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Circuit breakers are designed to automatically interrupt the circuit in case a power surge or shortage occurs. Meaning, a circuit breaker will trip to prevent the electric current to reach our wall sockets, if not attended accordingly, may result to accidents and fire. That is why, we need to be careful and knowledgeable on how to use it and take care of it.

However, like most of many devices, circuit breakers can go bad over time. That is why, it is very important that we know the symptoms of a bad circuit breaker. Or else, everything will be too late until we realize its necessity.

So how do you know if your Circuit breaker is damaged?

Thee breaker may begin to overheat or burn

Circuit breakers are continually exposed to high levels of electricity, and if it starts to malfunction the breaker may begin to overheat or burn. One way to check this symptom is to review the entire circuit breaker casing. Look for a black residue along the edges of the breaker, where it meets the wall or on the interior of the breaker near handles. If you notice black residues, immediately turn off the circuit breaker and call a licensed electrician.


Another symptom of a damaged circuit breaker is corrosion. Corrosion occurs when electricity produces excessive heat due to failing internal parts which might cause electrical fires or damage to electrical systems in your home. To check for corrosion, look closely at the handles and the ends of your circuit breakers. Corrosion typically looks like a powdery substance.

Damage is found in the handles or switches of the breakerBreakers European Type

Lastly, one of the most obvious signs of a damaged circuit breaker is found in the handles or switches of the breaker itself. In order to activate electricity to different portions of the building, these handles must be switch to the “on” position. However, if you notice that the handles do not stay in the position you placed it in, the breaker is malfunctioning. If the circuit breaker handle does not either in the “on” or “off” position, immediately contact an electrician to replace your circuit breaker.

Now that we know the importance of checking the circuit breakers, it’s time for us to do our share. Start checking your circuit breakers now and let us celebrate our new year with an assurance of safety inside our homes.

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faulty wirings

Don’t let faulty wires get in the way of your happy home. Faulty wires can be the start of electric problems and worse, fire-prone issues as well. That’s why this part of your house should always be in check and made sure to follow building regulations.

How long has it been since your house was last rewired?

Twenty-five to thirty years are long enough. If it happens to be so since someone last took a look-see at your wiring system, chances are that you should have it updated immediately just to bring it to modern standards.

When it’s time to remodel

Also, if you are planning to do grand remodeling of your home this year, it’s also wise to do some rewiring and make sure you follow the Building Regulations. This is true with having additions to your house such as extensions or simply going for conversions like the garage. When it constitutes new work, then you bet it could use some rewiring to follow Electrical Safety.

Existing wiring will have to be improved for it to be able to carry additional loads of power without having difficulties. Unless they are newly added renovations,then you do not have to commit n rewiring all parts.

How to tell if you have faulty wiring?

To be totally sure, testing is the only way. However, if there are obvious warning signs before you submit it to testing then you can consider rewiring your home.

Here are some of the signs of a faulty wiring:

1. Clear signs or overheating at socket outlets or if there are any damage to the switches, and lights.

2.Usage of extension leads and socket outlet adaptors.

3. Round pin type socket-outlets are also indications of an old installation that needs some updated wiring.

4. If you find your fuse box having a wooden back, cast iron switches, or a slapdash mixture of fuses, you can be sure that it dates back prior to the 1960s and are in need of a replacement.

Another thing to be kept in mind when checking if rewiring is necessary is to see if the property has a mix of sockets and switches styles in every room. That is also one way of to verify if it has already been rewired or not.

The color and style of the cabling is one other hint. You can see it at light fittings just around the fuse box. Commonly, electrical installations of today are wired in PVCu insulated cable in the shade of if not grey then white. If you do not see it as white or grey, then rewiring is a possible course of action. Also, rubber, fabric or lead insulated cabling also calls for replacement as it can be dangerous if let to rot and/or breakdown the insulation that paves way to short circuiting and eventually fire perils and even risky electrocution.

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During Christmas, It seems to be a yearly tradition that people buy new appliances for their homes. Aside from the fact that we can see these four capital letters everywhere S-A-L-E (which we all love!), there may be two more reasons for that.

