AVR Philippines 101: Protecting Your Appliances Against Electrical Problems

An Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is the best device to use to protect computers and other appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, and air-cooling systems against power surges and fluctuations of electricity. In the Philippines, AVRs are widely used because they can maintain the load voltage against wide variances.

The country is a usual victim to power outages caused by storms or electrical interruptions so when this happens, it usually results in an excess in the rush current upon the resumption of power generation.

There are various other advantages to having an AVR in your home and it can be a great way to protect your appliance investments from sudden electricity surges. Having a reliable supplier of AVRs in the Philippines would be a smart move. Plus, this will help you in the daily processes in your home.

Let’s take a closer look at AVRs and their capacity to bring a comfortable home life by providing protection to your home from electrical accidents and the like.


Why should you buy an Automatic Voltage Regulator in the Philippines?

Why should you buy an Automatic Voltage Regulator in the Philippines?

The main reason for buying an AVR in the Philippines is because of the presence of a computer in many homes. It has been closely associated with them as a vital part in acquiring a unit. Off the bat, you should know that it provides more uses than just being a companion to your computer set. You can place it in more than one place in your home. You can locate it in the living room beside your TV or you can see it in the kitchen beside the refrigerator. It has proved to be efficiently used in homes and in offices where you can see it in each working station beside computer units.

It is general knowledge to buy it alongside an appliance of high value and people also see to it that they turn it on first before plugging in the appliance they would want to use. If you are asking yourself whether it is worth to spend more money after buying a good quality appliance? You must check out these reasons why you should buy an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) in the Philippines and see for yourself!


Why is AVR essential for electronic devices that are sensitive to electrical surges?

An AVR is necessary for appliances and equipment with electronic devices in their mechanisms that may malfunction when it goes through an electrical surge. You may think that it can be used for all appliances but it would be probably impractical to do so because its function is meant for those appliances that are sensitive when it comes to electrical surges.

A few examples of these devices are flat screen TVs, computer systems, modern refrigerators, audio/video equipment and many more. You would be saving a lot of money if you buy an AVR for these items. However, you should know that you do not have to buy an AVR for simple home appliances such as electric fans, blowers, portable radios, and others. They do not require the help of an AVR.


What should you do to prevent fluctuations?

The presence of an AVR in your home can be beneficial in terms of your safety and security. An AVR is necessary for an electronic device or circuit because it has the ability to maintain the output voltage and be consistent with its load current. The voltage delivered to your home may sometimes fluctuate which can cause serious and sometimes irreparable damages to your appliances. This would be a complete waste if your appliance becomes destroyed by an electric fluctuation.

Fluctuations in power can be brought about by poor power regulations, electrical surges due to lightning, and many other factors. An AVR can prevent this from destroying your appliances because it has a servomechanism inside of it that manages the accurate voltage when surges happen in order to maintain the required voltage level that will protect your appliances.


How can AVRs regulate and protect your appliances?

There are many types of AVRs in the market which you can use to their full capability. They are equipped with the servomechanism that is responsible for switching connections in order to maintain the acceptable voltage. These variants pass the durability test and they are able to withstand voltage fluctuation better than most devices.

You can use an AVR’s features in order to prevent electrical surges during the appliance’s initial power supply. There are types of AVRs that are also equipped with a quick start button feature for your convenience which can bypass the delay feature of some types of AVRs. With a high-quality AVR, you can also be protected from miscalculating load voltages being plugged into the device.


What are the different types of AVR in the Philippines?

What are the different types of AVR in the Philippines?

An AVR for your Philippine home can be an integral part of the establishment. It is also mostly used in many industries and other types of commercial establishments. With the efficient and modern technology brought about by the innovation of today’s technology, there are many types of AVRs that will cater to your needs. Take a look at them here:

Relay Type

This AVR makes use of electronic circuitry such as relays and semi-conductors to regulate the voltage. The relay type stabilizer uses an electronic circuit and a set of relays beside the transformer which comprises the rectifier circuit, controller unit, and other minuscule components.

The electronic circuit compares the output voltage with a reference value that is provided by a built-in reference voltage source. Whenever the voltage should rise or fall, the control circuit switches the corresponding relay to connect a desired tapping to the output voltage. It is being used for low rating appliances in various homes, offices, and industries.

One disadvantage of using a relay type of AVR is that appliances and other equipment can suffer from several limitations such as delay in performance, becoming less durable, and interruption of their power path.

Servo Motor Type

The servo motor type utilizes a magnetic core with a motorized servomechanism to regulate the voltage. This is the servomechanism that is responsible for switching the connections to maintain the acceptable voltage.

