad to happen to you and to your family.


“There’s no smoke without fire.” Some of us believe this figuratively. But let’s take this literally!









News reports about fire break-outs spread as fast as fire scatters into houses. In the Philippines, three fire incidents were reported early this day about two o’clock in the morning: one in Davao City, another in Sta. Ana, Manila and another one in Quezon City. You might be asking, how come they didn’t notice the fire before it blazed? Or didn’t they sense or smell the smoke when the fire had just started?

When a person is asleep his nose does not sense smoke

According to Wikipedia, when a person is asleep his nose does not sense smoke nor does the brain. But the body will wake up if the lungs had been enveloped in smoke which then stimulates the brain and then he or she will be awakened.

But wouldn’t it be better, not to mention, safer if you just get buzzed by the sound of the great alarm?  In this day and age, it is very efficient and wise to have smoke detectors installed in your homes.


Meiji Smoke Alarm

Meiji Smoke Detector is a very effective device to prevent fire before it becomes bigger.

With this kind of device, you will be alarmed of a fire when you’re asleep, busy or in a different part of the house from where the fire is.  It can provide you extra warning time when you are awake, and it wakes you up if a fire occurs while you are asleep. It buys us time. And in a fire, time is definitely more precious than gold. It spells life.

Smoke detectors, work by regularly checking the air for hints of the gasses and smoke particles produced by a fire.

Installing Meiji Smoke Detectors has a lot of advantages. Here are some:

• You can respond to the alarm quickly as soon as you hear it. This will enable you to stop the fire from burning the whole office or house down. Smoke detector in homes and offices will lead you to the exact place where the smoke started. This will make it possible to get hold of a fire extinguisher or hose so that you can put off the flames.

• Smoke detectors in homes and offices will warn every person in the house or office immediately. It must function in alerting every person about the possibility of fire.  Due to its loud sound-providing feature, every person near the smoky area will surely be alarmed. That’s why experts suggest that every level of the house or office must have smoke detectors installed.

• It provides the person left in the house with precise time frame to get off before the fire breaks out.

stock-footage-smoke-detector-alarmRemember however, to test and clean your smoke detectors at least once a month. Never paint a smoke alarm because paints can clog the vents. Replace them if the testing fails and check batteries whenever necessary.

Smoke detectors can literally save your life, your family and even your business if a fire should happen. If your home doesn’t have smoke alarms, invest a few to purchase and install them. 

Your life is worth it!

Motion sensors are great for adding in extra security for your home. Aside from fortifying your home’s security, it can also deduct chances of false alarms. Don’t you just hate waking up in the wee hours just to find out there’s actually nothing? Or heading straight home after you’ve been notified by the house alarm and then turns out to be some glitch in the system?

Worry no more. Knowing where to place your motion detectors can minimize false alarms and keep your mind at peace. Here’s how. The typical sensors installed in your house use Passive Infrared (PIR) to measure temperature and catch changes or alterations made in its coverage’s temperature like everything inside a room. Significant changes in temperature in a room, for example, moving human body heat, can easily be detected by these PIR sensors. And consequently, raise an alarm.

To heighten your security and get a better sight of unwanted intruders, you need to select the right nooks and corners to place your sensors.

You can follow these pointers from the security expert themselves to maximize home security.

motion with voice sensor

Sensor should be mounted securely

First and foremost, you have to check if the motion sensor is securely mounted. If it isn’t, then it could be a cause for false positive alarms. When a sensor is not properly attached and happens to move itself or slide off, it could count as motion and therefore activate its own alarm.

Take in mind that any variatio in temperature can set off your motion sensor. So it is wise not to put it near air vents, heating elements (refrigerator, air conditioners, lights) and rather keep it far from them as possible. As vents can often give off a difference in temperature, on rare situations can eventually get your alarm going when aimed near it. With distancing the sensors from them it can thus, cut down possibilities of raising false alarms.


Place sensors towards entry points

Strategically place sensors towards entry points. This is the best way to detect if there are intruders in your house. After all, the perks of having a motion sensor lie in the determent of burglars by triggering the security system’s alarm before they reach what they’ve come for. “That” they won’t see coming. With that said, you should put up sensors directly facing possible entry ways such as doors or windows.motion sensor area

Take advantage of the area your sensors will be covering

Take advantage of the area your sensors will be covering. To have a full scope on your sensors’ coverage by making sure they don’t have an obstructed view of the whole area. Most homeowners prefer mounted sensors since they are attached on the walls, it is easier for them to detect motion and get a full view of the room. Corners are the most likely ideal position for mounted detectors to gain more scope.

And finally, the last piece of advice from the professionals is that more than one sensor can take your home’s security a fairly long way. A few good ones that are carefully and properly placed is absolutely a fine count on your house’s security and of course, your peace of mind. Why not put up a few in hallways and stairways to avoid blind spots and keep your home safe and sound from intruders or trespassers.

