5 Appliances that can Emit Carbon Monoxide

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Usually, people get worried only about the things they could see and smell. At home, our nightmares include liquefied petroleum gas leaks, which we detect right away because of the smell, fire and robbers simply because it is very obvious.

What we miss is the fact that sometimes, there are things that may not be too apparent but are still too harmful for everyone’s health at home. Carbon monoxide poisoning is one good example. And the truth is that carbon monoxide can actually be emitted by some home appliances we use in our daily lives. But before we talk about these home appliances, let us know first what carbon monoxide is.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless gas. It is also odorless yet it is very toxic. Carbon monoxide is emitted by incomplete combustion fuel, be it solid, liquid, or gas. It has been notorious for its properties since it can really be deadly despite the fact that it is hard to be detected.

In houses for instance, it is really hard to say whether there is already some carbon monoxide emission around. And what is even more frightening is the fact that when the amount of emission increases, it can actually reach a level that could kill people.

Now that we already know what carbon monoxide it and how it is generated, then let us know which home appliances could possibly generate carbon monoxide. They are the following:

kitchen ranges1.        Room heaters

Usually used during cold seasons, room heaters use the air inside the room in the heating process and then vent the air out after the procedure. Then, the air that is vented out just stays inside the room. And if not installed properly, room heaters can actually give off carbon monoxide.

2.       Furnaces

Dirty and defective furnaces can lead to carbon monoxide emission. When a furnace is dirty while operating, the engine exerts more effort. And this makes the furnace prone to damage. And yes, a damaged furnace can emit carbon monoxide.

3.       Kitchen or cooking ranges

Kitchen ranges with poor combustion can also produce carbon monoxide. This also becomes possible when there is no sufficient ventilation inside the kitchen while, say the gas range or oven, is running.

4.       Water heaters

Similar to room heaters, water heaters can produce carbon monoxide if there is no ventilation while they are working.

5.       Charcoal burners

It is always advisable not to burn charcoal inside the house even if they look extinguished. This also applies to tents and any closed area. This is because the burning of charcoal can actually emit carbon monoxide and breathing it in inside closed spaces can be really dangerous.

Carbon monoxide, indeed, is a silent killer. This is why we have to be more careful and vigilant inside own homes.

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    I was trying to figure out if purchasing a carbon monoxide/ smoke alarm would make a smart useful Christmas gift. You have answered my question and I am satisfied. Thank you for the info.

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