The Benefits of Having Surge Protectors In Your Home

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Many people do not understand the powers of surge protector. Just because lightning is said to not strike the same place twice, it doesn’t mean that it won’t strike at all. Safety is not something we should skimp on, unless your favorite emotion is regret. Therefore, you must understand the benefits of using surge protectors in your own home.

AVR alternativeDifferent Types of Surge Protectors

Take note that while surge protectors do a lot of what their name suggests, there are different kinds that offer varying degrees of protection. For instance, portable voltage protectors do their job for one or two appliances with some limitations, although they are still adequate and affordable for most cases. Whole house surge protectors do a lot more for a wider area, although you’ll be putting down more cash for it. In any case, you must know what surge protectors can do for you in these conditions.


  •  Protects Your Appliances

Portable power strips are sometimes marketed as surge protectors as they do provide some circuit-breaking capabilities and surge protection. Using them for your appliances can help you keep them from shorting during adverse conditions. Of course, a whole house surge protector takes it further by protecting everything within the allotted area in the household. Purchase a good one from a reputable supplier in order to avail of the warranty in case that something does get damaged.

  •  Keeps Computers Safe

These days, surge protectors are primarily used to keep computers from sizzling out since they’re very sensitive to power surges. While modern home computers do have their own built-in protections courtesy of both the power supply and the BIOS, having them hooked up to a  surge protector or UPS will ensure that you prevent considerable damage and data loss in an event of a power outage, lightning strike, or any other unforeseen situation involving the power.

Data loss is definitely a concern these days, especially with files, databases, and other important information in digital format is crucial. Losing them due to some accident could spell disaster for a lot of people, and surge protectors are definitely good insurance to help prevent such woes. They’re so important that computer retailers do sell surge protectors and other power accessories to prevent such catastrophes, and the good ones are worth the cost.

  •  Ease of Use

aircon timerSurge protectors are generally user-friendly as their application is quite straightforward. Whole house surge protectors are a bit more  complicated, but they do function based on a simple principle. They act as bridges that restricts the amount of voltage coming in, so the power is controlled in the event of a surge. They also provide the added benefit of giving you peace of mind and security in times of power outages as there’s no real need to unplug your appliances and devices since you are protected from surges right there. When power is restored after an outage, the surge protector opens the circuit and safely lets the power back in.

19 responses to “The Benefits of Having Surge Protectors In Your Home”

  1. roselle says:

    We have power surge problems in our city. It happens almost everyday. Power goes off and in just 2-5 second it’s on again- just time enough to reach for the TV switch but not quite more than enough to push the button. What would you recommend for a 42″ LCD TV? How much would it cost and where can I order?

    • Ellein says:

      Hello Roselle,

      We’re sorry to hear your problem. We hope that we could really help you with this. But first, may i know the wattage ratings of your LCD TV? In this way, i could recommend the right AVR for you. I’ll be waiting for your response. Thank you!

  2. Rem says:

    elo mam,
    may i know how much the Joule Energy Rating of your portable voltage protector?
    how much is this unit?
    where can i buy this?
    pls reply to my email.

  3. marjo says:

    Hi po,

    ask ko lang po if iba pba ang avr sa surge protector? Thanks!

    • John says:

      Hi Marjo,

      AVRs are definitely different. Narere-gulate niya yung voltage kahit habang umaandar ang equipment mo, pero and surge protectors, hindi, kina-cut niya lang yung line.


  4. William says:

    Ask ko lang yung energy joule rating ng voltage protector?

    Ang function po ng voltage protector nyo ay e cut yung line instead na e bypass yung excess voltage sa ground? Tama po ba?

    Pwidi rin po bang maraming load sa voltage protector as long as pasok lang sa wattage rating?

    • John says:

      Hi William,

      The MEIJI Voltage Protector is recommended and intended to be used solely for one appliance at a time.
      You are correct that this will cut off the power instead of try to regulate it.
      Hope this helps, thanks.

  5. Chris says:

    Pwede po bang gamiting yung voltage protector at sabay saksakan ng power strip?

  6. Chris says:

    paano po gumagana yung on delay function ng voltage protector?

  7. I have never really known much about the electrical aspects of my house, and was wondering what a surge protector can do for you. It’s interesting that they are mostly used to keep computers from getting fried. Since we have a lot of stuff on out computer, it’s nice that there are ways to keep it from breaking.

    • John says:

      Hi Shad,

      Your computers needs an AVR for fluctuation protection. Well all appliances must have an AVR for safety purposes.


  8. Miss says:

    Hi, i have a ups that has a surge protector that i use for computer/laptop. I will buy an LED tv and wondering what to use, avr or another ups? Im not sure if we there is an electricity fluctuation in our area (how do u know it anyway?) but thunders & lightnings occur frequently as it always rains & we experience storms often. I really don’t know which to buy plus is it ok that i have ups for pc/laptop? I remember way way back we have avr for desktop but now i use ups. pls help coz i dunno what to buy for my tv. Or should i just buy avr then so i hv both and switch it for my laptop? I’m torn. Please help

    • John says:

      Hi Miss,

      Thank you for inquiring with us. For PC we highly recommend to use AVR and UPS for back up power.

      For home appliances AVR will give protection against power fluctuations due to lightnings, thunders etc.


  9. Restituto Cariaso says:

    Mayroon po akong split type 2hp LG Air conditioner. 2 times na po nasira ang mother boards for the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. LG aircon technician comments that due to power surge and fluctuations dito sa aming lugar ang dahilan ng sira ng mga mother boards. Ano po ba ang mai-recommend ninyong solution for this power surge and fluctuation problems and what is the cost implications to buy these equipment.

    • John says:

      Hi Restituto,

      You can use voltage protectors/avr for home appliance/equipments.

      Try to use our VOLTAGE PROTECTOR TC-V001 for your aircon. You can buy our items in SM Malls.


  10. Gerald says:

    Do you have Voltage Protector for 2.5HP aircon?

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