5 Cool Ways You Can Do with Your GFCI

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We are all afraid of being electrically grounded. Aside from the uncomfortableaquarium hobby shock we get from it, it could also cause a lot of serious injuries. Something, most of us, I believe WOULD NOT dare consider as an adventure.  I guess this is also why some people began to have a fear of wires or  tangled cords.

Well, worry no more as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is here to save the day. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or better known as GFCI is an outlet   receptacle made especially to cut electricity flow whenever ground faults happen. This can be triggered by wet surfaces, open wires and other unexpected triggers. GFCI monitors  ground faults such as what may usually happen with old, recycled appliances.  Upon sensing a ground, your GFCI  will automatically trip the circuit breaker and therefore providing safety to both the user and device plugged in (i.e. hair dryer, shaver, flattening iron, etc)

poolpartyIsn’t it cool?  Since it saves you from the risk of electric shocks, it enables you to FINALLY DO SOME THINGS you were afraid of trying simply because you are afraid of possible electric shock.

The following are just some of the cool ways to use your GFCI.

  1. Setting up your own  Sound System by the Pool

    Water and wires? Not a good idea, right? But with Meiji’s  GFCI that prevents electric shocks that usually happen in wet places; you can already set up sound systems  near swimming pools. Imagine, your very own pool party!

  2. Starting the Aquarium Hobby

    Are you a marine lover? Meiji’s GFCI could surely protect you, your home and your fishes while you sleep. No need to spend on that luxurious getaway when you can have them in your own living Ground Fault Circuit Interrupterroom, or better, in your own room!

  3. Listening to Music inside your Bathroom

    If you have your own GFCI, you won’t worry about bringing your MP3 player or Ipod inside your bathroom. So you can now fully relax and enjoy a relaxing bath in your tub while listening to soothing music, a perfect way to recharge  after a stressful day at work.

  4. Adding  more Appliances in the Kitchen

    Do you need to add  more appliances in your kitchen but afraid to do so due to overload? With the help of  Meiji’s GFCI, you may live out your dream kitchen!  Did you know that Meiji’s GFCI can tap thru all your outlets so that all outlets in a particular area can have that safety feature? YES! It does. No need to worry about buying a GFCI for each wet area, just tap and connect.

Truly, with the safety GFCI offers, there is no doubt that it should be included in the Philippine Electrical Code.  Plus, we all can worry less and live more having them around. Thanks to Meiji GFCI and to the many ways it can be used, life is cooler.

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