Burglars Beware! How to Keep Invaders Out of Your Home

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Your home is your safe zone and you feel the safest within the vicinity of your own sanctuary. Whether at home or away from it, you expect your possessions to remain safe.  Truth is, you can never be completely safe from falling victim to burglary and theft but there are ways to make it more difficult for home invaders to do what they want to do. Invest on home security like CCTV cameras or motion sensors here in the Philippines. Simple devices like these will definitely help you. Read on to know more about the different and simple ways to protect your homes from those pesky thieves.

Lock It Up

Install strong locks and always check your windows and doors before going to be bed. This is the oldest trick in the book but still the most effective way to keep them out. A persistent crook can simply kick in your door, break the lock and run while grabbing as many valuables they can find. Invest on deadbolts instead of factory locks; chain locks are a great preventive method for this type of burglary.  No matter what you think about your neighborhood,  you can’t assume you’re safe all the time so never forget to lock your doors. By leaving your home unlocked, you’re basically inviting burglars and invaders into your home. This simple routine could easily deter an offender and save you from a ton of loss and possible physical harm.

Keep the lights on!

Go take your security to another level by investing on upgrades such as motion lights, which turn on automatically when someone walks by. Just put yourself in a burglar’s position and think, if you were about to rob a home would you prefer the one brightly lit up or the one that’s dark, dim?

Secure with an Alarm

Security alarms are a good investment to keep those thieves off of your property. A security alarm with a built-in siren will definitely scare away any being. It can also alert you when someone has entered your home, buying you enough time to call the police and arm yourself with a baseball bat.

Don’t Post Everything on Social Media

Remember you’re not the only one online these days— even criminals are using social networking sites to look for their next target! On that note, never announce when you’re leaving home or how long it will be vacant because  you just might be posting an open invitation to unwanted guests into your defenseless home. . Yes, you can say that your Facebook ‘friends’ are people that you trust with the said information but again, you can never be too sure. Be cautious of what you post online especially information that might cause damage to you. Keep your profile set on private and limit the private information you post online.

There you have it, four simple ways you can effectively protect your homes and yourself. Do what you can now and make it a goal to get the rest done as soon as possible. Remember, always stay alert!

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