  1. First, you want to upgrade your model of a particular appliance as a gift to your love ones or as a gift to yourself.
  2. And second, your existing appliances need a replacement, and Christmas is the best time to buy these things since it’s when we receive our extra cash.

To those who will answer the second one, if you are tired of replacing your appliances every year because of an inconsistency in the flow of electricity in your place or what is commonly known as power fluctuation, good news! This article is for you. Meiji will help you protect your appliances through the use of Meiji Voltage Protector. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Meiji Voltage Protector is a device intended to protect appliances by cutting off electricity to the device plugged into it as soon as the voltage source reaches below the minimum allowable or exceeds the maximum allowable rating. So even if the voltage fluctuates from time to time, we will have no worries because Meiji Voltage Protector will do its job automatically.

tc-v001Benefits of having a Meiji Voltage Protector at Home


It gives us an assurance that our appliances are safe from constant fluctuation of electricity in your place. Also, using Meiji Voltage Protector will prolong the usage life of our appliances because it serves as a protective device. With Meiji Voltage Protector, we can now have the confidence that our appliances are properly taken cared of.


If you can’t avail an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) unit or you need to use multiple appliance in your home, Voltage Protector is a perfect alternative for it. It has the benefits of an AVR but with a much cheaper price.

3. A Variety of Choices

Meiji has a lot of variety of Voltage Protectors depending to your needs and preferences. Besides our Voltage Protector (TC-V001), we also have Voltage Protector with Timer (TC-V002) which is suitable in different appliances. And if you want a voltage protector that will automatically switch your fan and aircon alternately, Meiji Voltage protector with Aircon to Fan Function (TC-V003) is perfect for you.

We at Meiji understand the worth of every customer’s investment for their homes. That is why we keep on innovating products that will surely be beneficial for everyone.  And that is what Meiji Voltage Protector is up to. So next time you go for shopping for a new appliance, don’t forget to add your Meiji Voltage Protector in your cart.

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no_need_for_switchAre you one of those people who tend to forget turning-off the lights when leaving a certain area, like comfort rooms? Or does your child/spouse tend to do that for you?

Well, you are not alone. There are many people who experience this. And that includes me! If you are worrying that this might affect your electricity bills (It already does, I swear!). Good news! Meiji Electric is here to help you with your power-saving dilemmas.

Using Infrared Motion Sensors

Infrared Motion Sensors could help save electricity that we consume everyday. Why? Seldom used places like conference rooms, storage rooms, utility closets and bathrooms are areas where people tend to forget to turn off the lights before leaving. Meaning, the lights will remain on until someone notices it. And what do we get in return? An unwelcoming shock and dismay as soon as your electricity bill reaches your doorstep.

Using infrared motion sensors in areas that get much foot traffic

And that is frustrating, right? You’re paying more due to carelessness or neglect. That is why most of the offices and even homes right now are using infrared motion sensors in different areas that get much foot traffic or the places we usually go into, as mentioned earlier.  Infrared motion sensor senses the person’s body heat. So, when a person enters a room installed with a motion sensor, the motion sensor will automatically trigger the light to turn on. When the person leaves, (and so does its heat), the light will turn off after the set period of time. (This can be adjusted to your preference with Meiji’s motion sensor). This ensures that your lights do not get left on needlessly for hours or even days.

Save electricity, save money

According to a study conducted by Rowan University in US, “The installation of the motion sensors alone saved approximately 30% of the electric bill.”

THE MEIJI MOTION SENSORAnd when we save electricity, we save money. In addition, we make mother nature happy. Cost efficiency as you know is very important especially nowadays. There are a lot of factors that trigger our electricity bills to spike up. Some may be uncontrollable, like electricity hike of our power providers. But others are controllable, like our consumption. That is why we need to be wise in using our appliances and use devices that could really help us save energy. And this is what motion sensors are all about. It’s not just for the convenience that you don’t need to find the outlet to open the lights anymore but also to minimize the usage of our electricity, resulting to a better outcome.  A win-win scenario!

