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short circuitFaulty electrical systems such as short circuits and power surges may lead to fire, damages, injuries, and worse, deaths. The culprit to blame could be wiring deterioration which naturally occurs over time. What’s more, electrical systems are being overloaded these days, with the proliferation of home appliances. But one of the main reasons could also be our knowledge in electrical connections in our household. In this article, we will learn more about short circuits and how to avoid them.

What is a Short Circuit?

By technical definition, a short circuit is an “accidental path of low resistance which passes an abnormally high amount of current.” It exists whenever the resistance of a circuit or the resistance of a part of a circuit drops in value to almost zero ohms.

In lay man’s explanation, on the other hand, a short circuit is a consequence of broken insulation, improper wiring or overloading as it leads to a heating effect and results in fire breakouts.

Safeguards for Consideration

        1.       Check the proper size of circuit breakers in electric panels.

There is an electrical code which controls a number of circuits in the house connected to the main circuit breaker installed. The capacity of the breaker depends on the load size (e.g. outlets, microwave, dryer and vacuum). This load size is the point where the individual circuits base the current when they start to get power and determine the proper wire size to feed the circuit.

A short circuit results if the breaker exceeds the current the device is supposed to open up to. In this note, it is important to install electrical equipment according to the circuit voltage, current strength and correct wiring. One good suggestion is to avoid using multi-plug sockets.

          2.       Check old and current installations.short circuit philippines

If you have been living in the same house for decades and have not checked the electric installation, it is advisable to have it inspected by professionals. This is to ensure that all wirings are still safe and are adaptive to the new demands of your appliances and electrical requirement.

Modifications to the system done by nonprofessionals (relatives, friends or neighbors) might not assure the required level of safety and protection of your devices. Also conduct regular for current operations to eliminate perils.

          3.       Install fuses.

Fuses are protective devices placed in the circuit to quickly interrupt the flow of current when it exceeds the values for which it has been designed. It functions as the stopper of the flow of electricity when two or more conductors with a different phase or polarity come into contact in an electric installation. Resistance is formed thereby impeding the short circuit’s occurrence in the current.

        4.       Install magneto-thermal switches.

Just like fuses, magneto-thermal switches also prevent power surges. They are used to prevent short circuits as it monitors the current load continuously. They interrupt the electricity supply when it rises above the predetermined upper limit, thus removing fire risks. What happens next is that the circuit will be placed into fault and clamped at the max load.

What does it mean to be practical? In my opinion, being useful, convenient, and efficient in the way we do things means you are being practical. In the electrical world, being practical means being able to use the electrical devices with ease, with more options, and of course having cost efficiency.

Meiji metal strap switchesMeiji’s Classic Series of wiring devices include many types like doorbell push buttons, computer outlets, surface type switches and outlets and more. All Meiji wiring devices looks aesthetically good and are durable as well. But the most valuable characteristics perhaps is their practicality.

One of the advantages of Meiji’s wiring devices is they provide us with the option to do mix-and-match. How? Let us take a sample scenario. You have an appliance you want to plug in an outlet, and at the same time, you wish to have a switch in the same area to control that appliance being plugged into the outlet. To accomplish this task, how can you ensure you do things the practical way? First off, having the outlet and switch in single area will be better to save space and to have easier control as you don’t have to go to a separate area to control the outlet’s power.

With Meiji Classic Series switches, this goal can be accomplished as there are many available modules or kits that offer choices of wiring device combinations.  And the great thing about it is that you can personally do it yourself. All you have to do is add on a switch unto the plate that controls it, and this solves the issue mentioned previously. No added cost for another set of switch or other devices such as extension cords. This way, you preserve the neatness and interior of your home.

Be practical! Simply purchase for yourself a Meiji set wiring device and do your own mix and matching. But what if  you’d like to change the other switch into a universal outlet and then add a switch? Answer: Go ahead! Meiji’s mix-and-match allows you to add on up to 3 elements, whenever you want, whatever you like!

There is a complete line of wiring devices available from the classic series collection. This Meiji wiring device feature definitely makes  it easier on the part of us, consumers. And since there are sudden add-ons we don’t expect, (i.e. a CCTV, computer outlet, telephone outlet, etc) we don’t need to worry because Meiji understands our needs.

Your wiring device will also be more durable as there will be no need to plug in and out of an appliance in the case of an outlet and switch combination; avoiding risks of worn out devices, and then again, saving you money.

One technical aspect to look at is the option to change devices within the module of the wiring devices, specifically the outlets. Meiji outlets have parallel screw type terminals as its unique feature. To explain, Philippines uses wires that are of AWG #12 Stranded type, having a quite thick 3.5mm2 wire cross sectional area, and its thickness cannot be handled or accommodated by conventional snap type connection of the utility box in our country. So connecting several outlets in a utility box is quite a hassle. But since Meiji employs parallel screw type terminal connections for its outlets, connecting the wires to the outlets will be a breeze. Simply screw on the AWG #12 wires and you are set, no need to deal with snapping them on which is much harder to do. Connecting additional outlets to the same box will be possible as the parallel type connection allows this. So with Meiji outlets, it is easier to install outlets, again making it more practical compared to other brands.