It can withstand voltage fluctuation better than a solid state relay type which can get easily damaged. The servo motor type is preferred by many since it can boost a transformer primary that is connected to the fixed tap of the autotransformer. It also uses the servo motor to enable the voltage correction. This can be used for applications that require high output voltage accuracy.

There is a significantly high demand for these stabilizers whether it is single phase, three phase oil cooled and air cooled balanced unit type, or three phase unbalanced. The servo voltage regulators have a rugged construction which you can see in its displayed durability and resilience against high fluctuation.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of AVR usage?

Just like most equipment, the AVR also has some advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them.

Advantages of an AVR in the Philippines

These are the advantages of AVRs and you should keep these factors in mind when buying a high-quality AVR to ensure that you will receive these benefits for your home or industry.

  • Very accurate output voltage regulation.
  • Wide choice of kVA rating, voltage, and configuration.
  • Easily applicable to an outdoor application.
  • High tolerance to system faults and overload.
  • High tolerance to power factor and frequency deviations.
  • Good line isolation.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • If you are going to use a servo motor regulator, you can be rewarded with a smooth output voltage compared to the discrete switching that occurs in most tap changers.
  • The servo induction voltage regulator also provides a very smooth output voltage compared to the discrete switching that occurs in tap changers.

Disadvantages of an AVR in the Philippines

AVRs also have some disadvantages—at least the mechanical ones do.

  • Mechanical drive components, brushes, and contractors require regular maintenance and/or replacement.
  • Frequent overloads can damage brushes.
  • The speed of voltage correction correct may not be fast enough for electronic loads.
  • Mechanical voltage regulator’s speed in correcting output voltage fluctuations is very slow. They take a lot of time because they measure the time in volts per second. This means that the larger the voltage correction required, the longer the correction will take.
  • It would be counterproductive to have delays or other limitations on the operation of a tap switch or servo induction voltage regulators. But do not worry because there are units that are usually air-cooled, smaller in size, and relatively accessible.


How to save your appliances from fluctuations?

How to save your appliances from fluctuations?

If you experience an odd flickering of light in one of your rooms, then you are familiar with fluctuations in your electricity grid.

The flickering that you are experiencing is the direct result of voltage fluctuations. You might think that this is not a huge problem for you because your electricity distributor has specific and multiple safety measures in place but unplanned power interruptions can damage your appliances.

The potential damage that you can get from fluctuations can be very hazardous. However, the right precautions can help minimize material damage and further investment loss. In order to save your appliances from fluctuations, you should do these steps:

Buy appliances which meet the requirements of quality marks

You have to make sure that the appliance can take the voltage fluctuations. Double check this with the suppliers if you need to. Lightning strikes often cause high voltage spikes which household appliances are not able to withstand. Fortunately, a great AVR can help in preventing this.

Have your indoor installation inspected on a regular basis

It is better to be safe than sorry. You should be responsible for the household appliances in your home or establishment. Survey the area: from your electricity meter to your power outlets. You can also include cables and power lines from the meter which involves the trip switches and main switch. Check them at regular intervals to prevent further fluctuations.


Why should you purchase a reliable AVR?

Various products are available in the market and AVRs will help you protect your appliances from fluctuations. They are commonly available in the retail trade and they can act as the surge protector and also provide protection against damages as a result of lightning strikes.

An uninterrupted power supply will not only level the voltage spikes between the grid and your installation in the event of a lightning strike, but it can also continue to give you voltage for a short while even after a power outage.


Meiji Electric Philippines: AVR and Electrical Needs All Within Your Reach

With Meiji Electric Philippines, AVRs are the best investments you can have for your electrical appliances. Also, you can get the additional benefit of being powered with comfort and security. Meiji’s AVRs are servo-motor types that contain 4 universal outlets: three 220V and one 110v.

We also have a power-on delay of 5-8 minutes that can protect your appliances from sudden surges of electricity. You will also be rewarded with the great feature of a Quick-start in your AVRs which can override electrical surges in case of an immediate need.

Our AVRs are also equipped with a fuse protective device overvoltage which can be the initial warning as it blows to inform you or another user that the ampere rating is being used more than what is allowable. It can also protect your appliances against short circuits and other dangerous faults to avoid accidents like fire and electrical shocks. Another convenient feature that should be added to the wide-range roster of great inclusions as a convenient switch that can make it easier for you to turn-on and shut-off without the need of pulling the plug from your wall outlet.

Talk to us for your all of your other electrical supply needs. Products like voltage protectors, GFCI, Wiring Devices, Transformers, Panel Boards, Contactor Transfer Switch, Manual Transfer Switch, and AVR in the Philippines are our specialty.

Our team will be your top choice of electrical supplier for your homes and offices. Interested to learn how you can get these products? Click here for more!

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