So now, what are you waiting for? Have your own motion sensors installed in your home and office, and see how it makes your life easier.

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Are you tired of wishing for an outdoor counterpart of your Meiji Home Panels? Well, wish no more. Because Meiji Electric will give you exactly what you need.

From Nema Enclosures to Meiji Home Panel Enclosure, Meiji Electric now introduces its new type of enclosure that will suit different outdoor needs. Introducing, Meiji IP65 enclosure (MHWP-04)! An IEC European Standard-type enclosure which combines the qualities of Nema 3R (weather-proof steel enclosure),Nema 4X (stainless-steel enclosure) and Meiji Home Panel enclosures in one. It gives us the qualities of Nema 3R and 4X for outdoor uses and flexibility of a Meiji Home Panel.

Meiji IP65 enclosure is perfect for homes and commercial places that prefer their MTS, timer or main circuit breaker be placed outdoor. Outdoors could be the most accessible place for MTS especially during emergency like power outage. Since, it is dark inside your home we usually place our Manual Transfer Switch outside because it is easier to find. Also, Meiji IP65 outdoor enclosure is very useful when you are planning to put a timer for the lights in your backyard, garden or even in front of your house, so that you will have no worries turning it on and off every day.

Here are some of Meiji IP65 characteristics:

Totally protected against dust

Complete protection against dust or any materials to enter the enclosure. So you could be sure that even this is placed outside, it won’t be easily damaged.

Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions

Safe even during heavy rains.  IP65 prevents any water from getting in and damaging the circuit breakers. Water projected by a jet against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect, as well.

Beautiful design and practical construction

Like Meiji Home panels, you can now put your Meiji IP65 outdoor enclosure in the most accessible place that anyone could see without being ashamed on how it looks like.  Good news is, since Meiji IP65 is made up of thermo plastic materials, it will NOT rust no matter what the weather condition is. This way, you will have no worry maintaining and cleaning it up from time to time. Lastly, it has a tight side-lock so you can be sure that children will have no means playing with it.

In today’s business environment, flexibility and convenience is an asset. With Meiji IP65 wide variety of usage, it could fit all qualifications. Surely, this is an enclosure that cannot be taken for granted.

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Are you planning to put a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter in your home but worried that you don’t have a grounding system? And your GFCI might not work?

Well, forget all your worries because this article will explain how a GFCI will still work even without the use of a grounding system.

Most of old houses and some of the new ones might not have a grounding system, and it might cost  much and can be bothersome if they will still put one.Installing a GFCI without a grounding system doesn’t mean that the GFCI will not work. It will! Why?

Here is what DOE High Voltage Electrician Specialist has to say about this:

GFCI will work correctly without a ground wire. The GFCI is looking for the return current to come back on the neutral. If the return path of the current is any other path other than the neutral, then the GFCI will trip. “

To put it in a layman’s definition, if the current path takes any other path other than the normal return path, then that is a ground fault. Instead of following the safe path, electricity passes through a person’s body to reach the ground.  The ground path does not need to be back in the ground in order for the GFCI to work. So before it affects our bodies, the GFCI will detect as low as 0.006 amperes (6 milliamperes) and it will automatically trip.Studies show that females and children, who usually have lower body resistances, can adversely be affected by as low as 6 milliamperes of ground fault current.

meiji-gfciUsing a GFCI is enough to protect our family and our loved ones against electric shock that normally happens in the wet areas of our homes like comfort rooms, kitchens and laundry areas. In case your GFCI is not grounded, just be sure to label your GFCI with “GFCI Protected, No Equipment Ground”. But it  is highly suggested that we put a grounding system in our homes. But like what I said earlier, this might be costly.

So whether you have a ground wire in your homes or none, the GFCI can do its job. Just be sure that it is properly installed and tested. It is better to ask a professional if you are planning to install one in your home. In this way, we can be assured that our family’s safety will not be compromised.

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As Meiji Electric is now expanding its product line to meet the growing needs of the market. We are now going beyond the land unto the wonders of the sea.