Also, safety and reliability is assured for these devise as it has ICC Certificates and passed international tests. With all of these in mind, choose the best! Choose Meiji for your wiring device needs for a better and practical living.

Protecting valuable appliances is everyone’s desire. As we all know, in the Philippines lies many sorts of voltage surge issues. Sudden rise of electricity can break appliances, specifically if the electricity goes beyond the voltage or current rating of the appliance.

Automatic Voltage Regulators or AVRs do the task of ensuring that the voltage is well regulated all the time upon plugging of the appliance unto the device. Most of the time, these appliances are valuable and will not be a hundred percent efficient due to energy loss and may risk absorbing voltage rises.

Meiji Electric offers durable and reliable AVRs. Besides that, a cheaper and safer alternative is made available by Meiji’s Voltage Protectors.

cheap AVRsA Voltage Protector is a device that protects appliances by cutting off electricity to the device plugged into it as soon as the voltage source reaches below the minimum allowable or exceeds the maximum allowable rating. Meiji Voltage Protector ensures that your appliance will be safe even when it hits both low and high voltages. Giving you the peace of mind especially when you’re not at home.

These are the specifications for the Voltage Protector:

Under voltage cut-off: 180V (adjustable)

Over voltage cut-off: 265V

Output working voltage: 220V

Output current capacity: 20A

Output power capacity: 4,400 Watts

Meiji Voltage Protector does not need to be monitored, it will do the voltage monitoring  for you. The device also has a single toggle switch for switching on and off power. As indicated in the specs above, it can handle high voltage, current, or power devices. A practical application for this is for plugging into air conditioners, refrigerators, laptops, and other appliances within the mentioned recommended load capacity.

Also, for voltage information of the load, there are 4 light indicators to inform you whether the Voltage Protector is under: normal operation, on-delay operation; this is due to experiencing a surge or sudden drop; over-voltage operation, and  under voltage operation. This will always keep you informed on the current state of the supply of your Voltage Protector.

For the on delay function of the device, upon the protector cuts off the voltage due to under or over voltage surges, it will delay 2-4 minutes of time before it allows supply of power again to the appliance. This is to eliminate any possible initial sudden sure of power entry to the appliance, as sometimes this will be the case after a certain voltage fluctuation/surge.

Portability is also the key feature of this voltage protector. No need to bring bulky and expensive AVRs on your travel. Simply buy the cheaper voltage protector and bring it along wherever you go to protect your devices on the go. Save money and effort and protect your devices with Meiji Voltage Protector!

What do you if you have an appliance but you cannot connect the plug and reach the wall outlet? Use an extension cord. But the question is, will that cord be safe for your appliance? Sudden electrical surges can destroy the appliance if the cord does not have the surge protection feature. Some cords also are poor in quality, that its outlet does not generate the needed power anymore.

One should purchase extension cords with the valuable appliances to be plugged on them in mind. Also, the cords should be worth the money.

Meiji offers now a new 13-series of heavy-duty extension cord sets collection. They are of a bus bar type in connection.

Meiji’s 13 series collection’s main feature is its bus bar type connection with 1-switch-for-all-sockets for easy switching on and off of all connected appliances. In addition to this, it has its built-in surge protection which is very important to protect your connected appliances from sudden electrical surges. All cords from this collection will be of high-quality which you will surely find useful.

Meiji heavy-duty extension cords

There are 3 models for this 13-Series collection, and each has universal sockets to cater to all kinds of international male socket plugs that you may have.

Meiji MES-1300

The first 1300 model has 6 (3 universal and 3 round to flat) outlets with a single switch lamp indicator for easy switching on and off of connected appliances. Meiji MES-1300 model is rated at 250V, 10A and 2500W, so with its high voltage, current, and power rating, this will be a wise choice for connecting multiple devices. It has 3 meters long wire, providing long reach from the outlet to your appliances.

Meiji MES-1301

The 1301 is a 3 universal outlet model which is also rated at 250V, 10A and 2500W, which is also good for connecting several high power appliances. Unlike 1300, this only has a wire length of only 2 meters, eliminating more chances of wire tangling.

Meiji’s MES-1302

The last member to the collection is 1302, which is similar to MES-1301, except this model has 4 universal outlets instead of 3.

The Philippines constantly experiences a lot of electrical surges brought about by the irregular flow of electricity. Meiji can protect all your appliances and at the same time provide the extension needed for your convenience. Connecting international appliances won’t be a problem as the 13-series have built-in universal outlets.

Choose the best and have the best in Meiji heavy duty extension cords.