3 Meiji Products that will Brighten Up your Christmas This Year

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I can already hear the jingles and the bells as Christmas draws closer day by day! With the once-a-year holiday right around the corner, there is but one thing left to do and that is to get decoratin’!

Can’t quite decide how to go about designing your home this year? Worry no more for Meiji is your sanctuary in finding the best decorations to lighten up your home this Christmas season! There are three things that you cannot miss out on: Fiber Optic trees, Pull-Up Christmas Trees and Christmas Villages! Each one of these decorations are definitely going to make Christmas for you and your family a very merry one!


Fiber Optic Trees

When it comes to tree decorations, fiber optic is the way to go; the benefits to be gained simply cannot be overlooked! If it’s your first time to hear of fiber optic Christmas trees and are curious about it’s good traits, then you are in for a treat!

christmas tree with balls

To sum it up, there are three great benefits that fiber optic trees will give you and these are:

1. Cost Efficiency – Working with a 10-20W fuse (varies upon model) you can expect an electricity bill that will shock you, in a good way! Not only will it give you surprisingly lower bills compared to previous Christmas decorations, it also saves you from having to spend time and money on busted light! With the fiber optic tree you will not have to worry about changing old lights that ruin the overall quality of your decoration. You can use it every year and not have to worry about lacking lights on some parts of your tree.

2. Safety – Questions about the safety of Christmas lights had caused quite the stir globally. The last thing you would want to see lighting up the village on Christmas day is your house on fire! Fiber optic trees do NOT generate extensive heat to get your house on fire. You can rest easy on your living room as you drink your Christmas champagne without  having to worry about your pet cat going ablaze. Of course it is always advisable to keep the adapter far away from the fireplace.

3. Hassle-Free – Fiber optic trees are so easy to assemble it will make you want to go on a quick jog! All you have to do is open its branches and switch it on. Now, when Christmas season is over and you have to go back to work (harsh, I know) simply close the branches and you’re done! Time for another run at the oval!

Personally, our fiber optic tree lasted us 8 years, so if you’re looking for a good investment then you’ve found one!


Pull-Up Christmas Tree

Not really into the Christmas shopping craze? Not a fan of having to fight an epic battle with enemy shoppers in the mall? Well, Meiji has just the thing for you: The Pull-Up Christmas Tree! A one-pull-all-inclusive Christmas tree that will have you set-up and done in minutes. The Pull-Up tree comes with lights, decors and garlands that will surely drive Christmas right up your visitor’s hearts!

pull-up trees

Setting up the Pull-Up Christmas tree is easy as a bee! All it takes are 3 steps:

1. Assemble the posts that will function as a stand.

2. Pull up the tree and place it on the stand.

3. Plug it in!

There you have it! The spirit of Christmas in 3 steps and a tree!


Christmas Villages

Why not spend this Yuletide season a little more creatively? What better way to be creative than having a miniature house decoration filled with lights and good tidings right inside your home! Meiji’s Christmas Villages  come in small, medium and large sizes. These are pretty decors made out of polyresin. Lit by LED lights and/or fiber optics (or both), these little villages will surely make your family feel Christmas as it should be felt – in peace and harmony! So check out the variety of designs for Christmas Villages and let it illuminate, in its own miniature way, your home!

christmas village moving train

There you have it guys! Don’t forget that the spirit of Christmas is all about giving! Merry Christmas!


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    Hw mch are your christmas villages?

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    Please give me the price list of the christmas village. Thank you

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    how much is your 2 feet fiber optic christmas tree? thanks.

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