Using AVRs The Proper Way

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Wonder why AVRs sometimes malfunction? We can say that mechanical devices are not that perfect, but have you ever thought you might be using it the wrong way?

AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) is a protective electrical device that is designed to protect equipments from volltage fluctuations as it automatically controls the voltage being supplied to certain equipment.

AVRs in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, voltage spikes happen frequently and we cannot deny it.  Most of us are confident when using an AVR for our TVs, washing machines, and refrigerators since it’s made for the said purpose.


What we don’t realize is that any mechanical device that is used improperly or abused to its capacity will definitely result into malfunction or worse, great damages.

When you want to utilize an AVR with equipment that has a heating or cooling element, like a fridge or an oven, it is advisable to use an AVR that is three times higher than the equipment’s power rating as it consumes higher initial current to alter normal temperature to the required coolness or hotness. Let’s say you have an Aircon unit with a power rating of 1000 watts. To comply with it, you have to use a 3000 watts AVR or higher since it converts normal air temperature into a cooler breeze. In this way, your aircon unit will be safer even with continuous necessity of high power consumption.

Similarly, motor operated appliances like washing machines and heaters need to be associated with AVR that is three to five times higher than the machine’s power rating. Motor operated machines usually consume higher initial current the moment the machine is switched on or sudden voltage fluctuation happen. Voltage fluctuations are voltage which frequently vary, rise and fall from the steady or repetitive value. By the use of a precise wattage of AVR, spikes will be handled appropriately while the machine continues to function.

For non-motor-operated machines and equipment that has no cooling or heating element, AVR must be commensurate or higher with its specific wattage. For an instance you have a PC unit rated at 200 watts plus a speaker with 100 watts and a flat screen TV of 300 watts all plugged into one AVR. Summing it all up, you’ll get 600 watts. In this case, you can use 1000 watts AVR as no motor, heat or cooling element involved. It’s good to have a little bit of allowance in case of a power surge.

One improper way of using an AVR is when plugging appliances to any voltage output socket. This is fatal for the attached machine! Plug the appliances with the right voltage requirement to the corresponding voltage output socket. For a fridge that requires 110V power, plug it into the AVR’s 110V output socket. With this, the right working voltage will be supplied to the fridge .

All mechanical devices have a certain limitation depending on how we use them. With AVRs, its best to follow certain advice from expert technician or from the electrical supplier where you purchase the device to properly protect the equipment you have. And most importantly, choose a brand that brings the best quality products and services.

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6 responses to “Using AVRs The Proper Way”

  1. Vic Balico says:


    Can I plug in my 120v onkyo home theater receiver to a 110 AVR?


  2. Ditas says:

    What can happen if I use a 1000w AVR for a non-inverter 1000w refrigerator?

    • John says:

      If you’re using a 1000watts appliance you need at least 3000watts for your safety.

      Note that if you use AVR with same wattage of your appliance it might damage the AVR or the appliance.

      Please consult your technician/electrical engr for recommendation of appropriate avr for your refrigerator.


  3. nino says:

    If Im using a 1500 watts ice cream machine how many watts of AVR I need to use

    • John says:

      Hi Nino!

      Thank you for inquiring with us.

      Regarding appropriate AVR for appliance/equipment, we suggest to consult to your electrical engr or electrician. Usually we recommend to triple the wattage of your appliance but there are cases that triple is not enough.


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