Advantages of Using Floor Outlets

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Floor outlets are very convenient and useful. You can plug lamps, TVs, desktops and other items into them, and not have cords stretching from the wall in a messy manner across the floor. Many times these are placed in the center of a large room where other sources of electrical power would be inaccessible.


In our homes, the presence of a floor outlet in the living room can be very practical. In arranging the fixtures, and decors or planning,  major seating areas do not have to remain near a wall in order to include the presence of lamps in the living room set. In a conference room, an outlet in the floor under the conference table makes it much easier to plug in audio visual equipment without running over extension cords.

Meiji Floor Outlets

Meiji floor outlet is designed to allow easy access to a power supply. Because the plug can be placed at any point along the floor, it is possible to strategically and conveniently position several outlets within a space, creating easy access to a needed power source.


Meiji Pop-Up Floor Outlet (MPU-1022)


Meiji Round FLoor Outlet (MFO-1022)

Since outlets in the floor are subject to more wear and tear than standard wall outlets, tougher and sturdier materials are important to consider when looking for a reliable floor outlet. Durable metal is much less likely to be damaged if the outlet is stepped on when not in use. The metal covers can hold up well to a lot of weight, which will help to keep the general appearance of the outlet simple and clean. Meiji floor outlet is equipped with a metal plate to protect the outlet and wiring, along with a cover that prevents dust and other material from collecting in the outlet when the device is not in use. Additionally, the plates include screw-on or flip lids to protect the outlet from moisture or foreign objects when it is not in use.

Personally, I experienced ease when I used floor outlets in computer shops where I pay online games. I didn’t get messed with wires of other PC units as the computer table has already a floor outlet underneath. You wouldn’t even notice an outlet existing on the floor. this is because the surface is just plain when not in use. this brings much convenience to users because the moment that the work is done, just press down its lid and voila! The outlet is safe and covered.

Beneath the surface of the floor, the arrangement of the Meiji floor outlet is similar to that of a standard wall outlet. The outlets inside of it are housed in an outlet box and connected to a central junction box that helps regulate electric power flow. Wiring is connected from the outlet box to the central intersection in the same manner that electrical wiring runs through walls to a central power source.

In terms of function and appearance, floor outlets are helpful in many situations. Use Meiji floor outlets to acquire convenience in any part of your home or office.

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  1. Antonio Reytiran says:

    Duplex Floor Outlet Square type Universal type with ground-2 units
    Duplex Floor Outlet Square type Voice and Data- 1 units


    Antonio Reytiran
    Resonance Electrical Trading and Services

  2. Calvin Catle says:


    How Floor round outlet duplex universal MFO-1022 i need 105pcs

  3. Patrick says:

    How much 2 pcs Meiji Round Single FLoor Outlet (MFO-1022)

  4. Wesley Foz says:

    hello can you quote please for both MPU-1022 & (MFO-1022). how much if i’ll buy 120 pcs

  5. domy aspiras says:

    hello i need ABSO brass round shape, single outlet,is this availabe?

    • HenryMeiji says:

      Hello Sir Domy,
      we only have a brass type for Floor Outlets, if you are looking for metallic outlet you can check out our Champagne Series.

  6. Vic says:

    How much for the Meiji Pop-Up Floor Outlet (MPU-1022) and Meiji Round Floor Outlet (MFO-1022)? Also is there a way to change the outlet to CAT5/CAT6 RJ45 for LAN Cable? thank you!

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