Advantages of a Contactor-Type Transfer Switch

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As back-up power sources become more common in residential construction, many homeowners like us have learned about the needs and benefits of transfer switches. Most of us know that in the event of a power supply outage, it is at the very least desirable to power up selected circuits in a service entrance panel to provide limited light, heat, and refrigeration. Having the option of operating a transfer switch or having the peace of mind while the power returns back to normal is a very wise and safe option.

Meiji Contactor Transfer Switch (CTS) is designed for a standby power application. It provides flexibility, reliability and  high quality performance in a compact package. Meiji Contactor Transfer Switch provides fully effective transfer in applications where a momentary loss of power is acceptable during transfer and re-transfers between normal and emergency power supply.

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With a manual transfer switch in place, you would first have to make your way to the service entrance panel. Many times, this would be done in the dark with a flashlight in hand. After discovering that the electric utility outage takes longer time, you must manually turn on the switch, allow it to come up to speed and stabilize, and then throw the lever on the transfer switch into the generator position. Prior to switching over to standby power, you would have to shut off individual breakers for non-essential branch circuits.

On the other hand, a Contactor Transfer Switch (CTS) is a transfer switch that brings the accessibility of utilizing the same feeder lines during emergency power, with a current-limiting device that can help you regulate the amount of energy to be given each specific load when the power runs out.

Its primary feature is convenience as it allows you to turn on all the loads you want your generator to give power to. This is because of its current limiter that can detect overloading. So your CTS saves you the hassle of memorizing which breakers are the only ones allowable to turn on, the stress of turning off all breakers and turning them on again once power is back, instead when it senses an overload, the current limiter will cut off power to the contactor.  When this happens, the generator runs at no load, thereby protecting it from any overload. There’s an automatic timer that will bring back power again at the pre-set time of your choice. You then just have to turn off the non-essential loads to avoid another power cut-off. You may also pre-set a time delay of your choice during power transfer to avoid damages to compressor loads due to sudden power surges.

All of these actions take place with no human intervention. This brings less hassle in your part as you don’t have to be walk along the dark way going to your controls.

Because technology makes life easy, Meiji Electric goes with its flow on enhancing our daily lives, whether in residential, commercial or industrial establishments. Every appliance that is connected to the line, and backed up by a generator, needs a transfer switch for shifting power sources when needed. Hence, we encourage you to maximize your generator with Meiji Contactor Transfer Switch.

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