What to do When Liquid Accidentally Gets in Your Extension Cord

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You were having a good time with the family. All chilled out, relaxed as you watch a good movie by the living room… And then all of a sudden, the phone rang at the climax point! Startled, you tried to grab the phone. Unfortunately, you tipped over your sister’s drink and alas! The floor is drained wet including the newly bought extension cord!

This article aims to inform what immediate steps you can take in case accidents such as having liquid or food particles going inside your  extension cords.

What are the immediate actions to take? First things first, do not panic. This is one of the many situation where you should be logical and practical instead of getting overwhelmed by worry and panic.

Dealing with Liquid Accidents

Taking as many precautions as possible, listed are some of the basic things that you need to do when dealing with this kind of situation:

  1. If the appliance plugged in consumes high power, turn off the circuit breaker to cut off the main source of electricity.
  2. Make sure your hands are dry as you pull the plug of the appliance or gadget that is plugged into the extension cord.
  3. You may also unplug the extension cord from the outlet if this is more convenient or accessible for you. Still, make sure your hands are dry.
  4. If you are using Meiji extension cords with switch (single or individual), you may turn off the switch immediately.
  5. Refrain your children to touch any metal parts or exposed wires of the extension cord.
  6. After fulfilling either steps 1-4, dry the surrounding areas, including the extension cord to avoid other accidents. Also,  move the cord away from the soaked areas.
  7. Dry off the extension cord thoroughly; you can use a dry cloth to dry on it and let it sit there few days or hours depending on how much liquid was poured into it.
  8. Do not leave the extension cord coiled up in wet. Extend and lay it out as open and exposed for it to dry well.electrical cord
  9. Place it under a mild temperature cooler or heater to make sure that the inside parts of the cord gets dried.
  10. Never try to repair any cracks, breaks or tears of the wet cord with a tape.
  11. Let an expert electrician check your power cords before using it.
  12. Wait for a few days or weeks and make sure it is completely dry before you try to use it again.

We cannot predict circumstances that can meddle with the safety of our home. As much as possible, it is good to be ready with ‘What-to-Do’ steps to avoid further damage.  With this article, now you are more equipped when this accident happens. Stay safe! 🙂

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