Transformer Box TypeAccording to the Business Dictionary, a transformer is a device that converts an alternating (A/C) current of a certain voltage to an alternating current of different voltage, without change of frequency, by electromagnetic induction. A ‘step up’ transformer receives a low voltage and converts into a higher voltage, and a ‘step down’ transformer does just the reverse.

Meiji transformers allow you to use your 110V of appliance bought or sent from abroad to our usual working voltage of 220V-240V.

Meiji Transformers have the portable type from 50w-750w with plastic handles. Also, it has a fuse as a protective device for over voltage. This will be the initial warning as it blows to inform you or the user that the ampere rating being used is more than the allowable. It also protects your appliance against short circuits and other dangerous faults to avoid accidents like fire. We also have a convenient switch for easier turn-on and shut-off without the need of pulling the plug from your wall outlet.

Also, we have a new feature dual output voltage (100V and 110V) to cater to countries using these voltages (i.e. Japan, etc). All our outlets are also uniquely round to flat (universal) with ground. These features together with our affordable prices make us a leading brand in the stores.

Transformers 50-100WWe have the box type for the higher rated transformers. We call it ST series. It has similar features except our outlets here are all universal (3: 110, 1:100) with sturdier handles. An added safety feature of a circuit breaker is included that would trip to protect your appliance in case of a short circuit and a fuse that will blow when over voltage occur.

You cannot go wrong with Meiji Transformers!

Available wattages:






Transformers 250-500W250w











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  1. Dear Sir/Madam;

    Can you please send me quote of 1 unit transformer 15kva step up
    1 unit transformer 15kva step down….

    Please send it to my email asap.


    • Hello Sherry,

      Our deepest apologies for the long delay. Please check your email (; PM’d you!

  2. hi, how much is the 1000 watts transformer. I’ll be using it on my xbox 360. thnks

  3. I received the price already, and how much is the 350watts? also does it has a fuse?

  4. hi how much for the 3000watts step down? i need it for a US brand appliance i bought recently, please reply thanks and where can i buy it

  5. how much 1000 watts?

  6. Hi Apple,

    I would like to inquire regarding your transformers.

    1. Are these the type of step down transformers that don’t consume electricity while idle? Say, for example, I’ll use the 3000W transformer to power a 1500W coffee maker. Will the transformer continuously consume 3000W of electricity even when the coffee maker is turned off?

    2. Is your 500W transformer heavy duty, i.e., will it withstand long hours of use, say, for instance, watching TV the whole day?

    Lastly, please provide quotation for 500W and 3000W models.


    • Hello Rey,

      Responses to your inquiries have been sent to your email. :) Thank you!

    • Hi Rey,

      I just bought a 1400W waffle maker from the US and am trying to figure out how powerful my step down transformer will need to be.

      I’ve had a lot of trouble finding any advice.

      Did you find that the 3000W was sufficient to power the heating element/run your coffee maker?

      Thanks : )

      • Hello Sophie,
        You sent your query to Meiji Electric’s website. We however, do not know Rey.
        To address your concern though, what is the ampere rating of your waffle maker?

  7. Malu Diesta says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Good Day!!

    I would like to request a proposal of Step Up Transformer – input 220v, output 380v, 5A. Thank you!!

    Best Regards,

    Malu Diesta
    Purchasing Team Leader

  8. Dear Sir/Madam;

    Can you please send me quote of 1 unit transformer 10kva stepdown,
    480 to 230.

    Please send it to my email asap.


  9. Teresa Bartolazo says:

    hello ma’am,

    do you have this type of transformer, 480/380-220V 500KVA. if you have, can you please send us quotation for 1 unit asap. thanks.

    best regards,

  10. Hi how for the step down transformer 100volts 2500watts thanks. Is it ready made or can i order a customized one?

  11. hi there, i would like to inquire how much for a 1000 watts transformer? that i can use on a 110v aircon. does your transformer have a provision for ground (3rd slot)? lastly, can you deliver it on my place?

    thanks and have a nice day…

  12. Magkano po ung 500w and 1000w? Tnx.

    • Hello Regine,
      Thank you for your leaving a comment. We will send you price quote in your email. Thank you!

  13. Aaron Mendoza says:

    Magkano yung 75watts? At saang stores pwede makabili nito? Salamat.

  14. Hi,

    How much is stepdown transfprmer 220v to 19v 35Amp

  15. Yes, I made to order transformer from 220v primary to 19v seconday 35amp

    edited: due to wrong email

  16. hunnyz1012 says:


    I have a 1500 watt 110v coffeemaker from the US. Should I get a 2000w step down transformer or 3000w? How much would each one be? Please include full specs and a picture as well.


    • Hello,
      Thank you for your inquiry. Actually, we would recommend you a 4000W step-down transformer for your coffee maker. We shall email you the price list as follows. By the way, you may view the photos in our website.

  17. 1) Meron po akong convection oven na galing states na 1500watts. ok lng po ba na 1500 watts din ung transformer o kelangan ko ng mas mataas?

