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Today’s society depends mostly on electricity and everything seems to be electronic. It’s extremely a necessity in homes now. Most people have at least one computer, several televisions, a stereo system, air conditioners, gaming facilities and the list continues. All of these devices and appliances require electricity to function.

More than half of the homes today were built before the 1970s and 80s. That means more than half were built decades already which leads us to a conclusion that our homes still have old panels and circuitry.


These facts point out to a problem that our homes’ electric system, unless upgraded, are already exhausted and overburdened. These outdated electric systems and panel boards cannot safely handle the demands of today’s society.

Meiji Electric has got the best solution for this! With Meiji Home Panels, bring your panel boards to the next level.


Before, we used to hide our panel boards inside any dark and scary cabinet in our home. This is because our traditional panel board, although metal-cased and sturdy, aesthetics was not a priority.  But you don’t have to hide your panel board anymore, because now, you can even display it to your living room and show off its beauty to your visitors!


The box enclosures of Meiji Home Panels are made from steel-based materials designed for total durability. But unlike the old-fashioned panel boards, the covers of Meiji Home Panels are made of glossy white poly-carbonate materials designed for dust resistance and of course, to finely match your wall interiors. Meiji Home Panels certainly enhance the beauty of your home.


jvm16Meiji Home Panels cater to your demands by using miniature circuit breakers. These are more practical than the black color, traditional ones used. These are very easy to turn on and off, and can easily be detected when there is a short circuit, as it simply turns off. Unlike the traditional ones, when it is on ‘trip’ position, it is difficult for you to turn it off and on again.


traditional circuit breakerWith various panel sizes available from 1 up to 48 ways, your demands can be satisfied. And with this easy-to-open panel board, you can easily shut-off your breakers in case of emergencies. This convenient and user-friendly feature enables women and teenagers at the right age, to responsibly handle simple panel problems.


As most of us know, panel boards are considered to be the heart of every home’s electrical system. It should be easily accessible, of good quality, user-friendly and not hidden in any kitchen cabinet. Using substandard steel-based panel boards, and sometimes fake traditional black circuit breakers, that are hidden in kitchen cabinets, will not protect your home and can even endanger your lives! Don’t waste money on costly yet low class panel boards.

Install a Meiji Home Panel now. With Meiji, you can have good deals without spending too much!

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