5 Types of Philippine Socket Outlets

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I want to set a scenario inside for you. I’m sure that there’s also a chance that this has happened to you a few times. So you’ve bought a new electronic device or appliance that’s imported. Perhaps you had it ordered online, or you bought it in a store where imported products can be bought, or you asked someone coming home from a foreign country to buy it for you. But as you un-box it, try to make it work, you find out that the electrical socket outlet it needs to be plugged into is not available in this country! That’s an immediate bummer. Although not all is lost since there are a lot of adaptors that can be purchased for that very purpose. But wouldn’t it be a little more convenient if there’s no need for such in the first place? I mean, it gives room for having it misplaced, and if it gets broken, you know that it’s pretty much useless. So knowing this, what should you do to avoid being disappointed? The quick and easy solution is to KNOW your electrical socket outlets.

Commonly used socket outlets vary from country to country. There are almost 20 different socket outlets being used throughout the whole world today. This will explain why an imported electric product from a country that has a different standard socket outlet will not match your country’s standard socket outlet. In this country, there is a basic of 5 different types. By the end of this article you will be acquainted with them so that next time, when you’re buying an imported electric appliance, you can discern whether or not the sockets in your house can welcome them without the need for adaptors.

Meiji Universal Socket Outlet


This type of socket outlet will accept most kinds of plugs. It can accept Type A, or the most common one with two parallel blades, Type B, or the plug with two parallel blades with a circular ground a little above the middle of the two blades, and Type C, with two roundish, circular pins. Most adaptors have their receiving end with this type of socket because it accepts plenty of kinds of plugs. Having most of your electrical socket outlets as this is very convenient.

Parallel Outlets

Parallel with ground.

Also called the Type B electrical outlet, this type of socket outlet includes two blades with a ground in the middle. This is especially useful if you use a laptop charger. Although more common, this socket outlet is not as universal. You can only fit a Type B or a Type A plug.

Meiji outlets

Parallel flat blades.

It’s also called Type A. This is the single most common socket outlet in this country, but unfortunately, it’s also the most exclusive. It’s for this reason that you buy adaptors – since Type A sockets can only accept one kind of plug.

Round to Flat Universal Outlets

Round to flat outlet.

This outlet is more common than the parallel with ground, but it’s less common than the parallel flat one. This outlet will accept Type A as well as Type C – two round pins. This also offers quite a convenience since it accepts two types of plugs. That means that you won’t need an adaptor.

Aircon Outlet Philippines

Three-pin rectangular.

Officially labeled as Type G, this is the kind of outlet that is usually needed by air conditioning units. This is very exclusive and is of British origin. However, most households or buildings that use air conditioning units in this country have that one outlet just for the air conditioner. Sometimes, not even adaptors can accept a Type G plug, that’s why a special socket is needed.

There you go! It’s a quick list that should guide you through – not only in buying electrical appliances, but in deciding what’s the most convenient socket to have in your house.

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  1. Marvin says:

    Dear Apple san,
    Hope this message finds you well.

    Thank you for these useful information.
    Our company will start to Import machines to PH.
    i made confirmation about PH elec-plugs and outlets
    to our main office team.

    Thank you again and more power!

    • John says:

      Hi Marvin,

      Thank you too!

      If you happen to need some other electrical supplies, please let us know. We’ll be glad to help you.

      Thanks again!

  2. Jay Pasilaban says:

    Do you have twist lock AC power plugs and sockets? NEMA L6 and NEMA L5 types?

    • John says:

      Hi Jay,

      Unfortunately, what you’re looking for is not in our product line.
      In case you would happen to need some other electrical supplies, please let me know.


  3. jelly sauri says:

    Do you have any branch in tarlac? I need the universal socket with own switch each socket.

  4. Neil says:

    We have in our bedroom a double flat blade socketsand both sockets within the plastic flush plate keep on coming out.Have you any suggestions to how to fix this prroblem

    • Apple says:

      Hi Neil,
      Can you take a photo of this problem? If your socket keeps coming out, it would seem that it is not mounted properly from the junction box. But just to be sure, can you send us a photo?
      Thank you.

  5. laarni says:

    hi i need the outlet type A. do you have stocks?
    how much is the price?
    i’m in Cebu, where can I buy those?

  6. mariel says:

    it really helps

  7. Donna says:

    May I inquire for male socket? How much per piece?

    Your prompt response is highly appreciated.

    • John says:

      Hi Donna,

      Do you have sample picture?

      Please check your email for complete list of Meiji products.

      Thank you.

  8. Jer says:


    i using meiji product and I like the performance.
    tanong ko lang po kung meron kayon usb wall socket
    Please send respond to my email.

    • John says:

      Hi Jer,

      Yes we have USB outlets, we also have USB extensions perfect for your gadgets.

      We’ll send our brochures to your email.


  9. rolando franco says:

    pls. quote
    100 pcs. convenience outlet cover outdoor
    50 rolls polyethelene tape colorP: blue green

  10. Charles says:

    How much is your universal wall socket per unit?

  11. diane grace sigue says:

    Hello! I would like to inquire Meiji ground outlet.
    Where can I buy here in Cebu?

  12. Leopoldo says:

    Am looking for socket wall switch, British Standard, is there anyone knows where can I get such?
    Thank you

    • John says:

      Hi Leopoldo,

      Thank you for inquiring with us.

      We’ll send our brochure thru email so you can check different series of Meiji Wiring devices.

      Thank you

  13. Marcelo C. Gontiñas says:

    Good Day,
    How much per piece for 1 gang universal socket outlet ?
    Thank you

  14. Keith Soh says:

    We are the supplier of Bosch Home Appliances currently we are working to resolve various issue.
    1) Working in collaboration with a good company on Voltage protector to protect our appliances
    2) Need an authority notice that the above said 5 socket is indeed approved for use in the Philippines maybe from a board with the likes of DTI. I look forward to hear from you soon on more collaboration.

    • John says:

      Hi Keith,

      Maybe you can send us pictures or specs of your appliances so we can check what is best to offer.

      I will send an email today. We’ll wait for your reply.

      Thank you

      • Jackeline Tan says:

        Can a G type plug and outlet use for induction range? And where can i buy the plug? Ive search at wilcon depots and home depots they dont have it.

        • John says:

          Hi Jackeline,

          We have international outlet that will fit to any kind of plug.

          May I ask what type of equipment/appliance you will plug to the outlet?


          • Tony Ratcliffe says:

            Hi John / Jackeline
            What is the power rating of your Induction range? The single ring ones may be 2 to 3Kw but the large ones may be up to 8Kw. I would recommend wiring it directly to the fuseboard using suitable wiring rather than using even a 30 or 50 A plug and socket.

  15. Madison says:

    Excellent way of telling, and pleasant post to take data about my presentation subject, which i
    am going to pdesent in academy.

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