    2) Magkano po ung 1500 watts na transformer nio? or kung 2000 watts kelangan magkano rin un?

    3) San po pde makabili d2 sa Tarlac maliban sa SM Tarlac. Mahal kasi dun. Advice nmn po san makabili ng pnakamura na malapit sa area ko

    4) May payment option ba kau na pwede nmin mareceive ung item through couriers like lbc or jrs? sakalai meron paki include na rin price+shipping costs

    salamat po

  18. Anna Vinoya says:


    I have several appliances at home sent from a relative in US. Haven’t used them because I don’t have a transformer. Been meaning to buy, but i’m afraid to get 1 with specs inappropriate for the appliances.

    Pls help me. I only have kitchen appliances, I’m assuming you got an idea as to the range of their wattage. I’m at the office and I haven’t checked yet their specs. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hello Anna,

      Thank you for your comment. We need you to check the specs at home and inform us to recommend you the appropriate step-down transformers to use.
      We look forward to your response. :)

  19. Malu Diesta says:

    Good Morning!
    We are currently looking for a step-up transformer to be use in magnifying lens w/ 22watts ring type flourescent lamp. Voltage is 220v and outlet source is 110v. Can you suggest what type of step-up transformer we can use in this item.
    I saw in your website the portable type transformer. We need this type because large one take up lots of space.

  20. Gilbert Marpuri says:

    Hi, We would like to purchase one of your reliable step down transformers. How much is the price of 220VAC to 110VAC stepdown transformer rated at 750w. Hope to hear from you as soon as you read this. Thank you.

  21. I have the same question from one of the user above.

    Are these the type of step down transformers that don’t consume electricity while idle? Say, for example, I’ll use the 3000W transformer to power a 1500W coffee maker. Will the transformer continuously consume 3000W of electricity even when the coffee maker is turned off?

    Please share the answer.

    Thank you

    • Hello Edward,
      Thank you for your inquiry. No, they will not consume power once your appliance is idle or turned off.

  22. I got this Logitech speaker from a friend in Canada. The power adapter says:

    Input: 120V ~60Hz 65mA
    Output: 10V ~ 500mA

    I need a cheap transformer that I can use for it. Also, how much is you will send by LBC? or maybe I can pick it up?


  23. hi. i am sending my sister a 24 in LEDTV 110V, from the US. can you give me a quote for the transformer she will be needing so they can use the tv in the philippines. many thanks

    • Hello Cinnamint,
      Thank you for your comment. Could you also inform us of your TV’s wattage or ampere rating? This way, we will be accurate in recommending your step-down transformer. :)

  24. Can I plug any of these ST-Model Transformers with the right wattage ‘directly’ to a 220V portable generator? If yes, can I then again plug your 220V 10Amp Heavy Duty Extension Cord into this Transformer 110v outlet?


  25. Good Afternoon,
    Can you please send specs of your step up transformer for 50W and 75W, to my email above? thanks!

    • Hello Jocon,
      Forwarded your request for quotation to our sales department. Kindly expect a call from them.

      Thank you!

  26. Hi

    Did u have an email address i will sent u an email for our requirements for the electrical breaker and wiring.

  27. Hi maam. I have a 110v 13 amp pressure washer. How much for a transformer compatible for it? Thanks

    • Hello Jm,
      Thank you for your comment. You may use Meiji Step-down transformer 3000 or 4000W for your pressure washer. Thank you!

  28. I have an oven from the u.s. that requires 120v and 1400w. Am i right in thinking that it needs a 3000w transformer?
    If yes how much is the 3000w? Or the model you would reccomend? Thanks!

    • Hello Angela,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, you would require a step-down transformer for your oven. However, we would recommend a 5000W since this is an oven-heating appliance. We will PM you our selling price.

  29. francis sabeniano says:

    Hi apple mag kanu yung step up na 500w ang input nya 110v to output 220v. and saan adress nyu, anu phone # nyu.

  30. Hello Sir/Maam,

    Indoor/Outdoor po ba ang Step-down Transformer (ST-1500W) at ng Heavy Duty Extension Cord “13 Series”? Gagamitin po sana namin sa bangka…

    Salamat po!


    • Hello Loida,

      Ang step-down transformer po namin and extension cords ay indoor use lamang po. Pero if you will make provision po para hindi po sya mabasa, I think kaya rin po.

  31. I have a waffle make from the US that is 110v and has a 1300 wattage.
    May I ask how much is your 3000 watts transformer?

  32. i have audio video reciever and is rated 110v 5amperes.
    What would be the recommended transformer wattage?

    i understand it is 600VA, can i just use 1000watts stepdown?

    or would you recommend please.

    how much would it cost?


  33. Khor Chin Lee says:

    Do you have 50kva, 3 phaseout type step up transformer? How much

    • Hello Khor,
      As of the moment, we have a ready stock until 10kva step-down transformer. However, if you wish to order 50kva, this will be a made to order item.
      Thank you.