Nah! Enough of those dramatic intros. We’re not catering the needs of our all-favorite sea creatures but our beloved fishermen.

According to Cultural Survival, “Marine fishing in the Philippines in more than an industry; it is a way of life. With 7,100 islands, the Philippines has the world’s longest discontinuous coastline. Over a million Filipinos are engaged in marine fishing.” That is the reason why Meiji came up with another innovation that will help and will surely accommodate the needs of the fishing industry in our country.

Introducing, Meiji Vapor Type Lighting Fixture, or what is commonly known here in the Philippines as the Meiji Vapor Lamp. For those who are not that familiar with it, vapor lamps are widely used by fishing vessels especially in the middle of the sea at night. But you might be wondering, “What makes it different from the usual lights we are using in our homes? “ You see, during this time, the sea water is murkier and the atmosphere is foggier as compared to during the day when it is hot and humid. That is why they use vapor lamps to prevent water vapor or moisture from getting inside the lamp.

There are 3 different types of Vapor Lamps:

Steel-type Vapor Lamp

it can accommodate up to 100W of power load. But since it is a foundry steel type metal, it will corrode. Why? Sea water has salt properties that cause steel to corrode.  This makes the life span of the vapor lamp shorter.

Plastic-type Vapor Lamp

Obviously, this type of material is not subject for corrosion. But one of the Plastic-type vapor lamp’s disadvantage is that it cannot absorb high temperatures. So tendency is, this type of vapor lamp will melt in time.

vaporlamp-meijiMeiji Nylon Fiberglass Vapor Lamp

Unlike steel and plastic, this type of vapor lamp has the combination properties of nylon and fiberglass which can withstand high temperatures and it does not corrode even in salt water. This type of material is perfect for vapor lamps used in fishing and also for cargo vessels.  Meiji Vapor Lamp has two designs, one is ceiling type (MFVL) and the other is wall-type (MWVL). Through this, fishermen could now choose according to their preferences and necessity.

Meiji Vapor lamp also has high quality porcelain receptacles with E27 base and brass type terminal block connectors which is very neatly assembled. They are available with clear, red and green glass covers.

The Fishing Industry has been part of our success as a country. So why settle for less? Go for something that will last. Quality, convenience and practical construction, this is what makes Meiji Vapor Lamps the best buddy in sailing! 🙂

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meiji-transformersA transformer is needed to change the voltage of the power supply to meet the needs of specific appliances or machines.  According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, transformer is a device that changes the voltage of an electric current. What most people are unaware of, there are two types of transformers, the Step-down and Step- up Transformers. The difference between these two is very tricky, but the necessity to know it is very important. Wrong usage of your step-up or down transformer might affect and destroy our hard-earned appliances and worst it might cause serious problems especially to our families. Let me give you a scenario:

You plugged your 110V type of appliance, your LED television for instance, to your 220V outlet using a step-up transformer, what do you think could happen? Yes, it would immediately damage your appliance or worse this might root to a serious problem that will put your family’s safety at stake. Too dangerous to risk!

So you might be asking now, what is the real difference between a Step-down and a Step-up Transformer?

Step-down Transformers

Step- down transformers are designed to reduce electrical voltage. It has less wire turns in the secondary. Thus, decreases voltage. For instance, here in the Philippines, we have 220V electric supply. But since we have relatives or friends abroad who send us appliances that requires 110V supply, there is a need to use a Step down Transformer. Using a step-down transformer actually means that the voltage has been “stepped down”. Please refer to the diagram.transformer diagram


The 220V electric supply in the Philippines is being lowered to 110V, which is required by your appliance. Input is 220V and output is 110V. That is how a Step-down transformer works.

Step-up Transformers

On the other hand, a step-up transformer is used when the secondary voltage is greater than the primary voltage. It has more wire turns in the secondary. The common usage of it is a starter of an electric motor. It takes a lot of voltage to initially start the motor’s turning. A step up transformer is also needed to use a 220v product in a country with 110v supply. In other words, the voltage has been “stepped up”. As you can see in the diagram, input is 110V and output is 220V. That is the main purpose of a Step-up Transformer.step-up-transformer

So there you have it, the difference between a Step-down transformer and a Step-up Transformer.  It is better not to be so confused with the two or else you might regret the consequences, right?

