Voltage Protector

Meiji Voltage ProtectorA Voltage Protector is a device that protects your appliance by cutting off power as it reaches the minimum allowable voltage drop or exceeds the maximum over voltage rating. Meiji Voltage Protector has an under voltage cut-off at 180V but can be adjusted by the user and an over voltage cut-off at 265. This automatic power cut-off disables electrical surges and other variances from damaging the device plugged-in your voltage protector.

Meiji Voltage Protector has a single switch and outlet with the capacity of 4,400 watts, 20A and a working voltage of 220. This can suitable for air conditioners, refrigerators, laptops, and other appliances within the mentioned recommended load capacity. It also has light indicators to inform the user if Meiji Voltage Protector is running normally, is on delay, is on under voltage or on over voltage.

During a power outage or in the occasion that the voltage protector has to cut-off the power going to the appliance plugged-in, Meiji Voltage Protector will delay 2-4 minutes before you may use it in order to protect the item from the sudden initial surge of power entry.

Meiji Voltage Protector gives you the convenience of carrying it wherever and whenever you need it due to its compact size and light weight. This will also spare you the hassle and effort of carrying your AVRs to and fro different parts of your home just to save money.

Save money, save effort and protect your appliances with Meiji Voltage Protector.


  1. Amit Manjrekar says:

    Please send me the technical specifications of this device. What are different model available. Please also send prices for the same.

  2. Does the voltage protector need to be reset (i.e., turn off then turn on) in cases where voltage rating is surpassed (whether over or under)?

    Also, what is the recommended under voltage setting for a) refs and b) flat screen tvs?


    • Hello Anthony,

      No the voltage protector need not be reset anymore. It will automatically turn on after 2-3minutes of delay once the voltage stabilizes. If you are in 220V zone, then we would recommend under voltage to be 190V. Thank you:)

  3. do u hav available for 110v surge protector ?

    • Hello Mark,
      We don’t supply that for now. What we have is a Voltage Protector working at 220V but adjustable upto 165V.

  4. Hi, Apple.

    How much is the power plug voltage protector? I want to use it for my panasonic aircon with 3/4 hp. Tnx

  5. I am interested to protect my audio video equipment. Is the small voltage protector applicable for this use or I need to get the avr. What is the difference between an avr and a voltage protector?


    • Hello Fisher,
      Thank you for your inquiry. As what we have written in our blog, voltage protector protects your appliances by cutting off power. AVRs, on the other hand, regulate the voltage output for the appliance. I would recommend an AVR for your video equipment as it is more sensitive.

  6. hello i wanna ask u how much does this item costs ? do u have digital model ?

  7. The FA Lounge says:

    What is the price for this voltage protector and can I get this in Sri Lanka.

    If I am to get this by DHL mail, what will be the charge fro Sri Lanka

    • Hello Ma’am/Sir,
      Thank you for your interest in our items. Our voltage protector SRP is at Php 799.75. May we know your complete address in Sri Lanka?
      Thank you.

  8. I just bought one earlier today at ACE hardware, what does the setting at the back mean? Is it the undervoltage setting? Thanks!

    • Hello Joel,
      Yes, you may adjust your under voltage setting. For example: If you set it at 185V, when your voltage reaches 184V, it cuts power to protect your appliance. But it continues to protect your appliance when your voltage drops from 219 to 185V. :)

  9. I bought one, and there for the outlet, there are two flat metals and one ground round metal. Can I remove the one for the ground? Will placing an adaptor affect how it will protect appliances?

    • Hello John,
      Thank you for dropping by our site. We’d like to clarify your inquiry. Do you mean that you’d like to plug out the ground in your Voltage Protector plug (not outlet)? If so, yes you may do so but it will be at your own risk. Because the grounding plug allows you to be protected from grounding. This is also the same case when an adapter without ground provision is used.

      • will the voltage protector still protect my gadgets from electrical surges with grounding?

        • Yes Freddie, as long as you will plug in your gadget in our voltage protector, it will do its job. Don’t worry, our voltage protector has provisions for grounding. Thank you for choosing Meiji.

  10. I just started using this a few days ago.

    However, I wish to know if this voltage protector is designed to run 24/7 and can be relied upon to provide continuous protection 365 days?

    Do you offer a one year warranty on parts and services for this product? The device does get warm and I am concerned that if it operates under a 24/7 workload, some of its electrical components might give way under such requirement.

    I am primarily using the device to protect the refigerator from unexpected fluctuations in power.

    • Hello Xavier,
      Yes, it is okay to use it 24/7, 365days in a year as long as your refrigerator ratings is appropriate for our voltage protector. And yes, we also provide a 1 year warranty for parts and services. Kindly also make sure to keep your receipt. Thank you.

  11. Hi, I am interested in this product. Pls. send me specs. and prices for 1 pcs. Thank You.

    • Hello Ding,
      The specs are actually as per indicated in the blog. 4400VA, 20A, 220V. Thank you for your interest in our items. :)

  12. hi where i can buy this product here in metro manila.Its available in any hardware?


  13. is this available in butuan? if not, where in mindanao can i get this? thanks in advance.

  14. where can I order/buy your voltage protector(is this OK with a 42″ flat screen TV ?) .I am in Zamboanga city. hope you can txt me details on how to order and total amt including g shipping g thru LBC.thanks
    my cup 09263008151

  15. stakton0908 says:

    Can you kindly PM me the price of this item and your available AVR for a 500W and 1000wAVR. many thanks and a happy new year!

  16. Hi. Can I have the price for an AVR for 3000kw? To be used for soft ice cream machine

  17. Hi Apple I have an Inverter Ref rated at 220volts and 100watts. Can you email to me the complete specifications of the voltage protector….I’m planning to buy one soon and by the way whats the parameter of voltage for this ref.


    Al Glenn of Bacolod city

    • Hello Al Glenn,
      Thank you for your interest in our voltage protectors. The specs for this item would be 20A, 220V, 4400W. We have stocks of this item also in both ACE Hardware and Handyman Bacolod. We look forward serving you po.

  18. Hi Appel, can i find this Item in Alaminos City in Hardware Store in Nepo ?


    • Hello again Klaus,
      No, we still do not have outlet stores in Alaminos. But we have this item available in ACE Hardware Baguio.

  19. Hi Apple,

    We need a voltage protector with a power rating of 5KVA (5000 watts) It is intended for a refrigerated showcases. Refrigerated showcases are those you can find in seven eleven where they display their products like drinks and breads that need to be refrigerated. The equipment has a power rating of 2700 watts with combined load from fan, lightings and a 3HP compressor.

    Can this item be used for our equipment?

    • Hello Julius,

      Thank you for letting us know what your equipment is. 5000 watts AVR would not be good enough for your equipment since it has cooling element and compressor. I suggest to use our 10000 watts AVR for safety. Just tell me your decision and after that I can send you a formal quotation for this item.

      Thank you!

  20. Hi, i just to know if this device can survive of operate normally 24/7 with the temperature of 70-80degree celcius?


    • Hello Mike,

      Our voltage protector with timer cannot endure that kind of temperature, even for a half-day.
      For more questions, feel free to email me!


  21. Hai Isiderio says:

    Hi Just would like to inquire for the price of this voltage protector. Thank you

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