5 Signs That You Should Replace Your Old Wiring

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Christmastime has come once again! It’s around this time that we dust off our Christmas trees and hang garlands in our homes. Malls will be packed more than usual as people rush to take advantage of the crazy sales and finish Christmas shopping on time. Every house in the neighborhood will be displaying bright and colorful Christmas lights at night.

However, don’t get carried away with lavish displays of lights this December. Every year, incidents of fire are recorded during the Ber months due to faulty wirings and electrical energy via wiring devices in the Philippines.

Electrical Wiring is essential in our day to day lives. We use it every time we turn on the lights or use the microwave. Here are some signs that you should look for when considering whether or not you should replace your home’s electrical wiring:


Breakers and Fuses Blow Often

Both breakers and fuses protect your home when there is an overload in your circuit. They do this by ‘tripping’ or ‘blowing out’. If your breakers and fuses blow or trip often, it could mean that there’s a problem in your wiring.

Dimming Lights

Do you lights flicker or dim when you use another appliance? If this happens more than occasionally, you may have a faulty wiring or a breaker that needs to be replaced.

Scorch Marks on Outlets and Switch

Watch out for scorch marks on your outlets or switches. This might be caused by faulty wiring in the circuit near the switch or outlet. In this case, you should replace the switch or outlet immediately.

Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell when you enter a room, call an electrician right away. Turn off your breakers and remove your fuses just to be safe. The burning smell might be caused by a short in your outlets or switch.

Damaged Wires

Sometimes, wires fray over time. In other cases, the damage on your electrical wiring might be caused by rodents. Either way, damaged wires are dangerous and should be replaced immediately.


Keep Your Homes Safe From Electrical Problems

It would be best to let a professional deal with your house’s electrical wiring. Especially if you are not knowledgeable about these things at all. If your house is old, it’s likely that your wiring is also old and outdated. It would be safer to pay an electrician to inspect the status or condition of your electrical wiring.

However, you should still take some precautions to avoid accidents from happening. Check the signs listed above and coordinate with your electrician to keep your house safe from electrical problems.

When ignored, faulty wiring can lead to worse problems such as fire. Be safe this Christmas by replacing your old electrical wiring before it causes any more damage and replacing them with more durable ones.

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