Bring Total Protection for your Breakers through Meiji IP65

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Rainy season is just around the corner. Don’t let your circuit controls get wet! Protect your circuit controls with Meiji IP65 Enclosure. Meiji_IP65

When you need your circuit breakers to be set in front or at the back of your house, shelter them with this superb and cost-efficient enclosure designed for outdoor use. With its fine white thermo plastic material, it cannot be easily deteriorated even when exposed to sunlight or get wet by heavy rains. With its fine-looking appearance, you can even show it off to your neighbors.

Meiji IP65

Meiji IP65 (MHWP-04) is an IEC passer and follows IP standards. Ingress Protection (IP) standards define how and where they can be used without getting a safety risk. IP 65’s first number (6) specifies the level of protection against solid objects, and second number (5) indicates the level of protection against permeation liquids.


Meiji IP65 Enclosure offers full protection against hazardous particles, and fit for outdoor use. Among other brands, Meiji IP65 is the finest as it combines the qualities of a weather-proof steel enclosure and stainless-steel enclosure.

Meiji IP65 is made with a thorough shield cover for total defense from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive materials. It has complete protection from direct human body contact with enclosed equipment. By the rubber material positioned in its opening, breakers are sealed from water up to water projected by a nozzle from any direction. It has a tight side-lock system so you can be sure that unauthorized people will have no means tampering with it.

In many environments, electric devices must be able to withstand rough conditions for their intended purposes, thus, they must be set out from dirt, dust, humidity and water. Because Meiji IP65 enclosure strictly observes the standards, consumers can expect first-rate and competitively-priced enclosures.

Meiji Electric creates quality, IP standard and NEMA-rated enclosures especially Meiji IP65.

Contact us today and see how we can enhance and protect your circuit controls with Meiji IP65!


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