Advantages and Disadvantages of Living Near a Solar Powerplant

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Solar energy today is regarded by many  as an efficient kind of energy. With its numerous advantages, it is no longer a surprise that more and more trust it.


Knowing some of its major assets, it can be said that having a house that is situated near a solar power plant is beneficial. Not only does it give a feeling of relief due to its almost hassle-free means of harvesting energy but also gives an assurance because of the limitless energy it can give.

This is actually true. When your house is located near a solar power plant, you are LESS likely to experience power interruption.  You also need not worry about pollution. This is because solar panels can generate power without having to release harmful substances such as large amounts of carbon dioxide.

On the other hand, apart from these benefits, we should not forget that like anything else in the world, we have a price to pay as we enjoy these perks most especially when solar energy is used in large scale such as in solar power plants.


solar advantageFor instance, living near solar power plants could have negative effects to people who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. This is a condition where the person affected easily gets sick even through very small amounts of electromagnetic radiation like the ones that come from our cellular phones and other electronic appliances. People who suffer from this may experience headaches and restlessness. In truth, some people who experience this may not even be aware that those symptoms have something to do with the solar power plant.

It has to be remembered as well that the appliances powered by solar energy can also affect those who suffer from the condition mentioned earlier. This is because the batteries, which enable charging and therefore being used even when the sun is not shining, also emit radiation.

Meanwhile, these batteries can also be harmful if they are not disposed properly. So if you are living near a solar power plant and there is suddenly wrong with the way they disposed their wastes, you may still be at risk.

Apart from these, land disturbance can also be an issue with solar power plants. Since a solar power plant already involves large scale power generation, the solar panels needed are not longer as few and as small that those which are used for households. This means that solar panels can occupy a large chunk of land and may even be some kind of abstraction in your area.

Solar energy may seem to ideal because of its efficiency but we have to remember and be cautious of its disadvantages.  As they say, nothing comes for free anymore.

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  3. Well to living near a power solar plant their is both advantages and disadvantages. I hope in the coming year we learn lots of new things about this.

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  5. Kenneth Jochum says:

    2/24/2020:I just read your disadvantages of a Solar Farm close to a residence.I was informed last week a Farm is going to be built across the road from me.The land has been leased for it and talk is starting soon.I could sure use ALL the information I can get on one of them if possible from you or anyone. ;;Ganado Texas.

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