Door stopper with alarmThese days, robbers find a lot of means and ways to get what they want. There is no such thing now as too safe. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up feeling sorry for yourself wishing you had done something more to protect your family and loved ones.

Meiji Door Stopper Alarm

We introduce to you MEIJI DOOR STOPPER ALARM! It can work as your door stopper and a burglar alarm at the same time. With its rubber footing material, Meiji door stopper is set in place and will not be easily removed. There is an ON-OFF button at the end of the Meiji Door Stopper that will allow you to be warned o

rubber foot

nce there is an unwelcome visitor in your home. When you turn ON the switch, once the door slides on off switchunto the metal plate, this will automatically ring off the alarm.

The Meiji Door Stopper Alarm may be placed behind doors or on

your windows (especially awning type windows).

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply: 9V battery

Alarm Decibel: >85db/3m

Don’t let anyone rob your family of  your joy. Protect your homes with Meiji Alarms.


smoke detector frontSome like it small, others prefer it big. Good thing today, Meiji has added a bigger smoke detector for your selection! Smoke detectors are essential especially for homes whose owners could not personally monitor the kitchen everyday. These smoke alarms prevent fires from getting too hard to handle causing loss or damage.

More so, we recommend this to business owners that use sensitive appliances that can cause fire. Some of which may be  stove, ovens, cooking pans, washing machines, generators and many more.

Smoke is the primary warning before a fire. And if this can be prevented from the start, then what a relief!

Meiji’s New Smoke Detector

The new Meiji MSD-02 has a diameter of approximately 104 mm. With its alarming decibel at more or less 85 per 3 minutes, you can be sure smoke detector backyou would hear it before anything gets burned.

Don’t regret not protecting your loved ones and hard earned possessions. Protect yourselves and install smoke detectors.

Nowadays, it is common to see establishments with smoke detectors that warn people of fire within the vicinity. The humble smoke detector has become pretty much an easy access consumer product that helps people make their own homes much safer without having to shelf out too much money. Of course, as with any other electronic device, they can fail. Therefore, you have to test them every now and then to make sure that they’re working properly.

Testing your smoke detectors

Testing your smoke detectors will ensure that you don’t end up blaming suppliers after you’ve been rendered homeless by a house fire. However, testing them can be a hairy affair, to say the least, since you’re basically simulating what happens when a real fire starts. Therefore, before you even think of testing your smoke detectors, you must first tell everyone in the vicinity about it in order to keep them from panicking. In fact, you can make use of this opportunity to conduct a fire drill as well. It’s taking out two birds with one stone.

Notify beforehand that you’re performing a test

If the smoke detector is hardwired to a security system, notify the company beforehand that you’re performing a test so that you don’t have the fire department coming in and spraying water all over your living room by mistake. Take note that the smoke detector is supposed to be loud enough to awaken even the most sound sleepers in the dead of night. When you’re in dreamland and there’s a fire, it’s imperative that all hell must be unleashed in order to awaken you from your slumber so that you can cart yourself to safety.

Be sure that it can be heard

That means you have to be sure that it can be heard even at the farthest reaches of the house. No dungeon must remain tranquil when the ring of the smoke detector sounds, so have someone go to that distant corner of the house to check if it can be heard, even when doors are closed. In order to coax the alarm, push and hold the test button until it starts coming up with a loud noise. Remember that it’s not supposed to be pleasant, just loud.test smoke detector

Test its smoke-detecting capabilities

To test its smoke-detecting capabilities, you need either something burning or a can of smoke detector test aerosol, which is available in a hardware or home improvement store, hopefully near you. If you can’t find it, then the Internet is a good second option.

If you’re unwilling to buy a can of test aerosol, then you can get a small piece of newspaper and burn it, directing the resulting smoke towards the smoke detector. Of course, you must be very careful when doing this so that you don’t actually start a real fire. That’s actually why buying test aerosol is important in the first place. In the end, it’s a worthy purchase anyway so that you can safely test your smoke detector, which is for safety’s sake in the first place.

Check the batteries

Check the batteries if they are still good, otherwise replace them with new ones that are sure to last for a long time. Also clean the smoke detector now while you have the chance since dirt and grime can impact the performance of the device. Finally, make sure that where it’s positioned is open to where it can access the most air so that when there is actually a fire, it will get to detect it as soon as possible. That does also mean keeping it from the kitchen since you can set it off accidentally if you’re cooking something.

Protect your home and office  from fires in this summer heat. Install smoke detectors.

scary firesDo you know what the scariest thing that can happen in a fire? Some say its loss of possessions, some say burns, while others death. But what about you, what scares you in a fire?