  34. Dear Apple,

    I am looking for a step down ( converts 220 volts to 115 volts)isolation transformer for my medical equipment that also has voltage regulator features.. I have attached the technical requirements of medical equipment as guide. Please tell me the type of isolation transformer and the cost of the unit. Do you think your ST-series is good for my reuirements? Can you give me a feedback as soon as possible? Thanks

    • Hello Raul,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, we would be happy to recommend our ST-2000W for your medical equipment. It’s SRP is at P4,799.75. Please inform us how we can serve you.

  35. Hello,

    i am bringing tv & other electrical appliances from japan to the philippines. do u have a single transformer that converts 125V to 220V? i don’t want the heavy & huge transformers. i just want a single outlet so that it would be space saver. but i am planning to buy 3 or more of this item. and if you have how much would that be? or do you change outlet from 110V to 220V so i can directly use the electrical appliances in the philippines. Looking forward for your reply.

    thank you,


    • Hello Emma,

      Thank you for your query and comment. As you can see, our step-down transformers are of box type and with handles. These are very practical in case you need to move your appliances about. Yes, these units can convert your working voltage from 110-220V.
      Kindly inform us for your orders and/or other queries.

      Thank you.

  36. Hello,

    I have a bread machine with the following specs: 120VAC 60Hz 600 watts. May I know the required step down transformer for this? By the way, the average use of this appliance is about 4 hours. Many thanks!

    • Hello Emily,
      Thank you for your inquiry. We would recommend our step-down transformer 1500W for your bread machine, 4hours use.
      Please inform us how we can serve you. :)

  37. i have a kitchenaidmixer from US.120 volts,60h and 275 watts how can i use here in the philippines which transformer should i use?pls help! thanks

  38. and can you also recommend which one and how much thanks!

  39. hi again can you tell me where can i purchase this transformer? tnx

  40. thanks already purchased in handyman!

  41. Do you have on you stock a 1.5kVA transformer with 110VAC output? kindly send me on my email a product detail, if any. Thanks

  42. Rory Jorge Buella says:

    Hi Ms Apple,
    Can you please send me a copy of your price list of AVR for both relay and servo motor type for my reference, I still have to check details & calculate the power requirements to all my appliances at home. Kindly include also names of your accredited store that I can purchase it.

    PS, your website is very helpful to those non technical consumers…


    • Hello Rory,
      Thank you for your feedback :) We shall send you price list of our servo-motor AVRs. Kindly inform us which hardware stores (malls) would be most convenient for you so that we can inform you where are displays are.
      Thank you :)

  43. Hi! I’m expecting to receive a Nintendo DSi XL from the US, and I would be needing a stepdown transformer so I can use it here in the Phils. I’m just not sure what wattage is most appropriate. I would really appreciate your advice. And can you please send me the price of the transformer? And where can I avail it? Thank you so much! God bless!

    • Hello Kay,
      I think you wouldn’t have to need a step-down transformer for your Nintendo DSi since it is battery operated, correct?

  44. I just got a 110v used vacuum cleaner. I assume that i will need a 3000watt step down transformer. Can you send me you price list to my email at . And also can you include the price list of all transformers from 500w to 5000w because i got alot of projects going on and looking for a supplier. Thanks

    Pat Bello

    • Hello Pat,
      Thank you for your interest in our items. For your vacuum cleaner, may you also inform us of the wattage and ampere rating so that we can check for you if 3000W will be suffice for the product.
      Price list sent to you :)

  45. Hi Apple,

    Im currently holding my inventories of personal power tool that I will be shipping soon to the Philippines.
    Im interested with your transformers, particulary 4K and 5K watts.
    Would you be so kind to send me the prices of those mentioned and places/malls where I can view them. I live some where near MOA by the way.


    • Hello Fred,
      Thank you for your interest in our items. Please check your email for our SRPs. You may visit ACE Hardware Mall of Asia, ACE Market2 and/or Handyman Ermita for our display. These stores are most accessible I hope :)

  46. Hi how much is your 3000w and 4000 w transformers thanks

  47. Hi Apple,
    Do you accept a made to order transformer with 220V primary, 18V 12A secondary ? How much would this one cost? Thanks.

  48. danny m. alarcon says:

    hi,im living presently in japan right now .having mostly japanese standard home appliaces i would need a large amount of wattage of step down 220~100 V AVR transformer say 3,000 to 5,000 watts. do you have a product like this?please send me quotation by email.thanks and merry xmas and happy new year

    • Hello Danny,
      Thank you for dropping by our site. Kindly check your email for our response to your queries. Thank you and Happy New Year.

  49. Hi there,

    I sent an email directly to angel’s meiji email address. Im asking for price/shipping quotes for 2 specific ST transformers. Thanks

    • Hello John Paul,
      Yes, thank you for your inquiries. Kindly check your email for her response. Today po kasi is our first working day of the year :) Happy New Year po!

  50. Diosdado Magalong says:

    I need step up trnasformer 12v to 110v 5kva and I will use 12v battery in one week .How much the price?

    • Hello Diosdado,
      Thank you for your inquiry. I’m sorry, but may you please clarify? Why will you use a 12v battery?

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