4 Benefits of Using Motion Sensors

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If you have areas in or around your home that only require light when someone is present, associating Meiji Motion Sensors to your lights can help you reduce your utility costs. At the same time, motion sensor lighting is an essential weapon in your home security system. But not only that, they can bring total convenience too! Here are 4 benefits of associating Meiji Motion Sensors to your lighting facilities:

Alert for intruders

If you are inside your home and busy watching TV or doing chores, you can be aware of intruders attempting to break in, especially at night. You can feel safer when prowlers get scared off when Meiji Motion Sensors detected them and spot lights on to them before they can even sneak in to your gate. It is proven fact that homes with motion sensors have less crime than those that do not.iStock_000004928383Medium

Lighting Convenience

Motion Sensors connected to lighting facilities are convenient for your family. This is a great benefit when you want to conveniently turn on lights in your comfort room without switching ON the lights manually. In the comfort room, when motion sensors cannot detect body movements anymore, it will automatically turn off. Besides, you wouldn’t want to let your lights in the comfort room turned on for a long time.Amanda+Seyfried+Amanda+Seyfried+Picks+Up+Groceries+ul9Qf8Eu4nvl

Extra Security

Outdoor motion sensor security lights help your neighbors watch your home. If you go on vacation, they can see if the light goes on in your gate, so they can go check out the house and call you or an emergency hotline.SAMSUNG

Light up Dark Areas

If you own a condo unit, dark hallways leading to your comfort room or kitchen area can be lightened up with Meiji Motion Sensors. Suppose you have to go to your rest room in the middle of the night and all lights are turned off already, with Meiji Motion Sensors, you can conveniently walk straight to where you’re heading. The same convenience applies when you want to have midnight snacks. Searching for the light switch in the kitchen in the middle of the night can be dangerous as lights are off and you might hit kitchen utensils, especially the knives. In one way or another, Meiji Motion Sensors can save your life!



Being conscious of what is going on in and around makes you safe and feel at ease. Save your family and money! With Meiji Electric, we make security and convenience a priority.


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