I have not personally witnessed a fire happen to our home by God’s grace. I can only hear of tragic and horrific stories of parents coming home only to find out everything they have worked so hard for, gone in less than 15minutes!

There were also friends and classmates who share their fire experience. They say, it is one that will never be forgotten not only because of the loss but also the indelible mark it left on their skins.

So YOU, who have experienced FIRES that left you discouraged (at the least) and downhearted, and YOU, who DO NOT WANT to experience the damages FIRES can bring, WHAT CAN YOU DO?

Smoke detectors are devices made to detect upcoming danger.

TheseMeiji smoke detector sensors alarm people that there is smoke coming out of a particular area before it becomes too big to handle. This is one of the things that we should NOT hesitate to PURCHASE and install in our homes these days. With sudden changes of temperature and electrical surges happening in our country, smoke detectors could be one simple thing that can PREVENT DANGER from hitting you and your home.

So how can you save yourself and your family with SMOKE DETECTORS??

People inside your home should first be advised of its purpose and what to do when your smoke detectors alarm. Normally, smoke sensors should sound before fire is in its devouring state. So upon the sound of the alarm, users have to check IMMEDIATELY where the smoke is coming from. Once we have, turn the appliance (i.e. stove, air conditioner, flattening iron) completely OFF. And then, also turn off your Meiji smoke detector before your neighbor panics and calls the fire department.

Another instance is that you may have been awakened by the smoke detectors alarm in the middle of the night while everyone’s asleep. So the possibility of smoke building up to a fire is a reality. Now, allow your SMOKE DETECTOR to alarm continuously. (This way, others may also be alerted of the situation.)   Look for the possible cause of the fire and extinguish it. It is also VERY IMPORTANT to REMAIN CALM AND ALERT at this point.  This way, you can figure out your next course of action, such as calling for help, getting your loved ones and/or valuables out of the house and putting off the fire.

be preparedMeiji smoke detectors can save your family from fires

the damaging and depressing effects of fires by alerting you before it happens, allowing you time to put off the fire and also giving you and your home time to react before the fire eats everything up.

I believe we would all agree that our loved ones lives are the most important thing we can save in a fire. Smoke detector first priority is to allow you to pull you and your family out of harm’s way. We’ll never know when this type of misfortune can strike.  You owe it to your family to make sure you have one at home.

Provide your child the same safety offered in their International School in the Philippines. Because their security does not need to come at a greater cost.

In the midst of a potential fire hazard, it is very important to be ALERTED EARLY so that you still have time to decide what’s safe for you and your family. As we say, time is gold. So if we lose this luxury, we have fewer chances of saving our loved ones and/or the things we value.

A smoke alarm is a device used to detect smoke within a certain specific area. They can be installed on a wall or at a ceiling where it can easily detect a fire hazard to avoid danger. At the detection of a fire, this small device buzzes aloud, ALERTING everyone in the area about the smoke. Some also opt to connect their smoke alarms directly to the closest fire departments in order to gain immediate action once fire is sensed.

Here are a few reasons why Smoke Alarms are Necessary:

1. To beat the odds.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, at least 45% of fires take place in a house that DOES NOT have SMOKE DETECTORS. 45% is a HUGE percentage to ignore, especially since these fires can truly END lives.

This article aims to lessen the risk of YOU being part of that 45%, and emphasize why smoke alarms are necessary for your home.

2. Safety and assurance.

What’s your assurance that you and your family are SAFE especially when you’re not on guard at home or awake?  Protecting yourself AT ALL TIMES is essential, especially for a risk as dangerous as a fire. If a fire starts at night when everyone is asleep, let’s just say everyone will definitely NOT have a good morning. Fire is  something you CANNOT CONTROL once its startedBut you can prevent it.

In line with this, smoke detectors should be placed in places where sleeping residents CAN HEAR the alarm.

smoke alarm save livesTip #1: It is also recommended that a house has two exit strategies in the case of a fire.

Tip #2:  Also, do remember to keep your emergency lights’ batteries fresh every 6 months to keep it from malfunctioning during emergencies.

3. Raising alerts.

When there’s a fire at your home and you are not around, your smoke alarm can alert your neighbors of the unfortunate incident. The chances of you being informed as early as possible is higher. And the possibility of RESCUE operations are higher.

Meiji smoke alarm once started can also PREVENT the possible spreading of fire to the neighborhood.

4. Threats that you can’t see.

Another advantage your smoke alarm can bring is that, in case there are people inside the house and it sounds, everyone will be on their toes and will be advised to CUT POWER. Whether this would be the household help cooking, or your sister doing laundry or your dad taking a shower, the alarm sound SHOULD entail IMMEDIATE ACTION. This way, your smoke detector buys you more time to do the things you MUST do in case of fires.