Benefits of Having a Transfer Switch at Home

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For us unknowing people (yup, that includes me), the importance of having a transfer switch is one of the irrelevant things to even think about. What it does? We may not know. What more about the benefits we can get from it, right? So let us all take a crash course on transfer switches, and maybe after reading this article, we can all say “Oh so that’s what it is…We should have one at home.” If we do, then this article is effective.

What is a Transfer Switch?

According to Wikipedia, a transfer switch is an electrical switch that reconnects electric power source to a standby source. It can be either manual or automatic in terms of its operation. It is often used with a back up generator so that when the power goes out, the switch will transfer the electricity to the generator, providing temporary power. It is basically a link to your back up generator and the utility company.

Why Have It at Home?

A transfer switch, practically, is a safety equipment. It not only looks after your safety and the people in your house, but also the workers in the power company. They become protected when the switch is installed properly, as it isolates the generator from the power lines. That is why in some places, it is a requirement to have a transfer switch.

One can choose from a manual or an automatic switch. Having a manual switch will require you to start your generator and connect it to the transfer switch, then let the generator provide power for your house. On the other hand, with an automatic, everything I mentioned in the manual procedure will be done as soon as the power shuts off. No need for you to stand up and do it. Like I said, it’s automatic. In a heartbeat, I recommend you take the automatic. Your children will be away from harm that way, too. Are you already convinced?

Not all the time there is a man in the house, and yes it can be normal to have a power out sometimes, but what if it’s just you (let’s say you are a clueless female) and the kids? Not everybody can operate a generator. This is where a transfer switch comes to the rescue.

Transfer switches bring safety and convenience to a humble home.

So now we are informed. Together, let us exclaim “Oh so that’s what it is…We should have one at home!”

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    Great advantages!

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