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usb cable-meiji With the abundance of USB-dependent devices, don’t you think it would be a lot easier if we could have USB outlets in our homes?

There is a lot to love about USB. The plugs are so small, convenient and handy. The cable can carry both data and power. Let us admit it, USB has become one of the most useful and powerful devices in our generation today.  Most phones and other small gadgets can charge from a simple USB cable plugged into a computer or an adaptor. And that is the main reason why Meiji Electric came up with another innovation that will surely give us a great convenience in maximizing the usage of our USB cables. Are you ready?

Introducing, Meiji Electric USB elements and outlets (MCS-0522).  You can now charge your phone and other gadgets without any use of your pc or laptops but right in your own outlet. How convenient, isn’t it?  Perfect in living rooms, bedrooms and offices. So instead of bringing your bulky chargers with you anywhere you go, you just need your USB cable and voila, you can literally plug n’ play with your gadgets.  With Meiji USB elements and outlets there is no need to buy another extension cords just to plug your bulky chargers. Cool? I know!

You can also mix n’ match your outlet depending on  your preferences and needs. Here are some options:

Plain USB Elements

If you want to plug your phones, tablets or any gadgets at the same time with no hassle, you should try installing this one. Perfect on desk top where we do most of our school or office works.  Or if you still share bedrooms or study tables with your siblings (like me!), this would prevent fights in charging both of your devices all at once.

Combination of USB and Standard Elements

If you are plugging multiple devices and appliances in one outlet, this is perfect for your home. This will maximize the usage of your outlets. Also, there is no need to add up another plate just to put some USB port. Highly recommended in living rooms and bedroom where we plug in our laptops, television and devices at the same time.USB-meiji

With Meiji USB elements and outlets, convenience and flexibility is on top priority. So what are you waiting for? Don’t be the last one to install a Meiji USB elements and outlets in your own homes!

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philippine_christmas” Where would you find the most Christmas spirit in the world? It’s hard to say for certain, but if a global competition were to be held, the Philippines would have an excellent shot at winning.”-CNN, Dec. 5, 2012.

Truly, Philippines has made its mark in the world when it comes to celebrating Christmas. And it makes us proud, right? The land where there is no winter or snow every Christmas time is now considered one of the merriest countries in the world in celebrating Christmas season. And year after year, we keep on trying new things to make our Christmas celebration more joyful and memorable especially for the children. And if you’re one of the many who can relate, which I am sure you are!  Meiji Electric is here to give some of our products you shouldn’t miss this Christmas season.

Meiji Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Want to give traditional Christmas trees a twist? Why not try our Meiji Fiber optic Christmas Tree Collection?So whether you want to go with colorful Christmas balls or Classic raindrop tree, surely this is a good choice.  Convenience, safe and hassle-free, what could you ever wish for?meiji_pinecone

Meiji Christmas Villages Collection

If you want to showcase your creativity by creating ‘eye-candy’ decorations, Meiji Christmas Village Collection is perfect for you! Definitely, this is not something that you will let your feet pass without enjoying its beauty even for a while. Not to mention, Meiji Christmas villages’ Christmas music brings you the Christmas spirit even after a long and tiring day at work.  Tip: Try adding 1 or 2 pieces every year to your Christmas Village Collection; I’m sure your investment will not be wasted when you see how it became more beautiful every year.

meiji_Christmas Village


Meiji Christmas Decors

Tired of wrapping the same kind of gifts year after year? Now is the time you say goodbye to the usual gifts and say hello to Meiji Electric Christmas Decoration. This is a perfect gift to your friends and office mates from all ages. You can choose from Meiji Cherry Blossoms and Snowmen with changing LED. Both are very inviting and fun to look at. And perfect stress reliever, too!


So there you have it! Different Meiji Christmas items that will make your Christmas this year more fun, joyful and festive.

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