Beautify your Home Interiors with Meiji Champagne Series

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Did you know that champagnes originated from the vineyards of Champagne region of the prestigious country, France? In the medieval times, the churches owned these vineyards and used champagnes in sacrament for Holy Communion. Later, champagne wines were served as part of coronation festivities for the French kings. Since then, royalty became associated with this sparkling wine even up to these days.

Don’t you just wish to experience the riches it carries?

Bring home the elegance of France’s Champagne as Meiji presents the new series of switches and outlets!

Meiji’s Champagne Series

download (1)Champagne Series Wiring devices are Meiji’s stylishly innovated switches and outlets which come in Black, Silver and Gold plates. Unlike other colorful wiring devices, Meiji Champagne Series come in pure stainless steel that can match your wall interiors. They are designed to bring classy appearance to your home without giving up the durability all wiring devices should have.

Champagne Series wiring devices that comprise of convenient outlet, telephone modular outlet, computer modular outlet, CATV outlets, switches, push button switch, etc., have a rating of 15 Amperes at 300 volts, except for the Aircon outlet which is rated at 20 Amperes. All Champagne Series outlets have a parallel screw-type connection that is necessary as most outlets use stranded wires. The usual snap-type connection can have difficulties accommodating stranded wires. But with this parallel screw-type feature, you can easily connect the said wires into the pair of spacious screw-type slot. Let them experience the wide-touch feature of these switches and be astounded with the convenience brought by your mixed-and-matched outlets.

Champagne Series Switches have wide silver contact point which allows stronger conductivity that result to longer usage.With Champagne Series’ metal strap feature on its plate, these are prepared from wear and tear forces.

Whenever visitors would come to see you and your house, make them surprised with awe as they look into your attractive and interior-friendly wiring devices. On top of these, Meiji elegant-looking Champagne Series can be acquired just within your means!


Bonjour to your beautiful home!





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