2 Meiji Timers to Acquire for a More Convenient Home

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aircon timerNOT a lot of people really go out and take advantage of timers. Probably because they don’t know the convenience a timer gives and what savings can be earned with the use of a timer. Timers, with the right use, are not just gadgets that shave off electricity use. They are money saving gadgets that will not only benefit the environment but also one’s pockets. Meiji offers a line of timers that can help simple users like you and me make use of our money efficiently. It’s actually a win-win situation!

Here are two Meiji Timers to acquire for a more convenient home.

1. The New Voltage Protector with Timer

Once the timer is set, it just keeps working for you. The only time you change it is if you have a change in your schedule. Even if you are away on vacation for two weeks, you can set your appliances to start working again once you enter your home, or even before that so you can be greeted by a cool room with the aircon on. But this timer is not confined to just turning on the aircon.

This is a new product that Meiji offers that has an on-off option for appliances that can be timed according to your preference. You can also dictate the time your appliance turns on or off according to the day. So if you want to defrost your frig early Friday night so that you can clean it out on Saturday morning, all you have to do is set the timer, and voila, you have a defrosted refrigerator in the morning.aircon to fan timer

Most large appliances can also use the Voltage Protector as it can handle a load of 4,400 watts, and 20 Amperes. Your appliances are now also protected from the fluctuations in electricity and from faulty surges.

2. Aircon to Fan timer

With the heat of the summer and the nights being cool enough, one really needs a timer to make sure that your aircon is off, and electricity is saved, once one is asleep. Good thing Meiji has an aircon to fan timer that can accomodate aircons of up to 2 horse power. All you need to do is plug in the aircon and the fan and set the timer for when the aircon should be turned off and the aircon turned on. This makes your aircon cost efficient and you didn’t have to disrupt your regular sleeping schedule just so that you could get up and turn off the aircon.

With the many available uses that timers have and the savings that people can earn from using timers, one should really invest in a trustworthy, durable, and multi-faceted one that the Meiji line has.

8 responses to “2 Meiji Timers to Acquire for a More Convenient Home”

  1. sel says:

    Hi! How much po and where can i buy this products here in bicol-legaspi, albay?

    And ask ko rin po yung difference between avr and voltage protector. Pwede paki-include na rin po yung pricelist.. thanks

    • Apple says:

      Hello Sel,
      Thank you for your interest in our items. We don’t have displays near your area at the moment. We may however, send this to your address shall you order it.
      Voltage protector only protects your appliance or anything plugged into it by cutting power. AVR on the other hand, is a voltage stabilizer that stabilizes the output of your appliance so that you may continuously use it.

  2. Apple says:

    Hello Joe,
    We are very sorry to hear this. Kindly return the item to the store you bought it from together with your receipt. We will be more than happy to do the check-up and repair of your item. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. jeffrey romero says:

    Hello po, magkano po voltage protector with timer?san po nakakabili?from mabalacat Pampanga po..

    • Apple says:

      Hello Jeffrey,
      Thank you for your interest in our Meiji timers. Meron po tayo sa ACE Hardware Pampanga displays of the Meiji Timers. Kindly check your email for our price quote.
      Thank you. 🙂

  4. John says:

    Hi Prime,

    Thank you for your inquiries, please ask all your questions, we are glad to answer them.
    I will have my sales rep send the quotation asap. We do have 1 year warranty against factory defect.
    We do have our products in Ace Hardware South Mall just in case your in that area.
    You have to go back to where ever you purchase the item for services if problems arise.
    We look forward to helping you again soon. Thank you.

  5. Lorna Castro says:

    san po ang service center nyo, i bought a timer last feb. 2014 but just recentky it malfunction pag nasa fan pa lng ang aircon okay pa ang timer pero pag nilagay na sya sa lo or hi cool namamatay ang aircon, pero pag naka recta (w/o the the timer) okay naman.

    • John says:

      Hi Lorna,

      You could drop by sa office namin here at 1 Mabolo St., New Manila, Quezon City. Just bring with you the receipt and we’ll check the item for repairs against factory defect.


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