Avoiding Expensive Gifts this Christmas

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Houses are more lit these days. The air seems cooler and people are warmer. Christmas carols govern most public places including malls and train stations. There’s no doubt that Christmas is just around the corner.  So how do we share the love without spending too much this season?christmas decors


Have you ever walked around a mall or market and tell yourself “I can do that at home, too!”? Can you cook or bake? Are you good at making tiny trinkets? You might want to consider making your gifts instead of buying them from the store. You will be astounded by the great savings you will get, and you might even make a little sideline from this.christmas star

Recycle or Up-cycle

One good way to save Mother Earth in these trying times is to recycle. From using half-a-decade-old Christmas trees to changing bulbs of old Christmas lights to giving hand-me-down clothes to younger siblings. These are all a good way to save this season, don’t you think?

Some also use recycled materials to create new home decors. The drive to going green and Earth-friendly is definitely fast-paced and notable. Why not join in? 😀

Also consider giving your stored up clothes and things to  someone whom you think can benefit more from it. If you’re creative, you may also try re-vamping your old gifts or old things lying around the house and make it into something beautiful. It is also best to note whether you would like to receive the gifts you’re giving away if you were the recipient of that gift.

If however, you are considering to buy a Christmas tree and Christmas decors this year, better check out the Fiber Optic Trees by Meiji Electric. Not only are their products safe and pretty, Meiji Fiber Optics also use lesser wattage compared to traditional Christmas lights and trees. Their items are perfect for people who have NO TIME TO DECORATE the house; namely the Meiji Pull-up. Their products are not only limited to home decors; they also have gift items for your friends, neighbors, office mates, and even your boss! Let’s make our workplace a little cozier this year!

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Support a Friend

This season, many friends/acquaintances are also trying to save / earn money, just like you!  Chances are, some of them are also making things at home! Homemade things created by your friend or cookies baked by your office mate should normally cost you less than buying from commercial shops. Local businessmen and women especially people you know will take care of quality and their reputation. Plus, you need not worry about repairs as well.

Not to mention that your gifts would be one-of-a-kind and you get to build relationships with acquaintances and not so close friends! Who knows, you might even get to score a decent discount! It’s time to make small-scale business owners happy as well this Christmas!

Christmas does NOT NECESSARILY mean you have to spend a lot of moolah for presents. It is not a measure that your gifts are expensive for them to appreciate it. May you give gifts not bearing in mind its brand or price tag but rather what you think the other person needs, desires or deserves.

It’s the time to be more practical without letting it rob us off the reason to be joyful. It’s time to be creative and unique in giving gifts, and making more people happy. Merry Christmas!

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