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Have you seen the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise? This is a continuation of the saga set thirty years after Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a blockbuster hit that shattered box office records with $1.5 billion in worldwide ticket sales.

Meiji’s Flying Saucer Strip

In line with the resurgence of the Star Wars phenomenon, fans will definitely love the Meiji’ Flying Saucer Strip FSS (MES-1400), mes14001-510x510which resembles the Star Wars Droid ships. It has a clean pure white colour that has 6 international outlets. Its round shape allows you to plug-in 6 devices simultaneously even with bulky adaptors, maximizing all 6 outlets. It is suitable to use with all sorts of plugs plus there’s a soft ‘double action’ shutter set up in each outlet for easy plugging and security.



The ‘Meiji’ FSS also has 2 USB ports which you can use for empowering your mobile phones, cameras, laptops, MP3 players and other electronic gadgets. This Meiji power strip has an ‘easy to push’ round center main power switch with light indicator. Another great feature is the intelligent surge protector with re-settable overload button so you don’t have to worry about electrical fluctuations. Lastly, it has a rubberized bottom pad for steady operation during use.


The force is indeed strong with the Meiji’ Flying Saucer Strip. You won’t go wrong with its modern-day design and exceptional quality.

Order now and May the Force be with you!

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